Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Even if a suspect's a "kid"/he still has rights

Even if suspect's a kid, he still has rights
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Staten Island Advance STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. --

The nation gasped in stunned disbelief last month when authorities charged an 8-year-old Arizona boy with the premeditated murder of his father and another man inside their home in rural St. Johns. That this is a terrible tragedy for all concerned is obvious. What remains to be seen, however, is whether the case will become the catalyst for a change in the way the individual states treat children accused of serious wrongdoing. With people across the country talking about how the matter should be handled, an uncharacteristic and potentially sobering spotlight has been cast on juvenile law in America. Last week, for instance, the case was the subject of a spirited debate on the popular "Dr. Phil" television program. The Arizona case raises several issues that children's rights advocates have been trying in vain to get the public to focus on for years. For starters, consider the manner in which a confession was extracted from this little child. Despite the fact that the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination applies to children, this 8-year-old boy was isolated from family and friends and subjected to intense interrogation by investigators. At no time during the questioning was he provided the aid of an attorney; nor was he ever advised of any of his Miranda rights. Of course, even if he had been so informed, he would have been incapable of understanding these constitutional protections or appreciating the consequences of declining to invoke them. This is why law enforcement should not have questioned the child without first providing him with counsel, even in the absence of a request for such assistance. Granted, current law does not require such admirable initiatives from law enforcement. But when the muscle of the state is pitted against the pathetic vulnerability of a little child, it clearly should. After the videotape of the interrogation was made public, authorities sought to justify their failure to advise the child of his Miranda rights by claiming that he wasn't a suspect at the time the questioning began. While that's hard to believe, he clearly became a suspect during the course of the interrogation. At that point, the Constitution required that he be fully advised of his privilege against self-incrimination. MANIPULATING A CHILD Next, consider the confession itself. While it may or may not be true, the fact is that an 8-year-old, set upon by professionals with agendas, can be manipulated into saying and even believing just about anything. Thus, even if law enforcement had informed the child of his constitutional rights and even if he could have intelligently waived them, the confession still would have been inherently unreliable. Yet, it's beyond dispute that confessions are powerfully persuasive at trial, particularly when a defendant's fate is in the hands of jurors. Why, they wonder, would anybody confess to something that he didn't do? Of course, if jurors were able to put themselves in the shoes of a terrified little boy, very much alone and very much afraid, they might be able to understand. But they can't because, despite popular but preposterous fiction, adult jurors are not the peers of little kids. Nevertheless, upon the child's arrest, police called for him to be tried as an adult. When it comes to the way accused children are treated in this country, the United States is positioned at a level of barbarity that borders on the insane. Put aside, for a moment, all those mea culpas about the treatment of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay. Worry first about a legal system that pretends that American children are American adults and proceeds to torture them in American jails. How bad is it? South Carolina charged 12-year-old Christopher Pittman as an adult after the child, suicidal and depressed, was isolated by police and induced to confess to killing his grandparents at a time when he was involuntarily intoxicated on the antidepressant Zoloft. He must now spend a minimum of 30 years behind bars in an adult prison. How bad can it get? In most states, there is no minimum age for trying a child as an adult. None. So, yes, Arizona can try an 8-year-old as an adult, just as it could if he were 5 years-old. When it comes to dealing with kids in crisis, common sense and common decency have been eviscerated by mean-spirited prosecutors and unscrupulous politicians. Together, they have effectively hijacked a juvenile justice system that had worked magnificently for generations in rehabilitating kids without compromising public safety. And they will continue to pollute American law until the good people of this country are repulsed enough by their outrages to rise up and stop them. Will that be the good that comes from the tragedy in Arizona? Like the children imprisoned in adult jails, all we can do is hope.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Abuse reeks in society

What a pathetic shame, respect and kindness are unknown words. Verbal abuse cuts and hurts very deeply, and many times, we cannot do a thing about it. Most esp. in a visitation situation. I have experienced my share of abuse from the guards, when I visit imprisoned children. The things they make an issue of, is so petty, it is ridiculous, and seems they delight, get their jollies from it, cause they know they can. My heart aches for the kids, for we all know, the abuse they have to endure on a daily basis. There is no compassion, kindness spoken, treated less than a human being they are. The general society has no clue, and does not even care to know, that in fact, there are p.o.w. like camps, right in our own back yards. The emotional trauma these kids are put thru, what kind of person, will be released out to society? They went into prison as a dependent child, they will be released as a dependent, once again, upon their familes and society. When will the cycle of abuse end? No one knows or understands, unless they are walking in "our shoes". Trust and loving support for each other is so important to each of us, in our struggles, on our many life's journeys. I give what I can, but cry often, and hurt so deeply inside my soul, in many of these kid's situations, been there, done that, even more reason, I will "never be silent", about these atrocities of "injustice" against these "children". If we do not speak out for them, WHO WILL??

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Juvenile Justice~Getting out and staying OUT

We, juvenile justice advocates have been saying this same identical item for years, it does NOT take a rocket scientist to know and understand that "CHILDREN ARE "NOT" ADULTS". This article is one of the best I have read so far, but again, mean nothing unless IT BECOMES LAW, which is what we advocates push for every day, ALL under the age of 18, should and must be dealt with in a JUVENILE COURT OF LAW, for the child they are!!!!! There are a lot of "unsung heroes, 'out there" busting their butts each and every day, to help make this happen, NO one needs a college degree or hold a very prominent position, all one has to have is a caring heart and understanding that "children are NOT adults". Law reform change is imperative to help save our nation's youth, from totally "destruction" and "deaths"

PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, not posted due to copyrights

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Juvenile court certification law erased /unconstitutional


They added that the U.S. Supreme Court "has firmly established that the basic requirements of due process apply to juvenile transfer proceedings."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Corruption of injustice system/Juveniles get LIFE


Mark Clements is a victim of torture at the hands of Chicago police and has been incarcerated since age 16--with four life sentences plus 30 years--for a crime he did not commit. He is one of Chicago's youngest police torture victims and one of the first juveniles to be sentenced to "natural life" in prison.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(FL)Injustice of a child/got lwop/other killers gets deals

(excerpts-PLEASE read full article)

All murders aren't the same.

Michael Hernandez, 14 and delusional when he stabbed his classmate to death in 2004, was given a life sentence last week. No parole.Three days earlier, in Broward circuit court, Lonnie Lauriston, 23 when he beat 4-year-old D'Hamonie Francois to death, was sentenced to three years in prison.In Palm Beach County this summer, Charles Tyson, 22, managed a 40-year deal after tossing his 9-month-old son from a moving car, then throwing him into a canal.Charles Tyson will get out of prison.

Michael Hernandez won't.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Changes to TEEN life sentence laws sought

(excerpt-PLEASE read full article)
NO child should ever get life and life with NO chance of parole sentencing, it violates the international laws of the protection of children. Juvenile law reform is imperative to help save our nation's youth for destruction and death.
Changes to teen life sentence laws sought

A renewed push to change Mississippi's laws pertaining to life sentences for teenagers is on the horizon for the 2009 Legislature since the effort's original poster child has been acquitted of murder.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

America's Imprisoned Children/ Life without any HOPE

please read full absolute "must read", article written some time back, but nevertheless very important....examples of many cases of children sentenced to life with NO chance of parole, will DIE in prison, for mistakes made as a child. Even more reason for America's society to WAKE UP, to the atrocities happening to our nation's youth, any one of these children, could have been yours or mine. Our active participation and involvement in getting the laws changed governing these children, is critical, crucial, and imperative, to help save our nation's youth, from destruction and deaths........Silence is NOT "golden". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the US, there are 2,270 prisoners who were sentenced as children to life without parole. They will die behind bars. Ed Pilkington asks five of them - from a 21-year-old to a 70-year-old - how do they cope?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who "stood up" for Jeramiah?

So true, this did NOT have to happen, please "read" the comments. Unfortunately, bullying continues in epidemic figures.

Monday, October 13, 2008

TOO MANY KIDS ON DRUGS/ASTOUNDING VIDEOS/*ALERT* not fail to watch this important information, share with those in your world~World known, Dr Peter Breggin, is one of the experts on this panel series.
Child Drugging Smashed !

#1 Video: 8-1/2 minutes

#2 Video: 7-1/2 minutes

#3 Video: 6 minutes

Friday, September 26, 2008

13 yr old~Charge as an adult or as a juvenile??

And in this case, Hameline doesn’t believe Family Court would be severe enough.

What expert credentials does the prosecutor have?? to make the above statement??? Is there credentials in anatomy/psychology/physiology of the human brain and body??? that qualifies this prosecutor to make the above decision??? Again, as in many others cases, where and how did this child get the gun??? and "why" did such a young child do this, what are the "underlying causes that lead to this tragedy?? IF "guilty", punishment is warranted, but to handle this case "as an adult", again is the "taking" of another life. Is it NOT obvious, this child needs "help"??WHY is it such a "difficult" decision of the prosecutor, when this is a "child" of ONLY 13 yrs of age??? What is the REAL "truth"??? that lead to this tragedy?????

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(Il)Falsely Accused, Unjustly Convicted: A Child's Story


What a travesty of "INJUSTICE" Be sure to check out the links for his my space page and facebook group. (excerpts)

Why in 1977 did the Peoria Police falsely accuse a 14-year-old boy for the murder of his best friend and his best friend’s sister and ignore the evidence that pointed to the victims' stepfather? How were the Peoria Police able to hold Johnnie for 36 hours without a lawyer and then torture him into a false confession, which the prosecution then used to secure a guilty verdict in Johnnie’s first trial?..........

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Please read this worthwhile message, to include viewing the pdf file on the instructions for this ride... Thanks to Mike and Sheila in Rock Hill, helping to raise funds for the imprisoned children in their state.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


PLEASE, A MUST READ......lengthy, but a phenomenal presentation in support of HR 4300 bill, “Juvenile Justice Accountability", before the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting

Please review this support site, get involved/take action. Thanks to an advocate to passing this important info along. Please share with those in YOUR world.

Why this campaign?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ricky's Life, doomed for mistakes made as a "child"/STOP THE "INJUSTICES"

He's been ostracized, taunted, harassed and videotaped by neighbors and members of his community. He flees when spoken to by girls his age. His identity has been devastated. He's lost his sense of security, his expectations for any kind of normal life and his ability to trust.


One of many cases of children being sentenced to a world of "doom", for mistakes "made as a child". Thanks to Kim for sharing this most important information. See her son's case

Her personal support blog page, for her son.

Urging Teens and parents to get involved, get educated in these juveniles issues, YOUR child could be next!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have again written the newspaper, for what it might be worth for William.............encourage members to utilize the editorial section of link below, to make your voices heard for William. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


In reference to this article above, I am appauled, he gets release after 9 yrs, the clemency board felt he had served enough "time", yet, William Thornton, age 17, get 30 yrs prison time, with NO chance of parole, for an auto "accident", Accident is just what it was, NOT premediatiion!! Where is the "equal" justice here?? (William's case is listed on our support forum at

NOT saying he should not be punished at all, but 30 yrs is cruel and inhumane treatment for an "accident". If everyone that had an "accident" is sent to prison, there would NOT be anyone left to help run this country. And the people of Fl, STILL voted in that judge, what apathy and passiveness exists, NO compassion, NO mercy for William Thornton, where is the justice??

Thursday, August 14, 2008


With the present day apathy and passiveness of general society, seems obvious, children are indeed, an "endangered species"....far too many are facing death and doom sentencing, AS AN ADULT, in the prison system. Are not children, America's priority?? Apparently NOT! The future of our nation lies in the hands of this nation's children.....if all are locked away/sentenced for the "least infraction/mistakes " made in their young lives, WHO will be left to lead this country, when we are all dead and gone??? "Children are constantly held to a higher standard than adults, which continues to literally destroy children, instead of "helping" them, to become productive members of society. Juvenile justuce LAW REFORM is long overdue.....What will YOU do, when your "child" is arrested???....Take action NOW, get involved in your child's future, that is, if they have a chance at one!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Imprisoned children's CANTEEN FUND PROJECT/The Challenge is on..


COME JOIN US, imprisoned children's canteen fund project details & worksheet can be viewed at any time, the contributions we have recieved so far, see link

YOUR contribution of 1.00+ can help tremendously. Some imprisoned children's families have "abandoned" them, they recieve NO mail, NO visitors, No canteen funds, NO writing materials, this is so cruel and inhumane, for any child, we strive to let them know THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN, that we continue to fight for "justice" for ALL children.

Compassion and mercy is always FREE.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pleas for "Justice", still UNHEARD

Thank to Pam Thrasher, for this blogspot, video of FREEING America's children. Her son, Christopher, was sentenced to life with no chance of parole, for a crime, he did not commit, at the age of 16. Pam continues to fight for the freedom of her son, campaigning to get the laws changed and "justice for all children". She suffers so greatly too, for she was "sentenced" as well.

Chris's website


"Children" deserves a chance at LIFE, a "chance" to prove to society and officials, they CAN turn their lives around and become a productive member of society, if ONLY "given" a "chance", sentencing the "young" to LIFE and LIFE WITH "NO" CHANCE OF PAROLE, is "state sanctioned murder" of these children. The present day laws governing these children, continue to literally "destroy" our nation's children. Juvenile justice law REFORM, is imperative/crucial!!

Am NOT saying to "coddle" these children, but these young children under the age of 1 8 cases, should always be governed in a "juvenile" court of law, for the CHILDREN THEY ARE. Society, and the officials are ASLEEP, to the atrocities of these children. Apathy and passiveness continues to contribute to their "destruction".

PLEASE, get involved, educated~~YOUR CHILD COULD BE NEXT~~~The present day laws are holding/demanding of children a much "higher standard of conduct" than with adults. Can't you SEE this is killing our nation's "children"??

Analysis: Marlene Martin

Marlene Martin, national director of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty [1], examines a punishment that many people consider a "slow form of death"--life without the possibility of parole sentences. Mark Clements, an Illinois prisoner serving life without parole, gathered interviews for this article...................

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It is appauling indeed, when so many children's lives are at stake.......

Kids pay the price for Judiciary Committee's inaction


When the Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to consider the bill,
Republicans refused to attend.........

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This heartbreaking story, should really open YOUR eyes, to the injustices against our nation's children, one of many, who have "suffered" so needlessly.

A True Story Of A Coerced and False Confession...As Told By A Mother Of An Innocent Young Man.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Shattered lives and broken hearts, a child murdered, that could have been saved, but politicans will not listen, written by the child's grandmother, working tirelessly to get "chance" in the laws, to help "protect" children, and bring "justice" to her grandson, she loves so dearly.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

JUSTICE FOR EFR'EN PAREDES,JR/Sentenced as a "child"

Free Efrén Paredes, Jr.!
Velia Koppenhoefer's blog about her son, Efrén Paredes, Jr., who who was wrongly convicted in 1989 at the age of 15 and remains in prison to this day. Efren is now 35-years-old. To learn more about this injustice please visit

Friday, June 6, 2008


Again, as many times before, I ask the questions, where are the "medical expert" "credentials"??? This Da make a ruling in less than 48 hrs, that Heather can't be rehabilitated, when in fact, she needs help NOW, more than ever, instead of "just" locking her away with "adult" sanctions, to be "forever forgotten" by society and officials. Tho this case is a horrible tragedy, NO ONE has the "right" to "take" this child's life too, but in "reality" that is exactly what the officials are doing! Tell me this decision is not "state sanctioned" "murder" of yet another child!!! Justice should "indeed" be tempered with "compassion and mercy" I strongly urge ANYONE to utilize the email address below, and make your voice heard for this child. "Silence" by the general society, also contributes to the destruction of our nation's children.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

WM3~Witnesses should have testified for Baldwin/UNBELIEVABLE

WM3~(West Memphis 3)Witnesses should have testified for Baldwin/UNBELIEVABLE

What a horrific, gross injustice here.......these people kept their mouths shut, because IE, the art teacher did NOT want to lose her job???? , and the fact stated, this child WAS in school etc........

excerpts from article, PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE..............MAY GOD HELP US ALL!!

"They" have "destroyed" these children's childhood and have traumatized them FOR LIFE!!!!
"Baldwin's art teacher, Sally Ware, said in an affidavit that a school administrator suggested she would lose her job if she went to authorities to tell them that Baldwin had been in school the day of the murders."

"Other affidavits outline Baldwin's day May 5, 1993, saying that he boarded the school bus and arrived at school as usual, that he mowed his uncle's yard when he got home, then went to Wal-Mart to play video games, that he was home by 9 p.m., and that he spent the night talking on the phone with friends."

http://www. pbcommercial. com/articles/2008/05/31/ap-state-ar/d910sbmg1. txt

West Memphis 3 support site.........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

In My Moments of despair, How do we EXPLAIN?

I received this message from another child justice advocate........words are so true........... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
While this nation's children were being persecuted and tortured: How did we explain to our children and our children's children that we truly did nothing? That we met and we marched and we wrote....and we still actually did nothing? That we were so incompetent and unknowing that our efforts came to naught? How do we claim we were "more than" the enemy "state" when actually we were less than? How and why did we not mass suicide to did we not burn our bodies rather than our souls? Why not fiddle while Rome is burning? Is that what we said? Why and how in gods name did we become the image in the mirror rather than the instrument of change? Not the popular version of political change...but real and uncompromising HUMAN BEING change. The kind of change that now requires more moral courage than we can possibly summon en masse?????? Hope is that thing without when hope is is will and promise... And fiddling becomes the equally moral alternative.... There is NO difference that I can see in my eternal moment of despair.............

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Brother's Keeper/ Compassion for LIFE

My Brother's Keeper
Living in fear for years, each day and breath would be their last. Calling for help, tho no one would answer, only God's animal kingdom witnessed the horrific and barbaric abuse they faced, with nowhere and no one to turn , no one listening , to keep them safe from harm.The ultimate began as they were involved in the demise of their abusive father. Now being finally released from the liken of a P.O.W. camp, but finally free of abuse, tho upon being taken by authorites, another abusive life began, beyond their comprehension. While in custody, a man appeared claiming to be interested in their case, but not trusting as they were, not wanting, but giving up hope and life as they had experienced. The saga began, this man beside them, to defend them with all his strength and courage, to fight for justice, for a life gone, such a life was not worth living. This man gave them hope, courage, caring support beyond measures untold, but most of all unconditional love, something that was so strange to them, How can this be ? With yesterday gone, and the promises of a life anew, finally in peaceful sleep, in the care of my brother.
Knightgale (c)2003
In memory of Neal and Jesse Eldridge, Ark~~ where ever you are, I hope you are FREE and SAFE from harm~always in my heart and on my mind..........Knight

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Incest, A Family Tragedy/Director Edward Blackoff

Please read and get involved in this most important project, for the sake of our children.
A Personal letter from Edward Blackoff, Director of the multi-award winning documentary “INCEST A FAMILY TRAGEDY.”

Every day thousands of children suffer sexual abuse by family members and trusted friends. Little if anything is being done to prevent this terrible crime. It is the best kept secret in the world. Lawmakers refuse to take action. Enforcement authorities are stymied and solutions are ignored. What is needed is a campaign to bring this heinous behavior into the open.

INCEST A FAMILY TRAGEDY is the best way to do this and I need your help to save our children. My film has undisguised molesters and survivors opening telling us what happened and how it was accomplished. Experts offer information on what works, what doesn’t work and what must be done if we are to put a stop to the rape of the kids. There is hope, it can be stopped.

I am starting a grass roots movement to spread the information. The strategy is simple. Become a host. Visit and order your personal DVD copy of the film. Invite 5-10 people to your home and watch the film. Afterwards hold a discussion about what you’ve viewed and urge everyone to get their own copy and do the same. Suggested discussion topics are included. All profits go to the Stop Incest Foundation which funds children’s advocates and filmmakers like myself who want to make a difference. If we chip away at this code of silence things will change and children will be safer. If you can not afford to buy the DVD, we will provide a free host copy.

Unfortunately my experience shows we can’t count on our politicians or our lawmakers. After all, children neither vote nor do they have control of their money and that adds up to being powerless. Its up to us to give their pain and violation a voice so that we can effect change through Community Action. Sales of INCEST A FAMILY TRAGEDY will also enable me to start filming my next film, an in-depth study of 3 survivors of incest appearing on camera with ........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Betrayals/ My Painful Heart

I cannot stop the awful ache/pain in my heart
I cannot stop the tears flowing down my cheek
I cannot stop remembering words
you said"you are my friend and I love you
"Where are you when I call your name?

You do not see my painful heart
you do not see the tears streaming down my cheeks
how could you be so cruel?

you can't feel my painful heart
you can't feel my painful tears
you can't feel my devastated soul.

I trusted you
I believed in you
I honored you as a friend

Stop the pain,
stop the tears,
stop the hurt
Stop the betrayal!!!!

Knightgale ©2007
What many imprisoned children feel, many abandoned by the very ones, they "felt" did, in fact care and love them. Many feel so hopeless, knowing no one is working on an appeal for them, they know they are facing "death" in prison. One child stated, "I would rather be "wanted" for murder, that NOT "wanted" at ALL!!!

Why has America forsaken our nation's children, and will give a dollar for the animal kingdom, quicker than that for a "child". I am ashamed to live in a world where the "silence continues to be so deafening". The "betrayals" continues on destroying "children", and seems not many are even "moved" about this epidemic problem.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Tho no crime is condoned, this person did not KILL anyone, yet got sentenced to 196 yrs, at age 19.......shows how the states continue to "destroy" children. Punishment is certainly warranted, but what do you call this sentencing??? other than, "state sanctioned murder" of this person????? These outrageous sentencing WILL NOT deter others from committing crimes, this sentencing is literally a "sacrificing" of another Life, this is MURDER BY THE STATE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kids N Chrome/ Rally for a Reason/The Children


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention CenterI-90, Exit 14 • Spearfish, SD

Be a part of the Criminal Justice Reform/The Justice Project

The Justice Project is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to fighting injustice and to creating a more humane and just world. Our current programs are the Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform and Veterans for America. Read more about us.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anti-bullying bill passes Florida Senate

Anti-bullying bill passes Florida Senate Please read full article

Article published May 1, 2008 Anti-bullying bill passes Florida Senate with unanimous vote By Betty Parker FLORIDA CAPITAL BUREAU After three years of trying, the anti-bullying bill inspired by the suicide of a Cape Coral teenager who was bullied at school passed Florida's Senate unanimously and is on its way to Gov. Charlie Crist...........

Mother's Day~A nitemare for many~~

As mother's day approaches, it will be a nitemare for many mothers. Shattered lives and broken hearts, life as it is, will never be the same. Children sentenced to long, cold, harsh prison sentences, many first time, NON violent offenders, suffer alone in their cells. They were NOT the only ones "sentenced", the families are sentenced as well. Officials of this nation, NON caring, but corrupt in many ways, with NO sight of justice within focus, but only for the "tough on crime" scenario, at the sacrifice of many of our nation's children, which ONE of them could be YOURS. Again, many times over, we advocates strongly urge YOU to get educated, get involved in helping to change the present day laws that govern our nation's children, change is crucial to help save children from death and destruction by this grossly "broken so called judicial system"

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

National "DNA" Warehouse Bill passes/Another violation of "human rights"

National “DNA warehouse” bill passesWednesday, April 30th, 2008

AAPS Passing the House of Representatives on a voice vote, S 1858 has been sent to President Bush for signature The Newborn Genetic Screening bill was passed by the Senate last December The bill violates the US Constitution and the Nuremberg Code, writes Twila Brase, president of the Citizen’s Council on Health Care (CCHC) “The DNA taken at birth from every citizen is essentially owned by the government, and every citizen becomes a potential subject of government-sponsored genetic research,” she states “It does not require consent and there are no requirements to inform parents about the warehousing of their child’s DNA for the purpose of genetic research Already, in Minnesota, the state health department reports that 42,210 children of the 780,000 whose DNA is housed in the Minnesota ‘DNA warehouse’ have been subjected to genetic research without their parents’ knowledge or consent”The federal government lacks the Constitutional authority as well as the competence to develop a newborn screening program, states Rep Ron Paul, MD (R-TX) He states that all hospitals will probably scrap their own newborn testing program and adopt the federal model, whatever its flaws, to avoid the loss of federal funding
“Drafters of the legislation made no effort to ensure that these newborn screening programs do not violate the privacy rights of parents and children,” Dr Paul noted
Ms Brase has called on President Bush to veto the bill

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Murder of Jacob Ind/Horrific Abuse by both parents

I have followed Jacob's case for the past 10 years, Life with NO chance of parole ever, is barbaric and inhumane, is state sanctioned child abuse, indeed children should be punished for their crimes, but the very taking of their lives too, is state sanctioned murder!! One must READ the book, written by Mary Ellen Johnson, to fully "understand" why Jacob "snapped", involved in the murder of his parents!! I have this book, have read it several times, a very heart wrenching story/episodes of frequent sexual abuse by "both parents"!! Book is out on loan at the present time to another advocate, but anyone who is interested in reading this horrific story of Jacob, please email me at kidsincourt1 @ I will be glad to send you the book to read, on loan, with your "promise" to return the book to me after reading it. Jacob as all children, deserves a "chance" he was never given, even from his own parents. Juvenile justice laws are long overdue to be re investigated, with "compassion and mercy", for the children "they were"!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Please read full article about this most important support event.

"My Mission is for the World to hear Sarina’s Voice; for she is no longer with me to speak. But she will be heard, through me, her Mother. For I live with her inside me and I will live out loud, her voice will be heard. My Crusade is to Abolish Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants. There is strength in numbers, I need the support of those who hold this issue close to their hearts; to assure that other parents and their children live a happy life without pain and without suicide. My Campaign is to pass a Bill which will ultimately become “Sarina’s Law”.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Generation RX/Drugging of children~ **ALERT**

A compelling video on you tube about the drugging of our nation's children.......PLEASE, do not fail to watch this very informative information, and share with those in your world.

Wrongly convicted/EXONERATED~A must view

Many who have suffered so unjustly, finally EXONERATED, with the wonderful assistance from the INNOCENCE PROJECT

Thursday, April 24, 2008

(13)Michael Lewis/LIFE in Prison/as an ADULT/Murder he did not commit

CHILDREN ARE "NOT" ADULTS, another one of many cases, that should have NEVER been in an "adult" court of law!!! This could have been "YOUR CHILD". Present day laws continue to "destroy" children, instead of the "offer" to "help" and "rehabilitate", for them to become a "productive" member of society. Where is the justice? when it is "just us"?

(excerpts)Please read full article

Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice. Co-founded this grassroots organization in 1998 (Atlanta, Georgia) to advocate for children adjudicated and incarcerated as adults. Organized a membership base of over 300 mostly black women who had teenage sons who were either in prison or charged with crimes under Georgia’s law providing for prosecution of children as adults, commonly called SB440.
Michael Lewis Legal Defense Committee. Founder (1998) and Executive Director of this group dedicated to the freedom from prison of Michael Lewis, known as “Little B,” a black boy tried and convicted in Atlanta, Georgia, as an adult for a murder he did not commit, sentenced to life in prison at 14 years old.

Final Justice for Marty Tankleff

This child has suffered more than any child should ever have suffered, Marty certainly deserves true and final justice, may many blessings be bestowed upon him on his continued journeys in this life.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Digital kids in danger Children are more vulnerable than ever to predatory grooming via portable multimedia devices


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

21st Century "American Tea Party" A must read

This site is a "sister site" to the main Tea Party site which can be found at
Feel free to visit us there or to leave comments here.

Climb aboard the TEA train for Prison Reform!

Prosecutors/"Absolute Immunity" IS TOO MUCH/where is the JUSTICE??,2933,352004,00.html

Absolute Immunity Is Too Much

A "MUST" READ OF FULL ARTICLE...............where is the JUSTICE??


It's a recipe for disaster.

In the case Imbler v. Pachtman 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court carved out a gaping exception for prosecutors. Prosecutors have what's known as "absolute immunity" from civil rights suits, provided they're acting in their capacity as prosecutors. Few people enjoy such protections in their own line of work.
But this complete shield from accountability is especially problematic when we're talking about prosecutors. It's a job that's already plagued by incentive problems—unfortunately, we tend to measure a prosecutor's performance based on how many people he's able to throw in jail, not necessarily by how well he metes out justice.
Rarely, for example, does a prosecutor get public recognition for the cases he doesn't take. So we have people in a position where they have the enormous power to take away someone's freedom, incentives nudging them to err on the side of prosecuting aggressively, and absolute immunity from lawsuits should they overstep their bounds........

Monday, April 21, 2008

Torey Adamcik(16)LIFE/NO chance of parole


Torey Adamcik(16),Accused/convicted/sentenced to life w/out parole in the murder of a 16 yr old school mate. See support sites

Case reference at and

Scott Dyleski(16)Life/NO chance of parole

Was arrested and tried for the murder of Pamela Vitale, wife of TV pundit and defense attorney, Daniel Horowitz. Scott was found guilty, sentenced to LIFE W/NO CHANCE OF PAROLE. Sent to San Quentin the day he turned 18, now incarcerated at Kern Valley State Prison. Appeal Pending. (pic not available)

Demarious Banyard(13)Life, NO chance of parole

Demarious Banyard(13) Arrested/charged for murder a pizza delivery man**UPDATE**7/27/06 sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE~APPEAL PENDING
Reference case details at or

Eric Hainstock(15)Sentenced as an ADULT/LIFE/PAROLE AFTER 30 YRS

Charged with first-degree homicide in the death of a principle. Could receive life is prison. **UPDATE**8/3/07-SENTENCE-LIFE W/CHANCE OF PAROLE AFTER 30 YRS SERVED **UPDATE 9/26/07-APPEAL PENDING**

Kenneth Bartley(14)accused of firing in school office/Sentenced as an ADULT/45 YRS

A Campbell County grand jury leveled charges, including first-degree murder, against Kenneth S. Bartley, who is accused of opening fire in the office of the school where he was a student. **UPDATES** 4/10/07-Sentenced to 45 yrs. *UPDATE-7/2/07-SENTENCING STANDS~APPEAL PENDING

Marcos Escareno(14) to be tried as an ADULT

Juvenile justice law reform is imperative/crucial to help save our nation's "children"
"Children are simply NOT adults"

Charged as adult in shooting death of sister's boyfriend on California reservation. *UPDATE*2/24~ TRIAL SET FOR 2 JUNE, TO BE TRIED AS AN ADULT. (pic not available)

Thomas White(13) to be tried as an ADULT

Punishment is warranted, but as a CHILD!!
Thomas White, (13) accused of firing an assault rifle at his middle school. TRIAL "AS AN ADULT" No one was wounded or killed. **UPDATE** 9/17/07-Lawyers taking case to MO Supreme Court~UPDATE-MO. SUPREME COURT "DENIED" this child "juvenile court". Child will be tried AS AN ADULT!
Reference case details at or

Christine Rogers(13)45 yrs prison term/appeal pending

13 year old, African American child in Escambia Cty, Fl. Charged as an Adult for 2nd degree Murder of another teen**UPDATE** Sentenced to 45 yrs prison **10/18/06-APPEAL IN PROGRESS**

Reference case detail at or

Brett Jones(15)Life in Prison/Appeals pending

Brett Jones, a 15-year-old boy from Jupiter, Florida is accused/charged as an ADULT, of stabbing his grandfather to death**Sentenced to LIFE in prison~UPDATE~appeal pending.

Inhumane Injustice of William Thornton,(17)30 yrs prison/NO chance of PAROLE

A young boy of only 17 yrs of age.........Sentenced by a Judge who wouldn't step aside in fatal wreck sentencing, Judge Ric Howard's order comes a day after he was accused of giving an overly harsh sentence to a black first-time offender, 30 yrs sentencing, which still stands. Case involves an "auto accident", in which 2 people lost their lives. "Accident", NOT intentional or pre-mediated incident!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Christopher Thrasher(16)Life w/NO chance of PAROLE/Justice DENIED

At age 16, Chris sentenced to**** LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE****, for a crime where he was NOT even present at the crime scene. His mother has been campaigning for him for the past 15 yrs, with little or NO help from the general public.
For case details of injustice, please reference , , ,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Remembering Mary Ellen/ A travesty of CHILD ABUSE

My name is Mary Ellen McCormack. I don't know how old I am... I have never had but one pair of shoes, but I can't recollect when that was. I have no shoes or stocking this winter... I have never had on a particle of flannel. My bed at night is only a piece of carpet, stretched on the floor underneath a window, and I sleep in my little undergarment, with a quilt over me. I am never allowed to play with any children or have any company whatever. Mamma has been in the habit of whipping and beating me almost every day. She used to whip me with a twisted whip, a raw hide. The whip always left black and blue marks on my body. I have now on my head two black and blue marks which were made by mamma with the whip, and a cut on the left side of my forehead which was made by a pair of scissors in mamma's hand. She struck me with the scissors and cut me. I have no recollection of ever having been kissed, and have never been kissed by mamma. I have never been taken on my mamma's lap, or caressed or petted. I have never dared to speak to anybody, because if I did I would get whipped. Whenever mamma went out I was locked up in the bedroom... I have no recollection of ever being in the street in my life. Another excerpt from this amazing and sad story. Read the entire story


NO ONE will ever come close to understanding "that world", til they have "walked" in "that same horrible journey".

Second Chance Act?? What about the Children??


The above article is a move in the right direction, but children are NOT being offered a "second chance"....until the present day laws governing children, is reformed/investigated, there will be more and more children "destroyed" by this gov't. So many children are given much harsher, colder, longer sentences than adults, who have comitted similiar crimes

JUVENILE JUSTICE REFORM IS IMPERATIVE/CRITICAL to help save our nation's children from DOOM AND DESTRUCTION. Incarcerated "children" are thrown away and forgotten by this gov't. We must NEVER BE SILENT to these atrocties!!!

"Children" deserves a "CHANCE", to become a "productive member" of society, but this gov't does not even "offer it".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Ignorant and the Negative

Many negative, vengeful comments on these articles, after the announcement of the refusal of the U. S. supreme court to hear/review Chris Pittman's case.

One person stated..."I believe he should be executed" ??

This might be so easy to say, being it was NOT YOUR child, tho punishment is certainly warranted, it takes a cold, no hearted person, to want to "execute" a "child". Educating oneself in the world of antidepressants/drugs will enlighten your brain cells, get the case facts, he was ONLY 12, and is NOT a monster. ADULTS in his world contributed to where he is today. Look who prescribed that drug, an adult!! Look who forced him to take this drug, an adult!! Where were the ADULTS?? in his world??? when he needed them most. There is NO way he was in his "right" mind, when this tragedy occurred. To contribute to the "destruction" of this child, is indeed a CRIME itself. What a cold, cruel, heartless society!!!

ALL children deserve the right to be "protected from harm, but society feels it is all ok, for incarcerated children to be beaten, molested, sexually assaulted and raped often, and even murdered behind bars....what a barbaric society we are forced to live in!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

U.S. Supreme Court refused view/hear Pittman child's appeal

U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal/CHRISTOPHER PITTMAN


Please be sure to look at the comments section on this url link, unfortunately most are so negative and vengeful.

There will come a day, the real truth and justice will prevail in Chris''s case. All the negative, bitterness,vengeful statements on that article, are worthless, those who have been involved and followed this case from day one, know and still support Chris.The truth will come, and justice will prevail for this "child". Many statements sounds like nothing more than vigilantes, but be assured, if this was YOUR child, you, too, would want "help and support", NOT vengeance! Get educated and know the facts about drugs given/forced upon children and the possible affects, could be devastating, as was in this case.

Chris never took the drugs "voluntarily", he was forced to take them by ADULTS, tried as an ADULT, sentenced as an ADULT, tell me this is NOT "child abuse"!!! Since when is a 12 yr old "child", automatically an ADULT???
Please reference the "educational resources" links, for details of Chris's case.
Request that you review Chris's petition, sign it, and share with others in your world

May God help us ALL..........WHERE IS THE "JUSTICE"??? Chris's case is one of many, get educated, read the over 2300 cases on A reality, a real eye opener.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Forgotten Children/No HOPE/NO NOTHING

What more can we do, in campaigning for these children? In this election year, it is imperative to send our support letters to the officials, media at the local, state and federal levels, speaking OUT about these many atrocities our nation's children face. Many children will literally DIE in prison, UNLESS present day laws are investigated and revised/change. These children have NO hope, offered NO redemption, NO counseling, NO rehabiliation, guidance, NO offers to help them, become "productive members of society". These are "throw away" children, and forgotten by society. PLEASE join us in getting letters and contact OUT to anyone and everyone that possibly might listen. WE MUST NEVER BE "SILENT" I would like to see YOUR thoughts, suggestions, feedback, tell us what is on YOUR mind please.
Only a “child”
The moon so high in the sky, Holding secrets the courts still deny,
They know you are “only” a child, Yet hold firm the sentences, while the world sighs.
No compassion, mercy is ever held, While weeping alone in their private cells.
Mistakes made as a “child”, While the courts still in denial
Charged as adult, no chance of parole Holding this young life, with it forever on hold.
They dream of better tomorrows, Only left in such desolate sorrows.
You can help change this destruction,
With education and a little instruction.
The next child could really be yours,
What will you do?, when you finally get the “score”?
Now is the time to speak out, & have no doubt,
Your voice is needed, for this child’s way out!!


Prosecutors IGNORE Fundamental Truths



We have two parallel criminal justice systems — one for adults, the other for children. To say that a 14-year-old deserves to be in the adult system is to put the bitter root of a falsehood into the mix at the very beginning. No palatable justice can come of it.

— Neil B. Quinn is a former Ventura County chief deputy public defender, now retired and in private practice.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

System Too Harsh/State turns their back on KIDS



One caring person can go a long way. Everyone needs an advocate sometime

Mistreat a cat or a dog, and that animal soon takes on an ill appearance and an unfriendly personality. It stops grooming itself and fights with other animals. You never see one award-winning cat in a pack of alley cats. They all look the same. Why should children be any different?
So these kids make mistakes, like so many teens do, but for whatever reason, they end up in the system while countless others go unpunished, often for the same crime.

Here is where the real crime begins. With their entire lives ahead of them, and the opportunity for the state to make a difference for once, the state instead turns its back. Many of the kids are put on psychological drugs. Some help, many do not...........

Friday, April 11, 2008

Montanans for JUSTICE

A coerced confession extracted three and a half years after the murder by overzealous Louisiana lawmen and riddled with inconsistencies was the prosecution's only evidence. Apathy, silence & passiveness of the general society, continues to delay/deny "justice".

8 Children face possibly of LIFE IN PRISON/NOT A SOLUTION!!

8 "CHILDREN" FACE POSSIBLY LIFE IN PRISON...Barbaric, inhumane for a "child".........

http://www2. tbo. com/content/2008/apr/10/8-teens-be-tried-adults-polk-beating-case/

Well now where do you think these kids learned such bizarre behavior, they did know this was wrong, but again, they will be the ONLY ones punished, tho the enviornment they were surrounded in, the family and community background of these kids contribute to this behavior. Certainly this behavior is NOT condoned, and punishment is warranted for those involved, but "tried as adults"???? possibly life in prison???? is just too harsh, better served in the community is to place them at "an abuse shelter" for their sentencing, PRISON IS NOT THE ANSWER/SOLUTION to this incident.

Again, the thunder clatters, and prosecutors eagerly step up to tried these kids as adults, it is obvious they not only need angry management classes and counseling, but they are kids that need discipline, guidance and counseling about what exactly they did, to destroy their lives with "prison" terms, is barbaric and inhumane. Where is the compassion and mercy and most of all "justice"????? Again, the officials seem to contribute to "destruction" instead of "helping" these kids. Prison certainly will NOT make them a better person, but will learn to be a criminal!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

(CA)Prevent crime, prevent prison crowding

An ounce of "prevention" is always WORTH A POUND OF "CURE" A must read, get involved, become an active participant, FOR CHANGE!


Factor in the reduction in community costs of crime, victim impact and the increased contribution the offender can make to his/her family and community by staying crime free and we have what is termed in the profession as a no-brainer.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Voices of Women/ Voices for the children


The New American Family: The State's Professional Parents
Professional parents are becoming the new trend in American family values. Foster parents,residential group homes, adoptive parents. What is happening?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cold, Harsh, REALITY, of this government

Incarcerated father was refused to be able to see his dying child, who has cancer,
denied by the board of pardons and parole.......

Can I scream now??? How inhumane can they get?????


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Candidates campaigning, SO SHOULD WE, advocates for JUSTICE

My Opinion

Our nation's children(under 1 8 ) are under seize. They are being held at zero tolerance levels in schools, & other areas in their young lives, infractions of the smallest mistakes, sometimes leads them facing officials, many under arrest, waivering their constitutional and Miranda rights, many are questioned without an attorney and investigations are NOT videotaped from the very beginning of questioning these children and should/must be in the presence of their attorney. Many young children have been arrested for an alleged crime, have been tried, convicted and sentenced as an adult, even at the very tender ages of 12, 13 yrs of age. Many have been convicted & sentenced on a "false confession".

The development of a person's brain has not completely developed, matured, until in their early twenties. This has been proven, a medical fact.

This is not a call of guilt or innocence, but the fact that children of this nation are being tried as an adult, they clearly are not. Children under 1 8, by law, are not allowed to do many things, I.E., get a tattoo, buy a car, cigarettes, watch x rated movies, get a job, sign a contract, etc, ALL of the amenities of an ADULT, yet if one gets into some trouble or commits an alleged crime, the officials seems to automatically waive their case up to adult court immediately. Some state laws dictates the case to go to adult court first, then the defense attorney has to petition the court to have the case remanded back to juvenile courts. Many children have been given long, harsh sentences, many with life and/or life without any possible chance of parole, due to the fact that state laws are written to treat children with adult sanctions, for the same crime, as if an adult committed the crime.

Laws must and need to be changed, reformed, governing "children". State laws statures, exception of about two states, dictate the definition of "child"/"juvenile", which is anyone who is under 18 yrs of age. Far too many children have met their doom in prison "forever" without any chance of parole, for a mistake allegedly made when ONLY a child. No chances, NO redemptions, NO counseling, NO rehabilitive efforts ever offered these children, little or NO educational efforts, leaving them to die off in prison. Families abandoning their incarcerated child, leaving them with NO visits, NO canteen funds, NO letters, NO NOTHING, NO "HOPE"!

Complaints from child inmates are staggering, of physical and mental abuse, rapes, molestations, use of physical restraints of which many have died. The physical and mental "torture" of these children is destroying them.

This is indeed, a direct violation of their constitutional amendments of "cruel and inhumane" treatment. If, in fact, punishment/incarceration is warranted/due, punishment is/should be administered in a juvenile detention facility, along with compassion, mercy, and a chance for these children to become productive members of society. This is NOT to coddle them, but treat them as a human being.

So many children never had a chance, and are dead, died behind bars, just awaiting for their trial date.

Has America become so cold, so callous, so unforgiving, so uncaring, so unwilling, as not to, at the very least reinvestigate the existing laws governing these children.

Tho victims are never forgotten, these children were and are victims also, victims of the so called "justice system". The present day laws are surely contributing to the destruction of our nation's children. Children do deserve a chance to redeem themselves, a "chance" never offered, a chance of becoming a productive member of society. This act is a crime, within itself, state sanctioned murder, which the officials "justify", this "cruel and inhumane" treatment of "children".

Law reform for juveniles in this country is a must/imperative. It will take the active participation and voices of the American people to save our nation's children.

There are P.O.W camps right here in America's backyards.