Saturday, August 21, 2010


In reference to legal rights of inmates, the general public is not aware, and really does not care, the blind mindset is, for crime, one must do time, the article below consists of the legalities of the incarcerated.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Dear Friends, Family, COPES supporters, Real Estate Associates and Clients, Suicide Survivors, Grieving Parents and Families, Anti SSRI and SNRI Advocates, Antidepressant Survivors and Concerned Citizens;
I am Camille Milke, Founder of COPES Foundation (Coalition of Parents Enduring Suicide) and Eternal Mommy of Sarina Angel; 1/26/86 - 10/28/07.
I formed Copes Foundation just mere days after Sarina left me, it was the only thing I could do to honor her, let her know I understood why she left me, what was done to her with these killer drugs and promise her that it would be my life's work to get her Voice Heard.
I worked on this day and night, went to Capital Hill in Washington DC to speak to all of the State Senators about my Crusade to Abolish Suicide Causing Antidepressants, contacted every member of the New Mexico State Senate to work towards "Sarina's Law" and started the uphill battle of challenging and going face-to-face the FDA.
BUT.... I was still trying to Cope with the brutal loss of my daughter, the horrible new life I was forced to lead and the reluctant journey I was now to travel....and I had to heal.
I had put my work towards my Crusade on hold until I was strong enough to continue.
Today is 2 years, 19 months and 16 days since Sarina left me....................
and I am back with a Vengeance.

COPES Foundation is still up and running, always has been, but I will be changing some key elements and those of you who sign up to "Join My Crusade" will get continual updates of all that I am now doing.
I am looking for supporters, I am looking for backup, I am looking for an army to help me acquire my main goals and objectives and if this email reaches enough people, I may be able to make that happen, so please forward it.
First step - If you are familiar with my Petition, I need many, many more signatures.
please help me re-circulate it and get it in front of as many people as you possibly can. Send it to everyone in your address book, ask them to sign and send it to everyone in their address book and so on.
I will be going to the New Mexico State Capitol and would like to bring the Petition with me; as well as all of my supporters. I would like to go towards the end of October to commemorate Sarina's 3-year Memorial Day. I need the Senate and Congress to hear the horror stories of these killer drugs first hand from Suicide Survivors.
I am also organizing the first annual "Walk to Abolish Suicide Causing Antidepressants". First and Foremost; this will be to honor our loved ones that we have lost to these killer drugs. We will also raise awareness of the serious, dangerous and lethal risks and side effects of Antidepressants.
After we walk, we will have a Remembrance Ceremony to honor our lost loved ones.
If you are planning on coming to this great event, you may also choose to participate in this Tribute. You may take the stage with a picture to speak of who you are remembering and tell us a favorite memory of them and/or how you lost them. If you choose not to speak, you can be included in a list of names as a Suicide Survivor and your name will be read out loud along with your lost loved one that we are remembering.
There will also be a Memorial Wall for all to post the pictures of who we are remembering with their names and infomation.
The Ceremony will be followed with a Candlelight Vigil and a Dove Release.

Second Step - I need as much media attention as possible for my Crusade and to actually get the FDA to listen, to make Sarina's Law happen, to Abolish Suicide Causing Antidepressants and to save lives.
If any of my supporters have any connections to or know someone who has connections to any TV, Radio or Newspaper outlets; please let me know.

Please email me back and let me know:

If you'd like to Join My Crusade
If you'd like to Join me at the NM State Capitol
If you'd like to Participate in the "Walk to Abolish Suicide Causing Antidepressants"
If you'd like to be a part of the Remembrance Ceremony
If you have any Media Connections

Thank you,
Camille Milke
Everything I Do, Every Breath I Take and Every Beat of My Heart
Is Dedicated To and In Loving Memory Of
Sarina Angel, My Beautiful Baby Girl

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever........
1/26/86 - 10/28/07, 21 years 9 months 3 days
N35° 05' 15.81" W106° 37' 02.71" (coordinates where she took her first breath)
N35° 12' 44.77" W106° 42' 29.32" (coordinates where she took her last breath)
COPES Foundation (Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide)
Camille Milke, Founder
Eternal "Mommy" of Sarina Angel
Please sign my Petition to "Abolish Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants"

My Mission is for the World to hear Sarina's Voice;
for she is no longer with me to speak.
But she will be heard, through me, her Mother.
For I live with her inside me and I will live out loud, her voice will be heard.
My Crusade is to Abolish Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants.
There is strength in numbers,
I need the support of those who hold this issue close to their hearts;
to assure that other parents and their children live a happy life
without pain and without suicide.
My Campaign is to pass a Bill which will ultimately become
"Sarina's Law".



Urge advocates to read above articles and respondm in support of this "child".
Addresses are included in first article at bottom of page. A plea for "justice" for this child. There must be "change" in juvenile law.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This case is one of thousands, all across America....The complaints in this article are exactly what I have been screaming/campaigning about for years, I have posted so many times, there are and can be alternative solutions, but officials are not listening., prosecutors only have tunnel vision, to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public, making them think, they are protecting the public and keeping them safe. There is not a child born, that won't experience some type of run in, with the law. Children and parents must be educated and get involved with their legal rights. Children are not born to be bad or get into some kind of trouble, they need guidance, as they develop and grow . What is so wrong with this picture? when a 5 or 7 yr old is handcuffed and hauled away to a squad car, for misbehavior at school?? Children will do what they have learned, from their enviornment and surrounding, if they do not have discipline and a structured enviornment, they will or be lead astray to do things, they should not do, they are so easily influenced by others. It is far and long overdue for American society to take their kids back!!!
Many children were put in prisons to serve long, barbaric sentences, for "mistakes" made as a child.......JUVENILE LAW REFORM is imperative, to help save our nation's youth....I hope more people will wake up to these atrocities against children........Please come activly join me in speaking out, writing the officials, getting actively involved, being a voice for those who can't!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Christopher Pittman was ONLY 12 yrs of age, forced to take anti depressants HE, as many other "child prisoners" DESERVE A "CHANCE" Each case IS different AND CERTAINLY WARRANTS a thorough investigation, for :truth and justice.


ALL "children" deserve a "chance", life in prison with NO chances of parole is barbaric and inhumane. None of us are the same as we were as teens, alternative solutions can be done, in assisting "children" to become responsible, productive members of society, IF ONLY "OFFERED" A "CHANCE" Juvenile law reform is imperative, to help save our nation's children, from doom and death in prison.

Monday, August 2, 2010

High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit

High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit