Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sara is now age 32.....

Yet another of many atrocities against children, please read Sara's story and the barbaric sentencing, lwop...this could have happened to any child...Many children, unfortunately are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced AS ADULTS, they CLEARLY ARE NOT.....GIVEN "NO" CHANCES, NO REHABILITATION, NO REDEMPTION, "NO NOTHING"....LEFT TO "DIE" OFF IN PRISON....."HOW CRUEL & INHUMANE"!!!!!.......juvenile law reform is imperative, to help save our nation's children. BEWARE....your child could be next.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What prisoners are …

Despised. Rejected. Feared. Abhorred. Forgotten. Hated. Ridiculed. Scorned. Humiliated. Cursed. Berated. Shamed. Divided. Crushed. Shackled. Maimed.

What prisoners have …

No sky. No grass. No trees, No travel. No children. No wife. No man’s best friend. No trust. No suffrage. No income. No autonomy. No power to do good. No scent of a woman. No gurgling infant. No freedom of speech. No freedom of press. No freedom of self-expression. No dignity. No self- respect. No right to self-defense. No sympathy. No credibility. No honor. No acknowledgement of goodness. No acknowledgement of progress. No acknowledgement of remorse. No acknowledgement of existence. No image of God.

What prisoners endure …

Malnourishment. Beatings. Murder. Medical neglect. Torture. Humiliation. Forced labor. Sexual abuse. Broken families. Parentless children. Cursing. Threats. Social stigmas. Extortion. Self-hatred. Collaboration. Violence. Betrayal. Insanity. Suicide.

What I’ve achieved …

Wisdom. Sobriety. A profound respect for moral law. A deep religious faith. Self-respect. Physical discipline. Mental discipline. Intense scholarship. The writing of poetry, novels, and essays. Honesty. Empathy. Self-sacrificing love. Self-control. The ability to endure hatred without hating back. Reconciliation with family. Reconciliation with friends. An inclination toward charity. Fortitude. Joy amid despair. Peace amid violence. Stability amid madness. Hope for a future that’s fifty years away. Illumination.

What I am …

Despised. Rejected. Feared. Abhorred. Forgotten. Hated. Ridiculed. Scorned. Humiliated. Cursed. Berated. Shamed. Divided. Crushed. Shackled. Maimed.

Source: Solitary Watch & PEN Prison Writing Project

(Reposted by permission Prison Reform Movement)!/pages/PrisonReformMovement/226405247682


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In the 1990’s most states passed laws that made it easier to try, sentence, and incarcerate youth in the adult criminal system. Today an estimated 200,000 youth are prosecuted into the adult criminal justice system each year.

Research shows that youth incarcerated in adult jails and prisons face an increased risk of being physically, mentally, and sexually assaulted or abused. Prosecuting kids as adults also increases the likelihood that they will reoffend. We now have a unique window of opportunity to impact state and federal policies– but that window is closing so we must act quickly.

Contact us a find out the things you can do to help be a voice for youth in your state.

(Posted by permission of the Campaign for Youth Justice organization)