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Monday, June 29, 2009

One-size-fits-all justice doesn't work for Mich.


Michigan has outlawed second chances for some juveniles, garnering international shame for imposing the maximum adult penalty — life without parole — for children as young as 14.

Using Adolescent Brain Research to Inform Policy:

IMPORTANT READ in reference to the brain development of "children" Children tried and sentenced as an ADULT, is barbaric and inhumane. Children are not, cannot act and respond, as a full grown adult!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Neb. inmate's suit over Zoloft latest in a series



OMAHA, Neb.—A lawsuit by a Nebraska inmate serving time for his girlfriend's murder, blaming a widely prescribed antidepressant for influencing his behavior, echoes similar claims in other cases.

Sentenced as minors to life/Young lives can be redeemed

Children do deserve a chance, life without NO chance of parole, to die in prison, for mistakes made as a "child", is barbaric and inhumane...IMPORTANT, please read article, subject supported by Senator Yee, Ca.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Krista~~Tribute to Change…….

She’s come a long way, since that dreadful day of being arrested, of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong, unsavory adults, who murdered two convenient store workers. At just turning 16 yrs of age, she was talked into taking a “plea” of 30 yrs prison time with NO chance of parole, scared, alone, and ineffective counsel, she now spends her days for close to 7 years in a correctional facility in S.C. Her journeys have been very tough, languishing in prison, with no focus on her future, an appeal has been filed with the SC court of appeals, awaiting a decision in her case.

Since birth,(of a 15 yr old mother) this child had been handed off to different relatives in many homes in her young life, with no structure or stability, just trying to survive in an adult world. As it is the nature of all children, she was constantly seeking love and attention from anyone who would give it, unfortunately one did show her attention, kindness, even bought her things, she soaking up this attention like a wet sponge. Born to a 15 yr old mother, inexperienced in having a baby, with no father around for support, she and mother muddled thru life, as best as she could.

She has come a long way since that dreadful day, she had a baby herself, when too, only 15 yrs of age, just like her own mother, but being incarcerated, her mother has custody of her child, who is now going on 8 yrs of age, without her own mother to be there for her and give her the love and attention, structure and stability she so needs in her young life as well.

She is close to 23 now, and has grown up in so many ways, having more respect for herself, and confidence, and most of all support from those who care what happens to her. Advocates are communicating with her, keeping the windows open to the outside world, canteen funds, books, magazines for educational resources are sent to her, and helping her get as much education as possible. She is severely malnourished, does not get the adequate balanced meals to help maintain a healthy body and mind, only weighing around 109#.

Now days her spirits seem higher than before, in knowing there are those “out there” she can trust and rely on to be her trusted friends, and continue to be in support of her. She has grown into a beautiful, confident young lady, and is absolutely NO threat to society. She did NOT murder or rob anyone, but so unfortunately, was with those bad people that did this horrific deed, she got punished right along with those, who actually did the crime, but she did NOT, she was with them, tho she did NOT know “they” were going to do such a horrible thing. She and advocates alike, still believe her punishment sentencing was severe and barbaric, for the mistakes made as a mere “child”. Perhaps had she had the stability and structure of a better “home life”, this horrible incident would have never occurred in her young life.

She is so hopeful the SC court of appeals will listen to her pleas for “justice”.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Teens sentenced to life in prison

A MUST VIEW..............Important to each and everyone in America........beware, the next child could be YOURS...........





(except)Please read FULL ARTICLE

New York - An estimated 10% of all prisoners in the U.S. have been wrongfully convicted. According to a recent report released by the Pew Center on the States, the U.S. correctional population -- those in jail, prison, on probation or on parole -- totaled 7.3 million, or 1 in every 31 adults. This means that up to 730,000 people in the correctional population may have been wrongfully convicted. In the last 3 decades 238 Americans have been exonerated with DNA evidence after spending an average of 12 years incarcerated.

Rep. Scott: Divert jail cash to build youth pipeline


"We are the only country on Earth that locks up children on life without parole for crimes committed as juveniles," he said.


NO one convicted of a gross crime, such as these corrupt judge did, deserve that pension. I truly hope this bill will be passed and signed by the govenor. To allow this pension to these criminals would be a hard slap of injustice to all of these children, that they violated the children's constitutional rights. NO PENSION FOR THESE CRIMINALS!!!!!


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The count of children serving life with NO chance of parole is close to 3,000