Friday, January 25, 2008


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Child Sponsorship ProgramEnrich your life and that of a needy child on one of our reservations. JOIN SOTY'S CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!! There is no charge – it's free! Too many children on the reservations of North America struggle to live daily with hunger, malnutrition, lack of proper clothing, care or concern for their welfare. It is hard enough being a child in this environment where the majority of families live beneath the poverty level guidelines in this nations.Thousands of children live on reservations where infant mortality and teen death by suicide is at the highest national average. This is a frightening reality for thousands of Native American children growing up without hope for any kind of future. It is hard for those of us who do not live on a reservation to imagine what their lives must be like.For far too many families, there simply is not enough food to go around. Over 80% of families must depend on extremely limited government funds and food commodities to feed their children. The majority of households are lead by single mothers or grandmothers trying to raise more children than they can feed properly. In the winter and on birthdays and holidays too many children lack needed warm clothing such as winter coats and boots. Most don't receive birthday presents because there simply is no money for such luxuries. What would it be like to live in an environment where having three meals a day is a luxury? Could you imagine that? For far too many – one meal a day is a luxury! YOU CAN CHANGE THE LIFE A CHILD ON ONE OF NORTH AMERICA'S POOREST RESERVATIONS BY BECOMING A SPONSOR – THERE IS NO CHARGE BUT PLENTY OF REWARD!

Please contact us at Save Our Tribal Youth (SOTY) to find out how you can sponsor a boy or girl by supplying them with a birthday present, food or clothing. In return, not only will you be supplying much needed assistance, you will have the unique opportunity to develop a cultural friendship of support and concern with a child who desperately needs your care.

Sagkeeng First Nation of Manitoba, Canada
The Pine Ridge and Navajo Reservationsas support grows so will this program to other reservations.

Contact us here at our Myspace page or sotykids© or saveourtribalyouth©

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