Tuesday, March 31, 2009



THIS corrupt judge sure has some AUDACITY!!!!!

Where is the justice for these children?????



Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella (shiv-ah-REL'-lah) says he's

entitled to judicial immunity for decisions he made from the bench, even if they were corrupt

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Krista McDaniel is one of many children

Krista McDaniel is one of many "children", serving such barbaric and inhumane sentencings!!
In 2002, just turning 16 yrs of age, Krista got caught up with full grown adults, easily influenced, vulnerable to be "accepted", was sentenced to 30 yrs with NO chance of parole, due to just being in the company of BAD adults, who robbed and murdered 2 convenient store workers, unfortunately Krista was with them, but she did NOT know they were going to do this evil deed. "Guilt by association"?? She spent two years in the S. C. jail until she turned 18, then sent to a woman's prison in S. C for 30 yrs.
With the background life of Krista, NO father in her life, a mother who struggles to make end meet, and out of Krista's life most of the time, due to NO fault of her own, Krista was left alone to do whatever she wanted. With no structure in her life, she was influenced by other "adults" and unfortunately landed her in prison, facing 30 yrs with NO chance of parole. She has been incarcerated now going on 7 years. Krista DOES DESERVE a chance, this is a grave injustice, for a 16 yr old, who was literally USED BY ADULTS, a "pawn", for their evil acts. Krista should NOT have to pay for this mistake, with her very "life", for 30 yrs, she did NOT rob or murder anyone!! 

Sentencing Youth to LIFE in prison WITHOUT PAROLE, is INHUMANE


BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine Critics Charge U.S. Practice of Sentencing Youth to Life in Prison Without Parole is Inhumane
Juvenile LAW REFORM is imperative, present day laws and society's apathy and passiveness contributes to the destruction of our nation's youth. The "offer" of a "chance" is never mentioned/offered. No adult is the same they were when they were teens, neither will these kids, who are caught up in the "system".

Friday, March 27, 2009

Juveniles/VICTIMS of corrupt judges/PA *ALERT*

PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS......Please educate yourself and your children, they have a right to an attorney, regardless of what the subject is, in the courts, please learn the "miranda rights", Children need and must know, what their legal rights are.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Preventive medicine for JUSTICE'S SAKE


(excerpt-Please read full article)

National studies have exposed the leading causes of wrongful criminal convictions, including erroneous identification by eyewitnesses, faulty forensics evidence and false confessions, especially from juvenile defendants. The growing evidence that juries and judges are routinely snookered by such errors makes a compelling case for a state innocence commission that would recommend ways to reduce miscarriages of justice.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting the Juvenile Justice System to Grow Up

Getting the Juvenile Justice System to Grow Up



When are officials gonna STOP THIS STUPIDITY??? Since when is passing "gas", a criminal act? This is a body "function" that CANNOT be controlled!!!!!...perhaps the officials need a MANDATORY class on the medical FACTS of the functioning of a human body!!!!! THIS IS "NOT" AN ACT, to suspend a student! THIS IS OBSURD!!!! Making an issue of it, getting it in all the newspapers, seems "they" have gone completely MAD!!!



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Monday, March 23, 2009

Freeman case/another reason for Michigan innocence commission

A MUST READ, get educated and involved


Oregon Bill/relating to "Involuntary drug intoxication"

Got this email recently from one in Oregon, see their letter below........YOUR support is so needed and appreciated
My husband and I are getting ready to present a bill to the Oregon State legislature to allow Involuntary Intoxication as a defense in a criminal trial. Unfortunately our son is one of the many young people whose lives were tragically altered due to SSRI’s. He is currently serving a 25 year mandatory sentence for aggravated murder that occurred while he was on a variety of SSRI’s. The bill is not drafted to necessarily change his sentence but if it could save someone else and more importantly raise awareness we would feel successful.
We have never been involved in anything like this before but we have a month or less to gather support for this very important piece of legislation. We are seeking groups and/or individuals who will stand beside us in support. If you are interested in the bill the address to read it is: leg.state.or.us look under the tab for Bills and Laws, it is House Bill 3456. We realize it is a long-shot as we are individuals but would welcome any advice or support you could give us.

Thank you for kind consideration.
Toni Nickell



75th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2009 Regular Session NOTE: Matter within { + braces and plus signs + } in anamended section is new. Matter within { - braces and minussigns - } is existing law to be omitted. New sections are within { + braces and plus signs + } . LC 2723
House Bill 3456 Sponsored by COMMITTEE ON RULES
SUMMARY The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of themeasure and is not a part of the body thereof subject toconsideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor'sbrief statement of the essential features of the measure asintroduced. Creates defense to criminal conduct if defendant wasinvoluntarily intoxicated. A BILL FOR AN ACT Relating to involuntary intoxication. Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon: SECTION 1. { + (1) Notwithstanding ORS 161.125, it is anaffirmative defense in a prosecution for a crime, that thedefendant, as the result of involuntary intoxication at the timeof engaging in criminal conduct, lacked the substantial capacityeither to appreciate the criminality of the conduct or to conformthe conduct to the requirements of law. (2) No evidence may be introduced by the defendant on the issueof involuntary intoxication unless the defendant files notice ofthe intention to do so at the time the defendant pleads notguilty, unless the court finds just cause to allow the filing ata later date. (3) As used in this section: (a) 'Activity that is incompatible with the side effects of themedication' may include, but is not limited to, driving. (b) 'Involuntary intoxication' means intoxication caused by theconsumption of a substance: (A) Through excusable ignorance; (B) As a result of the coercion, fraud, artifice or contrivanceof another person; or (C) In accordance with a valid prescription, unless the personundertakes activity that is incompatible with side effects of themedication and the person knew, or reasonably should have known,of the side effects. + }

Monday, March 16, 2009


A MUST READ.........Was sent along to me........well worth your time to read



Dear, dear, America,

When is it going to be enough? Haven't you been disrespected, marginalized, misdirected, demeaned, disregarded, ignored, insulted, bullsh**ted, deliberately misinformed, uninformed, manipulated, controlled, cheated, lied to, poisoned, killed…and generally just plane old screwed for long enough? I'm really starting to wonder about you. Why isn't all that enough for you America? Yoo Hoo! Are you in there?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When is someone an adult? Age 18? 21? 16,17? 11?

Adulthood needs to be clearly defined
When is someone an adult? At age 18? 21? 16 or 17? 11?


The age of "majority" in most states is the age of 18, even getting a tatoo, under the age of 18, a child must have parental permission, children cannot vote, buy alcohol/cigarettes/sign an legal contracts/buy a home/car/none of the amenities of those for "adults", yet the courts readily will send a "child" to "adults" court, many convicted/sentenced with "adults" sanctions!
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Friday, March 13, 2009



"YOU" can help STOP this from happening to children. EDUCATE your children, that this activity is ILLEGAL, and the fact they can and will be arrested and jailed!! ONE of many cases all across the U. S.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking OUT, but NO one looking IN

The statistics of the devastation of our nation’s youth are staggering. How did our youth become what they are today and what they are doing? Who’s responsibility is it, when “children” go astray? When a child gets into trouble, tho many adults in this child’s life, the child is the only one that ever gets punished, tho many adults are indeed as guilty. Children are a product of their surroundings, their environment, they learn what they see and hear from others. How can officials, in all honesty and justice, ONLY punish the child, when so many others are the reason, that child is now under arrest, and facing possibly long prison terms. What happen to the family units? Where is the “love and hugs”?, these children need so desperately? What happened to the teaching of manners ,etiquette and discipline of our nation’s youth? Yet, we can find churches just about on every corner in every town in America, and more are being built. The daily exposure of violence on TV, in videos, on the internet, arcade games, etc, exposes the young brain to many things to ward them off to the unreal. Children have no understanding of the “reality” of death, can’t even comprehend it. America’s society must wake up to these atrocities against our nation’s youth, become involved in juvenile issues, for the sake and safety of their own children. Children are being held at a zero tolerance level in schools and every where they go and everything they do, for the smallest infraction/mistake, they could face arrest and prison time, for mistakes made as a child. Officials are holding higher/ more strict guidelines for “children” and receive much harsher sentencing, than their adult counterparts. Many children are literally thrown away and forgotten by society and officials, many never had a chance since birth, in their very young lives. Many come from broken families, with parents who are alcoholics or drug users, many are child abusers, and many murder their own children. So many children are destined to a very dim and short future.

Prisons and juvenile detention centers are full of wayward children. How did they get there? What happened in their young lives? Many were sentenced to LIFE, and LIFE WITH “NO” CHANCE OF PAROLE, again, how many adults were in that child’s life, and how many were, indeed, responsible for that child? They are looking out now, with NO one looking in, forgotten, and destined to die in prison, for mistakes made as a “child”. Many were just around the wrong people, so vulnerable, so easily influenced, yearning to be accepted and loved by someone, anyone that would give them attention and care, they so desperately seek. Many languish in prison daily, with NO mail, NO visitors, NO canteen funds, NO nothing, many abandoned by their own families AND society AND officials. Many classified as “first time offenders”, many did not murder or rob or rape anyone, just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, many of them attempt or commit suicide behind bars, feeling so hopeless and totally abandoned. What has happened to “compassion and mercy”? Who will be our leaders of this country tomorrow, when our nation’s youth are all locked away and forgotten?? When will YOU speak out for a child?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Texas spends $99k a year to lock up each troubled youth,

Texas spends $99k a year to lock up each troubled youth,
What and how are they utilizing all that money per juvenile? Sounds like very poor management/that is a lot of money per yr per juvenile.


Children deserve a "chance" at parole/Many LIFE with NO "chance" of parole


Juvenile life without parole, youth sentencing targeted for reform in Legislature By Eartha Jane Melzer 3/4/09 10:59 AM

Children Charged With Crimes Should Not Be Treated as Adults

There must be alternative solutions in these juvenile cases, to "help", instead of "destroying" their young lives.


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