Saturday, May 10, 2008

In My Moments of despair, How do we EXPLAIN?

I received this message from another child justice advocate........words are so true........... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
While this nation's children were being persecuted and tortured: How did we explain to our children and our children's children that we truly did nothing? That we met and we marched and we wrote....and we still actually did nothing? That we were so incompetent and unknowing that our efforts came to naught? How do we claim we were "more than" the enemy "state" when actually we were less than? How and why did we not mass suicide to did we not burn our bodies rather than our souls? Why not fiddle while Rome is burning? Is that what we said? Why and how in gods name did we become the image in the mirror rather than the instrument of change? Not the popular version of political change...but real and uncompromising HUMAN BEING change. The kind of change that now requires more moral courage than we can possibly summon en masse?????? Hope is that thing without when hope is is will and promise... And fiddling becomes the equally moral alternative.... There is NO difference that I can see in my eternal moment of despair.............

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Brother's Keeper/ Compassion for LIFE

My Brother's Keeper
Living in fear for years, each day and breath would be their last. Calling for help, tho no one would answer, only God's animal kingdom witnessed the horrific and barbaric abuse they faced, with nowhere and no one to turn , no one listening , to keep them safe from harm.The ultimate began as they were involved in the demise of their abusive father. Now being finally released from the liken of a P.O.W. camp, but finally free of abuse, tho upon being taken by authorites, another abusive life began, beyond their comprehension. While in custody, a man appeared claiming to be interested in their case, but not trusting as they were, not wanting, but giving up hope and life as they had experienced. The saga began, this man beside them, to defend them with all his strength and courage, to fight for justice, for a life gone, such a life was not worth living. This man gave them hope, courage, caring support beyond measures untold, but most of all unconditional love, something that was so strange to them, How can this be ? With yesterday gone, and the promises of a life anew, finally in peaceful sleep, in the care of my brother.
Knightgale (c)2003
In memory of Neal and Jesse Eldridge, Ark~~ where ever you are, I hope you are FREE and SAFE from harm~always in my heart and on my mind..........Knight

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Incest, A Family Tragedy/Director Edward Blackoff

Please read and get involved in this most important project, for the sake of our children.
A Personal letter from Edward Blackoff, Director of the multi-award winning documentary “INCEST A FAMILY TRAGEDY.”

Every day thousands of children suffer sexual abuse by family members and trusted friends. Little if anything is being done to prevent this terrible crime. It is the best kept secret in the world. Lawmakers refuse to take action. Enforcement authorities are stymied and solutions are ignored. What is needed is a campaign to bring this heinous behavior into the open.

INCEST A FAMILY TRAGEDY is the best way to do this and I need your help to save our children. My film has undisguised molesters and survivors opening telling us what happened and how it was accomplished. Experts offer information on what works, what doesn’t work and what must be done if we are to put a stop to the rape of the kids. There is hope, it can be stopped.

I am starting a grass roots movement to spread the information. The strategy is simple. Become a host. Visit and order your personal DVD copy of the film. Invite 5-10 people to your home and watch the film. Afterwards hold a discussion about what you’ve viewed and urge everyone to get their own copy and do the same. Suggested discussion topics are included. All profits go to the Stop Incest Foundation which funds children’s advocates and filmmakers like myself who want to make a difference. If we chip away at this code of silence things will change and children will be safer. If you can not afford to buy the DVD, we will provide a free host copy.

Unfortunately my experience shows we can’t count on our politicians or our lawmakers. After all, children neither vote nor do they have control of their money and that adds up to being powerless. Its up to us to give their pain and violation a voice so that we can effect change through Community Action. Sales of INCEST A FAMILY TRAGEDY will also enable me to start filming my next film, an in-depth study of 3 survivors of incest appearing on camera with ........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Betrayals/ My Painful Heart

I cannot stop the awful ache/pain in my heart
I cannot stop the tears flowing down my cheek
I cannot stop remembering words
you said"you are my friend and I love you
"Where are you when I call your name?

You do not see my painful heart
you do not see the tears streaming down my cheeks
how could you be so cruel?

you can't feel my painful heart
you can't feel my painful tears
you can't feel my devastated soul.

I trusted you
I believed in you
I honored you as a friend

Stop the pain,
stop the tears,
stop the hurt
Stop the betrayal!!!!

Knightgale ©2007
What many imprisoned children feel, many abandoned by the very ones, they "felt" did, in fact care and love them. Many feel so hopeless, knowing no one is working on an appeal for them, they know they are facing "death" in prison. One child stated, "I would rather be "wanted" for murder, that NOT "wanted" at ALL!!!

Why has America forsaken our nation's children, and will give a dollar for the animal kingdom, quicker than that for a "child". I am ashamed to live in a world where the "silence continues to be so deafening". The "betrayals" continues on destroying "children", and seems not many are even "moved" about this epidemic problem.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Tho no crime is condoned, this person did not KILL anyone, yet got sentenced to 196 yrs, at age 19.......shows how the states continue to "destroy" children. Punishment is certainly warranted, but what do you call this sentencing??? other than, "state sanctioned murder" of this person????? These outrageous sentencing WILL NOT deter others from committing crimes, this sentencing is literally a "sacrificing" of another Life, this is MURDER BY THE STATE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kids N Chrome/ Rally for a Reason/The Children


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention CenterI-90, Exit 14 • Spearfish, SD

Be a part of the Criminal Justice Reform/The Justice Project

The Justice Project is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to fighting injustice and to creating a more humane and just world. Our current programs are the Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform and Veterans for America. Read more about us.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anti-bullying bill passes Florida Senate

Anti-bullying bill passes Florida Senate Please read full article

Article published May 1, 2008 Anti-bullying bill passes Florida Senate with unanimous vote By Betty Parker FLORIDA CAPITAL BUREAU After three years of trying, the anti-bullying bill inspired by the suicide of a Cape Coral teenager who was bullied at school passed Florida's Senate unanimously and is on its way to Gov. Charlie Crist...........

Mother's Day~A nitemare for many~~

As mother's day approaches, it will be a nitemare for many mothers. Shattered lives and broken hearts, life as it is, will never be the same. Children sentenced to long, cold, harsh prison sentences, many first time, NON violent offenders, suffer alone in their cells. They were NOT the only ones "sentenced", the families are sentenced as well. Officials of this nation, NON caring, but corrupt in many ways, with NO sight of justice within focus, but only for the "tough on crime" scenario, at the sacrifice of many of our nation's children, which ONE of them could be YOURS. Again, many times over, we advocates strongly urge YOU to get educated, get involved in helping to change the present day laws that govern our nation's children, change is crucial to help save children from death and destruction by this grossly "broken so called judicial system"