Friday, January 25, 2008


Case details.... Sexually molested by her own father, since the age of only 8 years of age.........

PLEASE, take 5 minutes, and write a letter to the Govenor, he is leaving office, the request for clemency/pardon from Stacey, has been in the Gov's office since 1998....10 yrs waiting for an answer.......PLEASE HELP US FLOOD THE GOV'S OFFICE WITH SUPPORT FOR STACEY.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
``Ask Gov Blunt to Pardon Stacey Lannert Before He Leaves Office This is a great time to write to Governor Matt Blunt and ask him to pardon Stacey Lannert BEFORE he leaves office. Please Sign the petition!

PLEASE Write a short letter to Governor Blunt!
The Honorable Matt Blunt
Governor of the State of Missouri
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0720

PLEASE Do it today! Thanks for caring about Stacey Lannert.

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