Saturday, May 23, 2009


Site Launched to Support Youth Sentencing Reform Bill

California Political Desk

May 23, 2009 SACRAMENTO –

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Supporters of SB 399, the Fair Sentences for Youth Act, have a launched a new website – – to advocate for passage of the legislation. SB 399, authored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo), would allow courts to review cases of juveniles sentenced to life without parole after 10 years, potentially allowing some individuals to receive a new sentence of 25 years to life. The new website includes extensive background information on the issue, including the stories of inmates and victims´ families, data on brain maturation, and an easy avenue for individuals to support SB 399 and lobby legislators. SB 399 is currently being considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking OUT, but NO one looking "IN"

The statistics of the devastation of our nation’s youth are staggering. How did our youth become what they are today and what they are doing? Who’s responsibility is it, when “children” go astray?
When a child gets into trouble, tho many adults in this child’s life, the child is the only one that ever gets punished, tho many adults are indeed as guilty. Children are a product of their surroundings, their environment, they learn what they see and hear from others.
How can officials, in all honesty and justice, ONLY punish the child, when so many others are the reason, that child is now under arrest, and facing possibly long prison terms, sentenced AS AN ADULT!, with "adult sanctions", yet so very young, many of them, and NOT adults, as they are not allowed the amenities warded to a full grown adult!! What happen to the family units? Where is the “love and hugs”?, these children need so desperately? What happened to the teaching of manners ,etiquette and discipline of our nation’s youth? Yet, we can find churches just about on every corner in every town in America, and more are being built.
The daily exposure of violence on TV, in videos, on the internet, arcade games, in schools w/ zero tolerance policies, bullying in epidemic statistics, etc, exposes the young brain to many things to ward them off to the unreal. Children have no understanding of the “reality” of death, can’t even comprehend it.
America’s society must wake up to these atrocities against our nation’s youth, become involved in juvenile issues, for the sake and safety of their own children. Children are being held at a zero tolerance level in schools and every where they go and everything they do, for the smallest infraction/mistake, they could face arrest and prison time, for mistakes made as a child, in many cases, charged AS AN ADULT.
"Juveniles" cases should and must remain in "juvenile" court!! If in fact found 100% guilty of a crime, the "child" should still be treated as a "child" they are,NOT to coddle them, but punishment warranted along with rehabilitative efforts to help them become productive members of society. CHILDREN "DO" DESERVE THAT "ONE" CHANCE, officials NEVER EVER OFFER.
Officials are holding higher/ more strict guidelines for “children” and receive much harsher sentencing, than their adult counterparts. Many children are literally thrown away and forgotten by society and officials, many never had a chance since birth, in their very young lives. Many come from broken families, with parents who are alcoholics or drug users, many are child abusers, and many murder their own children. So many children are destined to a very dim and short future, IF AT ALL.
Prisons and juvenile detention centers are full of wayward children. How did they get there? What happened in their young lives? Many were sentenced to LIFE, and LIFE WITH “NO” CHANCE OF PAROLE, again, how many adults were in that child’s life, and how many were, indeed, responsible for that child?
They are looking out now, with NO one looking in, forgotten, and destined to die in prison, for mistakes made as a “child”. Many were just around the wrong people, so vulnerable, so easily influenced, yearning to be accepted and loved by someone, anyone that would give them attention and care, they so desperately seek. Many languish in prison daily, with NO mail, NO visitors, NO canteen funds, NO nothing, many abandoned by their own families AND society AND officials.
Many classified as “first time offenders”, many did not murder or rob or rape anyone, just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, many of them attempt or commit suicide behind bars, feeling so hopeless and totally abandoned. What has happened to “compassion and mercy”?
Who will be our leaders of this country tomorrow, when our nation’s youth are all locked away and forgotten??
When will YOU speak out for a child?, when "they" are looking "out", and "no one" is looking "in"! JMO

Monday, May 11, 2009


Indeed, "children" ARE too young to just discard, thrown away and forgotten, active participation and involved is imperative to help save our nation's youth. The next child could be "yours"!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Associated Press WriterPosted:
05/10/2009 02:23:57 PM PDT

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State Sen. Leland Yee believes that wayward kids should have a second chance to make good—even when they commit murder or other serious crimes.
Yee, a San Francisco Democrat who has a doctorate in child psychology, has introduced legislation that would allow courts to reduce the sentences of inmates who were given terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole when they were minors.
The new sentence would make the prisoner eligible for parole after at least 25 years behind bars.

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Monday, May 4, 2009


The District attorney is asking that the 5th grader be tried as an adult for the crimes. If Brown is convicted as an adult, he'll be sentenced to life in prison.'

Victims have NOT been forgotten, but this is barbaric and inhumane to even consider trying this "child" as an adult, this would be "state sanctioned murder of this child, what happened to "compassion and mercy"??, this child need help so desperately, NOT thrown in a cage and FORGOTTEN!!!! This child is a VICTIM of a grossly broken system.


What you can do: Let your elected representative know your views on SB399. You can get their names and contact information by typing in your ZIP code at

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


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Michigan's notorious juvenile lifer law has drawn fire from human rights groups nationwide, and rightly so. The law has forced judges to give kids as young as 14 -- an age when they cannot legally drive or buy a pack of cigarettes -- the maximum adult penalty, with no chance of parole.

Friday, May 1, 2009

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CJJ Annual National Conference & 25th Anniversary Celebration:

"Unlocking the Future of Juvenile Justice"May 2-5, 2009

CJJ will host its Annual National Conference and 25th Anniversary Celebration, “Unlocking the Future of Juvenile Justice,” in Arlington, VA – just outside of Washington, DC.
This year’s conference embraces the theme of “Unlocking the Future of Juvenile Justice” and is designed to: Showcase juvenile justice and delinquency prevention reform efforts that demonstrate alternatives to formal system involvement, out of home placement, detention and incarceration for delinquent youth and youth at risk of delinquency; and Engage participants in input sessions/discussions to explore ways to infuse youth development principles and practices into juvenile justice and delinquency prevention.