Saturday, January 31, 2009

Examining Human Error in Wrongful Convictions


Outrageous/Obama’s calculated anger over Wall Street bonuses


"On Thursday, President Obama publicly criticized Wall Street bankers who awarded themselves more than $18 billion in annual bonuses even as their banks collapsed, driving the US and world economy into the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Obama called the bonuses, which came to light in a Wednesday New York Times article, "shameful." Though there was a sharp decline in the bonuses from the last three years, when year-end bonuses ranged between $28 billion and $37 billion, this year's haul was still the sixth-largest on record"

Friday, January 30, 2009


(excerpt)Lengthy article but WELL WORTH READING. PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEO, click on URL above .

"BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: We have a powerful story today about punishment for juveniles who commit crimes. The Supreme Court has thrown out the death penalty for such young people, but in 44 states they can still be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Is that just for children - even for the worst crimes? Tim O’Brien reports from Tampa, Florida."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Justice" for Juveniles/Children sacrificed for MONEY/Corrupt Judges

Where is the justice for "children"?

WILKES-BARRE-- Luzerne County Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan are accused of collecting more than $2 and a half million dollars from the construction, expansion and operation of juvenile detention facilities as well as for the placement of juveniles in the facility. The Juvenile Law Center filed suit last spring claiming hundreds of juveniles' rights were violated by Ciavarella. Many juveniles were not told of their right to be represented by attorneys and were given detention center sentences instead of probation, according to the group. The State Supreme Court denied the center's petition for emergency relief against the county. Now they are looking at an appeal. Parents who feel their children were incorrectly sent to juvenile detention centers by the two judges are looking at their legal options as well. What legal options are available? What can parents who feel their kids were wrongly sentenced do? What will happen next? WYOU Interactive discusses the issues with Attorney Barry Dyller, Mother of a sentenced teen Susan Mishanski and Marsha Levick from the Juvenile Law Center. Read more


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Life & Death in a cold, lonely cell


Reality of prison life on a daily basis......Real life, NOT a hoax, NOT a t.v. drama, FACT!


AND WHAT ABOUT THE "CHILDREN"...IN OR OUT OF PRISON???? Now there will be a lot of "I'm sorry", and a lot of "excuses" to try to justify his actions, but worthless!! He knew what he was doing, just sorry HE GOT CAUGHT!!! and all children suffer from these corrupt actions!!!!

Indeed, where is the "justice"?
S.C. Department of Social Services embezzled $5.5 million???

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DOC~Dept of "Corrections"??

Prison faciities have long been "misnamed", where is the "corrections" part of imprisonment? DOC really means DEFICIT OF CARING. Just because one is imprisoned, does NOT give the facility staff the RIGHT to abuse/torture prisoners, but it happens all too frequently. Officials trying "children" AS ADULTS, they clearly are NOT, many languish in prisons, when in fact, many do not even belong there, many are innocent, but got caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time, many alone with families and society abandoning them, many sentenced to LIFE and LIFE WITH "NO" CHANCE OF PAROLE, all too soon to be forgotten, with NO mail, NO visitors, NO canteen funds, NO ONE to even care. Justice should always be tempered with "compassion and mercy", but seems those 2 words aren't even in the vocabulary anymore. Juvenile justice law reform is imperative, to keep "children's" cases in "juvenile court", isn't that what "juvenile" means?? In some states, the law stature dictates, officials can try juveniles as young as 8 yrs old, as an adult!!!! Far TOO MANY, "never" offered a "chance" in their young lives. Educate yourself & your "children" about "miranda rights". The constitution was written for ALL!

Please join us advocates, all across America, joining hands & hearts for "justice, to help make a difference in the lives of our nation's youth, who are clearly NOT ADULTS!

PLEASE support BILL HR4300


Sunday, January 18, 2009

(MO)Restorative justice is better use of human, financial resources

How long now have we advocates been saying these very words in this article, all across this nation. It does NOT take one with a ton of degrees to figure out the millions wasted on incarcerations at the present way officials are doing things against this nation's children. Again, if one is 100 % guilty of that crime, indeed punishment is warranted, but as the "child" they are, along with the "restorative efforts" to help, "instead" of contribute to this child's "destruction". Indeed, $$$ can be put to "better use", in turn, helping these children become productive members of society, but the "offer" of "restorative justice" is never even offered to them......all which is LONG OVERDUE!!

In Mo all this talk of "restorative justice", YET, what about Thomas White??? .....he is languishing YET in the "system", tho he did NOT murder anyone, and at age 13, officials went after him, AS AN ADULT, where is the help for Thomas???? when this child needed it the most in his young life??? His case is such a travesty within itself..........his life has already been destroyed..........where was the "restorative justice??? for Thomas???

Keep kids cases OUT OF THE ADULT SYSTEM!!! Restorative "justice" begins "there"!!!


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama JUSTICE REFORM Petition-JUSTICE LONG OVERDUE! all who believe in and want EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL!!

Passing along to you, if interested.............IF so, please sign it and pass it along to others in your world.


PLEASE, be certain to read the author's notes on URL important to us all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Human Rights Groups Decry Bush Administration’s Whitewash Report On Racial Discrimination In United States


According to the human rights coalition, the Bush administration’s report glosses over significant issues of racial inequality during his tenure, including the post-9/11 racial profiling of Muslims and people of Arab and South Asian descent; the denial of adequate housing assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; the disproportionate representation of African Americans and Latinos among the 2,500 juveniles sentenced to life sentences without parole; and the deprivation of Western Shoshone American Indians of their ancestral lands. "The refusal of the Bush administration to correct the racism inherent in current U.S. sentencing practices has resulted in a disproportionate number of children of color being sentenced to life in prison without parole" said Deborah LaBelle, Director of the Juvenile Life Without Parole Initiative. "It is a stain on the U.S. to be the only nation in the world that commits the human rights violation of sentencing children to life in prison, and the fact that it disproportionately affects children of color is one more reason to end this unfair practice"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NOT AGAIN!!~~8 yr old arrested

We are seeing more and more of these cases, of small children being arrested, how obsurd, this incident should have been taken care of, between parents and school officials, and leave the law officials out of it......seems the schools, more and more call the law officials for the least little infraction/mistakes children made. PLEASE...... children ARE NOT ADULTS!!!!! Arresting this child for "battery", is so ridiculous, and so emotionally traumatizing for this child. There must be alternative solutions to these incidents, leaving the law officials out of them!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Stacey Lannert FREED/Gov grants

I have been writing to Stacey for several years, and have written the Gov in support of her, many letters, requesting to AGAIN, review her case, for possible release.......I AM ESTATIC, to learn, she will finally be released........what wonderful information for Stacey!!!!! LONG OVER DUE!!!!!...............EVEN MORE REASON, WE SHOULD NEVER BE SILENT, continuing to make our voices heard for our nation's children!!!! ~~~~


Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's about systemic change~CHANGING MODEL/JUVENILE JUSTICE

Juvenile justice advocates all across this nation, have been and still do campaign for the "betterment" of our nation's children. One does not have to have a degree at all, to know that "children" are NOT adults, many come from a very dysfunctional home environment, one becomes what they are around and exposed to, in their young lives. Jacque van Wormer is certainly commended for all her hard work and efforts for "change", there are many "unsung" heroes, "out there", still trying so hard, to make a "difference", campaigning for "juvenile justice law reform"......We must NEVER be silent, if we do not speak out for these children, WHO WILL???? Let's all hope that the year of 2009, will bring about this much needed change, for thousands of children, already incarcerated!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

States Look to Prisons for Ways to Save Money, Including Letting Some Inmates Go,2933,479102,00.html

States Look to Prisons for Ways to Save Money, Including Letting Some Inmates Go


NEW YORK — Their budgets in crisis, governors, legislators and prison officials across the nation are making or considering policy changes that will likely remove tens of thousands of offenders from prisons and parole supervision.
Indeed, far too many children are still languishing in prisons, NON violent ones, many just were in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong ADULTS,.....S.C for one, need to get their heads out of the sand, wake up, review records of these children, the release of many of them, can save the state, mega dollars!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Importance of the INNOCENCE PROJECT


The Importance of the Innocence Project

Category: Politics
Posted on: January 9, 2009 9:09 AM,
by Ed Brayton

The Innocence Project is an organization that really deserves to be more widely recognized for the vital role they play in this country. Here's a list of the people they freed from prison in 2008 by using DNA evidence to show that they were innocent of the crimes they'd been convicted of...........
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Teenagers should be tried as adults~(Absolutely NOT)

These kids did NOT get to where they are today, ALL BY THEMSELVES. They are NOT solely to blame, it is the environment and people they are exposed to, in their "young" world. Tho NO crime is condoned, where are the "adults" in these children's lives??? There are "many" responsible, for children getting into trouble, a child is a child, to sentence "children" to adult prisons is barbaric and inhumane. If 100% guilty of a crime, indeed punishment IS warranted, BUT, as the "child" they are. So many children in this nation, NEVER had a chance at life or anything in their "young" lives. Punishment can be rendered, BUT along with it, must be efforts of rehabilitation, guidance, counseling, at least an "offer" to help children, turn their lives around, and become "productive members" of society. Most and many "children", are NEVER given even a "chance". Where are the parents/foster parents/guardians??? that ARE "legally" responsible for these children???? Just take a look around at what these children are "exposed" to, in this nation, where are any "role models"???
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act

LCCR Legislative Priorities for 111th Congress
Advocacy LetterSource: Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Recipient: Congress

Date: 01/06/09

Dear Member of Congress:
(excerpt)PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE ABOVE, covers many very important issues, to our nation's people.

Reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA):

Every year there are over two million juvenile arrests, over 100,000 youth under juvenile justice supervision, and many thousands more who are under the custody of the criminal justice system. There is no need to incarcerate a child for skipping school or other "status offenses." Juvenile justice systems must do everything possible to ensure that children and youth in the justice system are treated in an age, cultural, and linguistically appropriate manner. The juvenile justice system must provide developmentally appropriate, evidenced-based services and supports. Under JJDPA, states would be required to assess and address the disproportionate contact of youth of color at key points of contact in the juvenile justice system – from arrest to detention to confinement. Most importantly, the JJDPA will help ensure fairness by making system officials more accountable for reducing disproportionate minority contact through policies, practices, and programs within the juvenile justice system. The reauthorization of the JJDPA contains provisions that establish equity, fairness, competence, and culturally- and linguistically-appropriate programs, policies, and practices. Core requirements of JJDPA reauthorization include alternatives to incarceration, putting children in juvenile, not adult, jails, making the juvenile system accountable, and providing appropriate treatment based on culture, language, and age.

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