Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Children are clearly NOT adults/STOP THIS MADNESS/TRIED AS "ADULTS"


IF 100% guilty of this crime, punishment is warranted, BUT as the child they are, along with detention, should be discipline, guidance, education, and rehabilitative efforts, so in time, he can become a "productive member of society". IF those items are NOT in place for children, and if they are lucky to be released in time, what kind of man will they be? Without the above items mentioned, upon release, they will be just as dependent then, as they were as "children." Alternative solutions can be met, "offering them a chance" to turn their lives around", but the "chance" is never "offered" by officials. Certainly the victims are NOT forgotten, but the children are also "victims" of a sorely needed law reform for juveniles and NOT throw their young lives away, for mistakes made as a "child." Please get educated, and involved in these issues, to help save our nation's children from doom and deaths!

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