Friday, May 9, 2008

My Brother's Keeper/ Compassion for LIFE

My Brother's Keeper
Living in fear for years, each day and breath would be their last. Calling for help, tho no one would answer, only God's animal kingdom witnessed the horrific and barbaric abuse they faced, with nowhere and no one to turn , no one listening , to keep them safe from harm.The ultimate began as they were involved in the demise of their abusive father. Now being finally released from the liken of a P.O.W. camp, but finally free of abuse, tho upon being taken by authorites, another abusive life began, beyond their comprehension. While in custody, a man appeared claiming to be interested in their case, but not trusting as they were, not wanting, but giving up hope and life as they had experienced. The saga began, this man beside them, to defend them with all his strength and courage, to fight for justice, for a life gone, such a life was not worth living. This man gave them hope, courage, caring support beyond measures untold, but most of all unconditional love, something that was so strange to them, How can this be ? With yesterday gone, and the promises of a life anew, finally in peaceful sleep, in the care of my brother.
Knightgale (c)2003
In memory of Neal and Jesse Eldridge, Ark~~ where ever you are, I hope you are FREE and SAFE from harm~always in my heart and on my mind..........Knight

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