Sunday, January 23, 2011

Krista McDaniel~~FINAL JUSTICE?? WHEN??

Krista McDaniel(16)~~30 yrs w/NO chance of parole/ FINAL JUSTICE? WHEN?

After many, many postponements of a post conviction hearing date, finally!!! scheduled for 21 July'08....In Aug' 08, ruling results the PCR request was denied...Her case was before the S. C. Appeals court, which was also DENIED. This "child" did not deserve 30 yrs w/out parole, for a "mistake" made as a child. JUSTICE was DENIED! No compassion, NO mercy!!

In 2002, Unfortunately like so many "children, she was "tried as an ADULT",(there was NO trial) a child, in wrong place at wrong time, with wrong ADULTS, She did NOT kill anyone, unfortunately caught up in the "injustice" system, sentenced to 30 yrs with NO chance of parole, She had just turned 16. She was so scared she would get the "death penalty", she was "talked into" taking a "plea". This bizarre case reeks of injustice.

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