Thursday, January 10, 2008


We, juvenile justice volunteer advocates have talked, posted, offering assistance, in any way we can in reference to public awareness, we write letters to the media, and officials at the local, state and federal level, to get people informed about the many juvenile injustices prevailing upon this nation's children.......the continued apathy and passiveness among this society contributes to the doom of many children. The information is out there, constant warnings of info available to everyone.

I truly hope in 2008, many more will WAKE UP, get involved with us, in campaigning to get those barbaric laws changed "governing" children under the age of "18"!!
Many children all across America, many as young as 13, sentenced as "an adult" with "adult" prison terms, many with LIFE and LIFE with NO "CHANCE" OF PAROLE, which is a death sentence within itself, and is "state sanctioned" murder of these children, for "mistakes" made as a "child".

This is "election year", I hope more Americans will become involved and help get the laws changed governing children, Juvenile Justice Law "REFORM" is so desperately needed in this nation!!!

I sincerely hope YOU nor YOUR child will never have to experience the heartaches, and devastation of souls, from the "mistakes" made as a "child.".

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