Saturday, April 24, 2010


So unfortunately, the negativity is a facet of this life, we have the freedom to ignore it, but it is a root of evil that seems to thrive among society’s population, “they” seems to believe everything is true, they read in the papers, which is so far from the actual truth of many subjects published. We make our own paths for our serenity and peace, those who do not agree and shout out their opinions, have that right, but to intrude into our world, with such negavitity is a total waste of time and certainly non-productive. Society has been so brain washed away from truth and justice, acting liken to that of robots, or monkey see, monkey do.

We must continue to follow our own hearts and souls, as to what is truth, what is justice, in a land so full of evil and INjustice. Paying it forward and RAOK is so simple and is always FREE. Compassion and mercy for our fellow man, seems to have been lost long time ago, evil lurks everywhere, we must guard our own paths away from such waste.

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