Saturday, January 12, 2008


MO has had many articles about their juvenile system being a "model" for other states, again, my question is, WHY IS THOMAS WHITE "NOT" held in "juvenile" status?? at 13 yrs of age????


The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that a teen accused of taking an assault rifle to Memorial Middle School may not be released on house arrest.
The state’s high court, in rulings this week, did grant a motion filed by White’s attorney, public defender James Egan, that allows the Jasper County trial judge in the case, David Mouton, to hear and decide issues of bond, house arrest or furloughs for the teen.
But the case in Jasper County Circuit Court has been on hold since the boy’s public defenders filed an appeal with the Missouri Supreme Court in September seeking a remand of his case to juvenile court for a new certification hearing. The high court has asked for full briefs from both sides and has set the case for oral arguments on Feb. 28.

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