Thursday, December 29, 2011

Charles Stecker/a servant of Truth!/Servant.of.Truth

A crusader for truth and justice for his murdered brother, and justice for all children. Please get educated and involved, for the protection of "children"

A voice for the "voiceless"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We must do better for our young people
(Excerpt-Please read full article)

The commission says youth offenders in Illinois are treated like adults, but they shouldn’t be.

ALL states should NOT treat "children" as ADULTS, they clearly are NOT. Advocates have been and are campaigning for Law Reform, for years. NO crime is condoned, and the youth must be shown the "error" of his/her ways, with discipline, counseling and rehabilitative efforts to help them become "productive members of society". They DO need HELP! Get parents involved as well, they ARE responsible for their "children", NOT just the state!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Juvenile INjustices

(Excerpt-please read full article)
It chides the state, for example, for allowing young offenders to appear in court without legal representation and for not keeping track of the number or the outcomes of juveniles who waive the right to counsel

There are many injustices in ALL states, "juveniles" should be dealt with in "juvenile court", is that not what it is for? A child IS a child, brain development is not complete until they are in their 20's. Amenities are NOT the same for a child, as it is an ADULT. LAW REFORM for juveniles is imperative, to help SAVE our nation's children, IMO

Monday, December 19, 2011

Innocents behind bars not uncommon with false confessions
(Excerpt-Please read full article)

Beach, 49, had served 28 years of a 100-year prison sentence for the 1979 murder of high school classmate Kim Nees, a crime he confessed to but has since maintained he did not commit.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


"Imagine serving decades in prison for a crime your sibling framed you for. Now imagine doing it while profoundly deaf."

This story should be a constant reminder to us all, to "count" our daily blessings!!Law REFORM is so imperative, compassion and mercy to do what is JUSTICE.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keeping kids out of jail~~Good Article

I hope you will read this full article, good information, good program they have set up to help troubled kids, an alternative to jail/prison.

State Commission slams juvenile justice system


Kids sent to prison don't go for a set amount of time because the idea is that they'll be released once they're rehabilitated. One of the only ways they can get out is by winning parole. But those hearings are riddled with problems, according to the commission.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kentucky among nation's leaders in jailing children


There has to be a better alternative than locking a child behind a door to get their attention,” said Hasan Davis, Kentucky’s deputy director of juvenile justice, who believes that runaways and truants have no business being housed alongside youths charged with more serious offenses, such as drug crimes, murder or rape........

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A fresh start for juvenile justice

The 82nd Texas Legislature passed a bill that abolished the Texas Youth Commission (TYC), the agency responsible for juvenile incarceration, and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, responsible for county-level probation departments

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Models for "change"/juvenile justice

A must read and share, get educated and involved in juvenile issues, so imperative for our nation's children.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's going on??? BULLYING is an epidemic!!!

Please view and share this video, one of many children, in CRISIS, help stop the madness of BULLYING, far too many children are DYING!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This is where I will die/CHILDREN sentenced to LIFE W/ NO CHANCE OF PAROLE

Destruction instead of HELP and OFFERS FOR REHABILIATION IS ABOUT NON EXISTENT for our nation's children. Juvenile justice LAW REFORM is imperative. CHANGE MUST COME for our nation's YOUTH. Just how many more children will DIE? How many more petitions need to be sent forward? How many more letters, fliers etc must come before officials before CHANGES COME for the "children?"

Feds condemn conditions at Fl. youth prisons


Florida’s youth-corrections system is so poorly administered that children are assaulted by officers, denied necessary medical care and punished harshly for minor infractions, a federal report released Friday concludes. Conditions are so severe, the U.S. Department of Justice said, that they violate the Constitution.

So unfortunately we learn these actions are prevalent all across this nation. Please get educated and involved in juvenile justice law "reform", for the sake and lives of our nation's children.

Friday, December 2, 2011

US sentence minors to life in prison without parole


Children in the US as young as eleven years old have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of ever being paroled.

~~~~ Children deserve a "chance", get educated, involved in "juvenile law reform"

Health care in the juvenile justice system

Youth in the juvenile justice system are at high-risk for physical, mental and developmental health issues according to a new policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Adolescence. Despite this, many youths don’t receive the level of health care they need, either in the system or when they get out. The report represents the first update in 10 years to the Health Care for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System.......

Personal journeys/Kids caught up in the "system"

Informational, educational accounts of kids caught up in the "system", a real eye opener for us all.....please read and share, even with your kids, they need to know.

Please get educated and involved in "juvenile law reform", for the sake and safety of your own child/ren.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two children left behind~~~~and lost


As our once-innocent adolescents turn into teenagers with raging hormones, don’t turn on the “ignore” switch when they start acting out. Parents, teachers, adults in general: Talk to them, try to understand them. We must set aside our own egos to get into the world of a teenager. Raising the next generation isn’t just about good grades and extracurricular activities. It’s about molding personalities and developing character that melds us to one another. As the old adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

These two children did NOT get to where they are today, ALL BY THEMSELVES, unfortunately, they both were failed in many ways, in their young lives. Many underlying, background contributing factors lead to this fateful tragedy. Indeed, it could have been prevented/avoided with the help of many. Far too many young lives are being destroyed, due to the world enviornment they are forced to endure/suffer. IMO

SEXTING can cost you your FREEDOM/ BEWARE

Please educate your children of the dangers of sexting, they could face charges that will land them in jail and/or have to register as a sex offender. Children MUST learn the dangers "out there"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Suicidal behavior may begin before high school

(Excerpt-PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, SO important to us ALL)

Experts say that about one in nine youths attempt suicide by the time they graduate from high school. A new study finds that nearly 40 percent of young adults who said they had tried suicide said that they made their first attempt before entering high school.

Savoie Returns To Grant County Court For Retrial

Evan and his playmate friend were only 12, all children "deserve" a "chance". Victims are not forgotten, but these children are also victims of a "broken" system!
In the one-pager letter, Eakin stated "the system" twisted his mind and forced him to testify against Savoie. He said it seemed "like if I didn't (testify) I would get more time.

So where is the "true, equal justice??"

End "life without parole" for "juveniles"/WHY NOT THE CHILDREN??

The destruction of "children" is epidemic, CHARLES MANSON, who commited horrible crimes, yrs ago, is granted "parole hearings", WHY "NOT" THE "CHILDREN"????

Monday, November 28, 2011

Knitting helps incarcerated boys give to others

(Excerpt-Please read and share full article, excellent info,a therapy for the "young")

Please get educated/informed about juvenile issues, it is so important for all of our nation's children.

Benda doesn’t diminish why the teens are housed at the hall. She can rattle off their convictions or alleged crimes as easily as she does anecdotes about one boy’s beautiful portraits of her dog or how another created for Brasil a photo book. Maybe these kids just had a bad start in life. Maybe they would have ended up here regardless. Either way, they are still kids and can’t just be forgotten, she said.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Judge: Court saves kids

An excellent article on juvenile issues/detention. Please get educated and involved in juvenile justice reform, for all of our nation's children.

“Life” has a Different Meaning for Juveniles tried as Adults


Charging juveniles as adults and putting many of them away in state prisons for the rest of their lives is not without controversy even within Pennsylvania which leads the universe with this dubious distinction. Should these youths, some as young as 11, be given a second chance or will they forever be a threat to society?

Should society attempt a risky rehabilitation or lock them up and throw away the key?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colorado Voices: Second chance for teen killers?

A 25-year statistical survey commissioned by the Pendulum Foundation (created by Erik's parents) comparing juvenile and adult sentences is haunting. Teens receive much harsher punishment than adults convicted of similar acts. Every year in Colorado, 30 parents are convicted of killing their own children. Their average sentence is 26 years. Contrast this with kids who kill their parents. Prior to reforms implemented after Erik was sentenced in 1999, the average teen landed 50 years.

"Children" do deserve a "chance" of "redemption", far too many never had a "chance" since birth. Victims are NEVER forgotten, but these children were "victims" as well.
They did NOT get to where they are today, ALL BY THEMSELVES. A lot of background factors, in their lives from birth on, contributed to their outcome status. Juvenile LAW "REFORM" is imperative to help save our nation's "children" from DOOM & DEATHS.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Child Abuse/who's protecting the children??,0,431193.story

(EXCERPT-Please READ full article)
Sexual predators will always plague us, out there scanning for prey. The tragedy is that many were victimized as children. They were not protected, no one recognized the traumatic aftereffects, and they had no treatment. Even more malignant are bystanders who averted their gaze. They keep the abuse cycle grinding the next generation. Shame on all of us.

PLEASE, get educated and involved in these issues, TALK to your children, being alert and aware, what a shame we, as parents have to do this, but we must do what we can to help protect the children. Children tend to "trust" and are very vulnerable.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Exonerated, freed and facing a new life/He was ONLY 15,0,1554445.story

Although he hides his emotions behind an expressionless but handsome face, he seethes: over his arrest shortly after turning 15 and the treatment he received from police; over his conviction and long prison sentence; over the years he spent behind bars essentially doing nothing. He wishes the police and prosecutors who handled his case, and who he believes knew he was innocent, could experience even a fraction of what he went through in prison.

"I'd like to see how they handle it," he said. "I can't believe people do what they did to me."

"Children" all across America are tried as ADULTS, with ADULT sentencing sanctions, please get educated and involved in juvenile law reform. SO imperative to help our nation's children from DOOM & DEATHS.

At 11, she became city's youngest 'adult'

(Posted in the interest of public awareness and justice for children,copyrights/authors/s acknowledged,

NO infringement intended)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Texas Judge William Adams suspended over beating video

There should never be any "law of limitations" in any abuse cases, it is clear in the video, what happened to this child. But will "true justice" be served? Will this judge be "punished"??
The right and just move would be "disbarred!"

Monday, November 21, 2011


Excellent information for juvenile justice issues, please read and share

Saturday, November 19, 2011

EXONERATED after 17 yrs prison


"I'm very, very angry. It's a lot of resentment. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't angry that I spent 17 years incarcerated for a crime I didn't commit," said Saunders.

12 yr old pleads guilty..........


The boy faces a sentence ranging from probation to up to 18 months in a state juvenile jail. His next court appearance was scheduled for Dec. 6.

"I may well return him to the community on the next court date," the judge said. She denied a request by the boy's family to free him immediately, pending his sentence. The boy turns 13 on Saturday..........

A chance for REDEMPTION

There is not an adult who can claim they have the same long-term decision making power that they did when they were 15 years old. So how can we hold these children accountable for actions they may not realize the consequences of? ..........

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Faces for Sara Kruzan

A support project for Sara, to bring public awareness about her case, and child trafficking, an epidemic against "children"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Curfews and Incarceration

(Excerpt-PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE) Excellent information

Children are the future of any society. They are the product of human connection and are a true reflection of society’s investment in itself. Why, then, are some states in America embracing juvenile incarceration and curfews over humane and effective alternatives? Is America afraid of its youth population?......

Please get involved, educated about these juvenile issues, the life you can help save, could be your own child/ren.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Northwest Mentally Ill Juveniles Cycle In And Out Of Detention

This article reflects problems arising with youth in that state, but all states face similiar problems, prevention, assistance early on, can do wonders for our nation's children. Parents/guardians must be involved as well, in the overall care of the child. Funding is always the huge issue, in persuing adequate help for these "kids"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moral decline in attitudes toward our children/by Dr.Robert E. Ryan

A must read, Dr. Ryan certainly brings out info, we advocates have been saying and campaigning for years. Please share, get educated and involved in these juvenile issues, for the sake of your own child/ren as well as all of our nation's YOUTH.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Psychotropic medication causes psychosis, illness, and death

A must read, important info for us all, people must get educated/informed not only for themselves and their health, but for the sake of "children", who is America's future.

Astounding statistics of the mass incarcerations in the US/world

A MUST READ/view the graphics, statistics are an outrage.

Youth beaten to death in detention/"gates of hell"

One of many youth who have died behind those detention walls, WHO will be held accountable and punished for his death?? It is the staff's responsibility to "guard" them ONLY!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prisons for profit......Dancing to the Jailhouse Rock

A must read......prisons for profit!!!!

"Any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them," the company's annual report said.

Boca Raton, Fla.-based GEO Group Inc. (GEO), in the industry's No. 2 spot with nearly $1.3 billion in 2010 annual revenues and capacity for 81,000 prisoners, offers similar language in its 2010 annual report: "A decrease in our occupancy rates could cause a decrease in revenues and profitability."

Youth in Both Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems


Protecting/helping our children is America's future.

Cristian Fernandez: Jacksonville Debates 12 Year-Old Charged with Murder

A 12 yr old cannot possibly "raise" a child, a child of a child..........prosecutor said "nothing" about the welfare of this child or the very young mother....just the victim, a very sad case here

This 12 yr old child DID NOT get to where he is "today" "ALL BY "HIMSELF"

Where is the "real truth" behind this case??

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Special Announcement: State Rep. Lewis Keys in on Juvenile Justice

(Excerpt-Please read full article......A MUST READ, so important to us ALL.)

As adults, we take it for granted that children should not be allowed to drive a car, purchase firearms, consume alcohol or engage in numerous other activities that are not considered appropriate for them.

(Please note..pic is not of the article)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Juvenile IN Justice

Pictures/images of inside of detention centers, cost involved etc, a must view and share please.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Youth crime authorities can learn from abroad

An informative article, for those interested in juvenile issues, in helping our nation's children, become "productive members" of society.


PLEASE view and share, powerful, resourceful information on juvenile "injustices" Please get educated and involved in these issues, the life YOU save, could be your own child/ren.

Correction Officers Plead Guilty in Assault Case/Riker's Island

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article)

“The behavior of the correction officers was worse than that of some of the young detainees under their supervision,” Robert T. Johnson, the Bronx district attorney, said in a statement. Their actions, he continued, “turned a detention facility for adolescents into an incubator for violent criminal activity sanctioned by adults in positions of authority.” Robert N. Davoren Center at Rikers Island, for males ages 16 to 19.
"The scheme was uncovered after an 18-year-old inmate, Christopher Robinson, was found dead in his cell, beaten to death by other prisoners, on Oct. 18, 2008."

Lawsuits Suggest Pattern of Rikers Guards Looking Other Way

Who will remember this child, Christopher Robinson, the heartaches and shattered lives of his family? What ever his crime WAS, he ultimately paid with his life, this tragedy SHOULD NOT have ever happened!! This child is one of many who have died behind prison walls. These "young" inmates continue to live in danger, from the very ones, that are "suppose" to protect them.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Editor's Note: Our "Bills on the Bubble" series looks at significant pieces of legislation that didn't make it through the California legislature this year -but could have a shot when lawmakers return in January.

Second Chance for Juvenile Lifers?

Editor's Note: Our "Bills on the Bubble" series looks at significant pieces of legislation that didn't make it through the California legislature this year - but could have a shot when lawmakers return in January.


LWOP leave NO hope, an amendment here, will at the very least, give these "children" a "chance", to prove they CAN become "productive" members of society.....LWOP gives them nothing but DEATH in prison!!! IMO

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sentencing Juveniles AS ADULTS/VIDEO

A must view, get educated and involved in these issues, for the sake and welfare of your own children. Public awareness is imperative to help save our nation's children from "doom and deaths."

My personal thanks to the author of this video, in caring enough to assist in our campaigning for "justice for children."


It is such a pathetic SHAME, to have to fight for justice, that is the right of every American....things have not changed much since the writing of this book......just to share a phenomenal book by Kenneth Wooden..........

Weeping in the Playtime of Others
America’s Incarcerated Children
Second Edition
Kenneth Wooden
Foreword by Kathleen M. Heide

“If this book disgusts and angers enough to inspire reform, [Kenneth Wooden] will have performed a valuable public service.” —New York Times Book Review

“A shocking investigation into the conditions at detention centers, reform schools—the homes of America’s incarcerated children. A Southern school uses bullwhips and leg irons to keep order, a Florida institution tries for the same thing with the use of mock burials . . . the list is frighteningly endless.” —Chicago Sun-Times

“There have been other accounts of the wretched treatment inflicted on children by the various courts and institutions created to help them, but never one which covered so much geography or revealed so clearly the economic reasons for the failure of attempts to improve the system.” —The Atlantic Monthly

From the summer of 1972 through 1975, Kenneth Wooden visited correctional facilities in thirty states where juveniles between the ages of five and sixteen were being held. During his research he uncovered an astoundingly high incidence of emotional and physical abuse, torture, and commercial exploitation of the children by their keepers, individuals who received public funds to care for them. After observing the brutal treatment of these youths, a significant number of whom were not criminals but runaways or mentally disabled, Wooden described the conditions in which these children lived in Weeping in the Playtime of Others.

Kenneth Wooden’s investigative reports have appeared on abc News 20/20, cbs 60 Minutes, and nbc News. An active advocate for children, he is founder of Child Lures Prevention, a fifteen-year-old firm dedicated to developing strategies for protecting children from sexual exploitation and abduction. Kathleen M. Heide is a professor of criminology at the University of South Florida.

Mr. Wooden's testimony to congress

PA-Senate approves juvenile bill

(Excerpt-Please read full article)

The measure by Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Willow Grove, is a response to a federal probe into abuses with the sentencing of juvenile offenders in Luzerne County that led to lengthy prison terms for former Judges Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Solitary confinement should be banned in most cases, UN expert says

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article....)

“Solitary confinement is a harsh measure which is contrary to rehabilitation, the aim of the penitentiary system,” he stressed in presenting his first interim report on the practice, calling it global in nature and subject to widespread abuse.

Judge Teske Gives Voice to Juvenile Justice Reforms

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article, please get educated and involved in these juvenile issues, for the sake and welfare of your OWN children.)

Teske says zero tolerance policies have resulted in too many kids entering the juvenile justice system.......

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lack of Love Alters Brain Development

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article, get educated and involved in these issues, the anatomy & physiology of the human brain is so important to be "in the know")

Can the lack of love and touch alter the development of the brain?
Child psychologist and author Dr. Bruce Perry says, "Absolutely. It sounds very odd, but, in fact, when you are an infant and your brain is developing, the love that the people around you give, the touch, the eye contact, the tone of voice, the things, the physical manifestations of lour love literally provide stimulation to the developing brain, and the neurons in the brain have more sprouts."

DNA reversals fuel efforts to improve eyewitness ID's

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article, so very important to us ALL)

Resistance to change Experts on wrongful convictions say they've encountered some resistance from police departments when new lineup procedures are suggested. Departments don't like to hear that they're not already using best practices, said Jon Gould, a justice, law and society professor at American University. And bureaucratic agencies are often reluctant to embrace any sort of change, said Karen Newirth, the Innocence Project's eyewitness identification litigation fellow. Experts say convincing police that different procedures make their cases and identifications more solid is key in getting agencies to make changes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Results instead of revenge: A new plan for juvenile justice

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article)

The book, published by Oxford University Press, proposes some radical-sounding ideas, among them that juvenile offenders should never be tried as adults and never transferred to adult prisons. Incarceration in general should only be a last-resort measure for juveniles, Slobogin argues.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mentoring/Forging a Life-Changing Bond

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article, excellent information, please share......)

Bringing a caring and resourceful adult into a family in crisis can offer new ideas and perspectives, and challenge people to solve their own problems.

Don't talk to police.....A MUST VIEW/SHARE

A law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

Get "educated" and "know" your "miranda rights."


(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article......A MUST READ and share please)

As a society, we need to reevaluate our beliefs and our justice system. I don't know what's the appropriate punishment, but life without parole for Cristian isn't justice. It's ignorance.

There must be alternative solutions in this case, INSTEAD of "throwing this child away" who obviously never had a "chance" since birth!!

School yard BULLIES

Tune in to "Anderson Cooper 360°" all week for the surprising results of a new study on bullying at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.

(Excerpt-please read full article, so important to us all, for our nation's children.)

A new study commissioned by CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°" found that the stereotype of the schoolyard bully preying on the weak doesn't reflect reality in schools.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Does Locking Young Offenders Up Longer, Make Us Safer?

Don't miss this most informative video, please share...

In Baltimore and across the country more young people are being charged as adults and going to prison with longer sentences

Sunday, October 9, 2011

False Confessions.....

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article, these issues affect us all)

Research has found that in the United States voluntary false confessions are much higher than previously thought. These confessions are being proven incorrect through DNA evidence......

Convictions Overturned By DNA Evidence Continues To Grow

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article, so important to us all)

It wasn’t that long ago when it was shocking to hearing that someone convicted of a serious crime was exonerated because of new DNA evidence; that people could be forced to sacrifice years of their lives – or even be killed – because of an error in the justice system was unthinkable.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Many Doctors Unaware of the Choking Game

Tho this article was published last year, it is still so very important for us ALL, to be aware of symptoms, and observing childen closely, you could save a life. Please read full article and share with others.

IT'S THE LAW: Children who commit crimes not always treated as juveniles

This is so true in all states, alternative solutions can be made, to help children, guide them to become "productive" members of society. NOT just throw away and forgotten.


Eric Hainstock was only 15, when this tragedy occurred......

National Youth Justice Awareness Month Aims to Raise Issue of Juvenile Incarceration

Society must wake up to these juvenile issues, they affect us all. Children are simply NOT adults, nor have the right to the amenities, that of an adult. Alternative solutions can be made to save our nation's children from doom and deaths behind prisons walls.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teenage Brains........a good/must read

Anyone interested in juvenile issues must read this article, please share.

Thanks to Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth for bringing this important article to our attention.

Stephen Wise Renews Push for Juvenile Justice Reform

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article)

Two years after the Legislature softened Florida's zero-tolerance law in schools to prevent students from being sent to juvenile justice facilities for minor offenses, lawmakers are eager to take a second crack at juvenile justice reforms............

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NY's ‘Lock ‘em Up’ Approach to Juvenile Justice Not Working


Putting kids behind bars doesn't keep them from committing crimes later, according to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. It shows the practice doesn't provide public safety benefits, wastes taxpayer money, and exposes young people to violence and abuse.

Flawed objections to juvenile law reform

An excellent, very informative article, A MUST READ. Juvenile laws do and will affect all of our nation's children.

Report calls for sharply reducing juvenile incarceration

The report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation examined data from the past four decades and found that removing juveniles from detention facilities in cash-strapped states has not caused crime rates to jump...........

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration

A most informative article, a MUST READ

Adolescents, Maturity, And The Law

This article was written several years ago, tho NOT less important today, PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, it IS so important to us ALL, in helping to "change" laws that govern "juvenile justice"


This push to treat more kids as adults, however, is contradicted by new behavioral and biological research about maturity and criminal culpability, as well as evidence from the criminal-justice system about how adult court affects children. Brain development and the social psychological skills that it controls suggest that kids are actually immature far longer than we previously thought. My own research, and that of others, suggests that kids put into the adult system are likely to have worse outcomes.

REFERENCE...Ones of many websites discussing the brain development/maturity

When a Guilty Plea Isn’t an Admission of Guilt

PLEASE read full article...

When a defendant pleads guilty, he admits that he committed a crime, right? Not always.......

Report Confirms Need for NV Juvenile Justice Reform

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation provides evidence that youth correctional facilities do not keep kids from committing crimes later or benefit public safety, while wasting taxpayer dollars and exposing young people to violence and abuse.

Changes in "juvenile law reform" is imperative in ALL states, children are simply NOT adults, and are NOT allow the "amenities", that of an adult. Brain maturity/development does NOT reach it's full development until around the age of 25.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Freedom March for Awareness for Wrongful Convictions

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, to include posted video available.

Shall we continue to lock away people who could possibly be innocent? Clearly, many of those who are in prison are mothers. How many children are being raised without a parent due to wrongful convictions? Shall we continue to put to death those who may have been wrongfully convicted? Nationwide coverage is needed to bring attention to this injustice. Ask yourself, as a society, are we to stand by, quietly thinking "someone else" will bring awareness to wrongful convictions?

NOTE...Jeffrey Deskovic, an exoneree of 2006, will be a key note speaker.

Bullying and Cyber-Bullying – Primers For Indiana Social Workers

(Excerpt-PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE...So important to us ALL.)

"Number one is communication. It's sitting down at dinner, sitting down at breakfast, taking one of those meals a day to mandate that the family gets together. You leave technology like cell phones on the counter and you talk about your day."

Importance of Judicial Leadership in Juvenile Justice

Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the child brain development is critical/imperative. Underlying/enviornmental life circumstances are contributing factors in many juvenile cases, that lead child into a criminal arena. Children are vulnerable, easily "influenced" by "others", leading them astray toward a destructive path. Children, who have done crimes, must be shown the "error" of their ways,(incarcerated), but with discipline, counseling, compassion, "rehabilitive efforts" in helping children to become "productive" members of society. Far too many never had a "chance" since birth. IMO

Teen brain development.......A MUST READ

(Pic added separately, was not in posted article)

(Pic posted in the interest of justice and public awareness, copyrights/authors acknowledged, NO infringement intended)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The UNprison Project


We all deserve a chance for personal transformation and freedom in our spirit. I dedicate my life to this belief and vision by touring prisons across the country to speak with incarcerated women, and sometimes men and at-risk youth.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


The changes would save the justice system $21.7 million annually, save victims $3.6 million annually and save youth $97.9 million over 35 years.

Seems it is always talk about money, NOT what is in the "best interest" of the "child" IMO

Kicked out as a kid, he leads the way as an adult

(Excerpt-PLEASE read FULL article)

"I try to give them hope that you can turn around and people can look up to you in the future," said Gayle.

As a youth, Gayle's family dealt with drug issues, jail time, and homelessness. He said it wasn't unusual for his family to get food from McDonald's restaurant dumpsters."

Changing the focus of juvenile justice

Children deserve a chance, guidance, discipline, help to become "productive" members of society. They can so easily be influenced to take the wrong path in life. They need to know someone does "care" about them. Far too many "children" are incarcerated, for "mistakes" made as a "child."

BULLYING CAMPAIGN/Students pledge against bullying,0,7863325.story?hpt=us_bn7

"According national statistics, more than 13 million students have experienced some form of bullying."

This isssue certainly warrants campaigning in every walk of life, many "children" are dying due to this silent killer. Talk/educate your children, it CAN save a life.

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Hampshire Woman Wants To Help 12-Year-Old Fernandez

One of many advocates all across this nation speaking out about a 12 yr old child. He did NOT get to where he is today, ALL BY HIMSELF. Underlying contributing factors certainly contributed in his young life. Assumptions, speculations, blame are NOT facts in evidence. He needs/must get help, rehabiliative efforts, discipline and guidance as the child he IS, NOT judged AS AN ADULT. The alledged crime is certainly NOT condoned, but his case belongs in "juvenile court" HE IS A JUVENILE, "NOT" AN ADULT.

Support petition....

Monday, September 19, 2011

UNWANTED by Dr. Dan Edmunds

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is noted existential psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, and Professor of Existential Psychology. He is the founder of the International Center for Humane Psychiatry, an emancipatory movement for human rights in the mental health system.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Asperger's leaves kids vulnerable to bullying

Please read and share, an important article of what "children" suffer, in their young lives........BULLYING

Public awareness and involvement is so imperative to children, we must help, understand, compassion in these issues, children are still growing, developing into adults.

Walk a mile in "their shoes", before opening a mouth with negative, hurtful, harmful words/actions!!!! LEARN/EDUCATE about these issues.

Many children in the past, have already committed suicide at very young ages, it is such a critical issue that even the childen, must/need to be educated about BULLYING.
BULLYING is a "silent killer"!!! As we all know, adults are bullies TOO!!!!

Former judge/key player in kids for cash/to be sentenced

All the good things he did for people in the past, IT DOES NOT MATTER, there are many people "out there" that help others, IT DOES NOT COUNT, in the deliberate, corrupt actions he participated in, he KNEW what he was doing was WRONG, what he did in his past career has NOTHING to do with the illegal actions he did in this case. Greed, money, power, selfishness placed him where and what he is facing now. He got to where he is today, ALL BY HIMSELF!!! He had "choices", he made those choices, now he has to live with those "choices".

Keep in mind, the thousands of "children" affected by these illegal actions, the emotional trauma will follow them for the rest of their lives, remember the one child, who committed suicide!! And the shattered lives of that family. These actions did NOT have to happen!!!! IMO

Saturday, September 17, 2011

West Memphis 3- The cost of freedom

(Excerpt) PLEASE view full article and program to air 9/17/11 10 pm ET/PT

As one of the newly freed men, Jason Baldwin, later described it, "When we told prosecutors we were innocent, they put us in prison for life. Now when we plead guilty, they set us free!"

Bullying: Words can kill

The issue of bullying comes in many forms, where does children learn it from? Why do they do this? Unfortunately children are born into a world of bullying, selfishness, greed, self centered society. Children alone, face unsurmountable issues in their young lives, creating angry, arrogance, cold and cruel mentalities at a very young age, in many areas, children are exposed to abuse, molestations, murder, zero tolerance everywhere, everything they do or say. Many are born into a world of alcohol and drugs, all are exposed to them, at some point in their young lives. They learn from their enviornment and surrounding, leading many from crib bars to cell bars. It is up to the adults to take charge in helping to make a difference, with dicipline, guidance, for them to become "productive" members of society. Public "awareness" is imperative to help save our nation's children. "YOU" "CAN" make a difference and save a "life"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


(Excerpt-Please view/read full article site)

Torey used DNA to prove he is innocent- we believe him! At 16 he was locked in isolation, tried as an adult, wrongfully convicted and sentenced to LWOP.
We await the result of his appeal hearing that was held Sept 2010 Idaho supreme court

So unfortunately, Torey is one of many, many "chidren", caught up in the atrocities of a broken/unjustice system. At age 16, is still a "chid", far too many have been sentenced to LWOP, it is clear this is "state sanctioned death penalty"

Please get educated/involved in "juvenile law reform", and beware, YOUR "child" COULD BE NEXT!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PROJECT: Meet Me Halfway/Care for foster kids aging out!

One man's lone journey in efforts to bring awareness to the many "foster childen" aging OUT of the system....A wonderful/caring journey you must view/read about, please share with those in your world.

THANK YOU Jimmy Wayne and all the caring volunteers in this project, there ARE "angels" among us.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Study looks at strategies for juvenile justice reform

Why yet another study? There have been many studies done, and still no changes in law reform. Is it still NOT clear, that children are NOT adults, nor has the brain maturity of an adult, yet STILL being sent to prisons AS AN ADULT, they clearly are NOT, many to life with NO chance of what good are all those studies? How and when do they truly benefit the "child" among us.

Juvenile parole bill defeated

We must continue to strive for change, law reform, "children" deserve that "chance"
LWOP is state sanctioned murder of these children. Alternative solutions can be met/done.

Irene Sullivan, retired judge/What's wrong with "Beyond scared straight"?

An interesting, must read, these issues affect us all and our nation's children.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arizona prison businesses are big political contributors

A MUST READ, it affects us all.

(Excerpt-Please read full article, to include "the cost report")

"Corrections Corp. of America, the country's largest private-prison operator, says it thrives by offering better service at a lower cost than state-run prisons. It's an argument echoed by the three smaller rivals bidding on a 5,000-bed private-prison contract with the state of Arizona.

But when it comes to other ways of winning business, such as employing platoons of lobbyists, doling out campaign contributions and working through political connections, CCA stands head and shoulders above its competitors, in Arizona and across the country......."

Seems it is all about money, bids and contracts, not a word about law reform, rehabiliation efforts, re-entry resources for ex offenders, etc.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Consider middle ground in juvenile sentencing

The criminal justice system has the unenviable task of putting value on the loss of human life. In each of the above cases, two people were killed. Can seven years be sufficient punishment in one while the other calls for up to 54 years?

From birth up to their present ages, they did NOT get to where they are today,
ALL BY THEMSELVES! The general upbringing of a child, their surroundings, the daily interactions with other children and adults, what they are "exposed to" on a daily basis, all are contributing factors, some endure daily, horrific abuse, torture and dysfunctional homelife. NOT condoning these crimes or fact finding for any excuses, but again, bottom line is "they didn't get where they are today, just all by themselves!! IMO

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bill benefiting juvenile convicts gets new life

Stop throwing away the key, many children ARE worthy of that "chance", give them ability to show they have changed/grown up, without hope and lwop, it is surely a DEATH SENTENCE for "children", who made mistakes "as a child". Far too many are "stero typed". Many truly do NOT belong in prison AT ALL. Victims ARE not forgotten at all, but is it right to take yet another life??? Many of these children did NOT murder/rape/rob or injury anyone, caught up in the wrong place, wrong time, with wrong bad people. At the very least, the states need to listen and investigate the anatomy and physiology of the "human brain". NOT ALL child prisoners are "truly criminals!!!" IMO

Under age & behind bars, how a Senate bill might give California's juvenile felons a second chance

(Excerpt-please read full article)

Last week in Sacramento, lawmakers narrowly rejected SB9, a bill that would have impacted hundreds of prison inmates who were sentenced as juveniles to serve life sentences without the possibility of parole. After some slight adjustments, it's up for reconsideration, as early as next week. KALW's Ben Trefny spoke with the bill's author, Senator Leland Yee, about its significance.......

Please get educated and involved in "juvenile law reform", it affects all of our nation's "children"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trying Children as Adults

(Excerpt-please read full article)

Some argue that juveniles are less responsible for their actions, that they are in essence miniature adults who deserve what they get. They would have us believe that juveniles are in fact beyond redemption, and that they can predict which children will not change......

"Children" DO deserve a "chance", many are in prison, just by wrong associations, they are so easily influenced by others, their brains are immature, they are still growing in body and mind/brains. Far too many have lost hope, abandoned by society, officials and families. We, as advocates must/need to continue to be their voices.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Surely there ARE alternatives to situations as in this article, as a survivor of horrific child abuse, I, too, was horrifically punished for bet wetting ALL the yrs I was at the "so called" home. It was barbaric and inhumane.

Please get educated and involved about the many forms of "abuse". Children ARE "human" too. Everyone makes mistakes, the underlying "home" factors contributed to this child's death, and was SO needlessly. There is NOT ever any excuse for child abuse!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Father tackles bullying with heart-wrenching story

YOU can make a difference, YOU can help save a life, please get involved and participate in ANTI BULLYING!!!! IT IS A "SILENT" KILLER!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Seeking Justice

(Excerpt-please read and share full article.....Justice is NOT disposable!!!

The new rules regarding identifications will apply to those two cases and all others going forward. They are designed not to suppress identifications, but to put them in greater context. After watching wrongfully identified citizens be convicted and then sit in jail for decades until DNA evidence sets them free, the urgent need for this sort of measured caution regarding witnesses cannot be overstated.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jordan Brown WILL be tried as a "juvenile"

Transferring the case to juvenile court "will serve the public interest" because Jordan is "amenable to treatment, supervision and rehabilitation as a juvenile," Common Pleas Judge Dominick Motto wrote in his decision.

AND as it should be, this child IS A CHILD, was ONLY 11, "accused".

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jordan Brown case to go to juvenile court

‎3 yrs wasted, a child is a CHILD!!!! case belongs in juvenile court, so much time wasted, what happened to a "speedy trial"? yea, right!!

The College Guild/Giving prisoners a "chance"

College Guild was founded at a Maine kitchen table in the spring of 2001 by two people who had each been closely and intensively involved with prisoners and prison issues. Our mission is based on the premise that when prisoners are given the opportunity, and encouragement to pursue on-going learning, it benefits both the prisoners and their various communities. The decrease in rates of recidivism for prisoners who have participated in educational and rehab programs is well documented..........

Monday, August 22, 2011

School suspensions/There are better solutions

Interesting and educational for us all, suspensions do cheat the child from school and the learning process, there can and must be alternative solutions.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Giving young lifers a chance of redemption

It is not our place or duty to destroy lives, but help rebuild them, everyone changes as they get older, as do children, they do deserve that chance.