Saturday, February 16, 2008


This is incomprehensible, another 13 yr old child did, in fact committ a "murder" in MO, but that case remained in "juvenile" court, WHY NOT THOMAS'S CASE?? Both kids were of the SAME AGE!!!!!! One did do a murder, the other one DID NOT. this is justice????? "NOT"
MO claims to be a "model" state, for rehabilitation and help for "juveniles"!!! WHERE IS IT, IN THOMAS'S CASE????? His case clearly "contradicts" what MO "claims" for juveniles in that state.
If you believe this child has NOT recieved justice in his case, PLEASE WRITE YOUR SUPPORT LETTER TO THE REPORTER OF THIS ARTICLE, EMAIL ADDRESS IS BELOW. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Judge denies bond reduction in school-gun case
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