Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hearing Our Seriously Depressed Adolescents and The Truth About 'Troubled' Teens

(Excerpt)Please read full article, very infomative, get educated and involved for your own children.

The distressed adolescent often has feelings of abandonment, emotional detachment, withdrawal, and isolation.

Thanks to Dr. Edmunds, for this most informative article.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Delayed brain development responsible for juvenile offender behavior

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, very informative

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals researchers findings into the delayed development in the brains of juvenile offenders and the fact that this delayed development puts the teens at risk for increased impulse behavior.

Inequality and violence are among the top issues facing the population

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, so important to us ALL.

"And in this special period of our history, investment in human capital development and in policies and programs aimed at youth is of fundamental importance," he said.

Chahile's Angel....... A MUST READ



We all must get educated and involved in these issues, YOU may help save the life/lives of a child/ren.

Please share this important, supportive website.

Thanks to Mr. Charles Stecker, for "caring and sharing" a part of his world with others.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teen Court a casualty of state budget cuts

Not only this state, but all states are cutting budgets to the bone, so to speak, yet Obama wants congress to approve a 2Billion LOAN to Eygpt, what is so wrong with this picture???? NO funds for our American Children!!!!!!

12 Yr old murder suspect/What will happen to this child??

NOT to pamper or coddle, just treat this child as the child he is, and NOT with ADULT sanctions. Thrown into a world he has NO clue as to what is going on and happening now in his young life. Indications are that he does need help/counseling, he deserves that "chance."

Gaming the System: How Private Prison Companies Buy Politicians to Promote Increased Incarceration

(Excerpt) URGE everyone to read this full article, it affects us all......

At a time when many policymakers are looking at criminal and juvenile just ice reforms that would safely shrink the size of our prison population, the existence of private prison companies creates a countervailing interest in preserving the current approach to criminal justice and increasing the use of incarceration

The Drugging of America’s Children ADHD


The number of American children under 19 years of age who are prescribed psychotropic drugs in this country is staggering.......

So important to get involved, educated about these issues, YOU could help save a life.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Imprisonment Unto Death for Children: Should Teens Be Sentenced to Die in Prison?

Imprisonment Unto Death for Children: Should Teens Be Sentenced to Die in Prison?

A most important read, if you have a child/ren this article is for YOU, please get educated and involved in juvenile LAW REFORM.

TOREY,age 16,sentenced to "LIFE" W/"NO" CHANCE OF PAROLE

Torey, like many "children",sentenced to LIFE WITH "NO" CHANCE OF PAROLE

(Excerpt)PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, Justice "must" be tempered with "compassion and mercy"

Torey Michael Adamcik was convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder, despite the lack of any physical evidence linking him to the crime.

Support 2nd chance Law for Juveniles


Delaproser is a human and civil rights advocate. Founder Member of Triple A / Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents. The United Kingdom resident champions causes of the voiceless, the powerless and the weak, particularly in North America. She campaigns for petitions on behalf of incarcerated human trafficking.

What kind of person looks into the face of a child and sees no hope? What kind of society locks up children as if they were adults — and sometimes even throws away the key?

Justice in Dreamland ?

Thanks to Carol for sharing, A MUST READ FULL ARTICLE(excerpt below)

Students could be instructed that if the police come pounding on their door, and they don’t know enough to stand on their Fourth Amendment rights, they have only themselves to blame.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save truant youth before they get to court

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, SO important to us all.

EARLIER this month, the Washington Supreme Court reversed an appeals court ruling that truant students must be represented by attorneys at the earliest stage of truancy hearings.

Many of us from schools and courts would prefer that truant kids not end up in court in the first place......

Ten Ways We Misunderstand Children......

The Natural Child Project.....a must view, read, browse, excellent information, thanks to the author of this wonderful website, in sharing and caring about children.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why is America so afraid of it's children???

Tho written several yrs ago, so important and worth re reading these issues, for they have NOT gone away, and children face, even more often, atrocities in their young lives. Well worth reading, getting educated and involved in juvenile law reform.

Miranda Rights

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, so important to us all....

In the landmark Miranda case, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution’s guarantee against self-incrimination required that police warn criminal suspects about their right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present when they are taken into custody for questioning.

Writing for the 5-to-4 majority, Justice Sonia Sotomayor explained that “children cannot be viewed simply as miniature adults” and said “a reasonable child subjected to police questioning will sometimes feel pressured to submit when a reasonable adult would feel free to go.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

False Memories: The Perils of Eyewitness IDs

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, so important to us all

Mistaken identifications by victims and eyewitnesses annually send too many people to jail for crimes they didn’t commit. In Texas, legislation to address the problem was introduced last month, but justice advocates claim it doesn’t go far enough

Criminal Justice, what works, what doesn't

(Excerpt) PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, important to us ALL

The site, unveiled yesterday at the National Institute of Justice’s annual crime research conference near Washington, D.C., was billed by federal officials as a “single, credible, online resource to inform practitioners and policymakers about what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services.”

The Shame of Juvenile Court

One of my “pet peeves” has to do with the practice of shackling juveniles in court. There’s no other way to put this, so I’m just going to come right out and say it here: It’s illegal; it’s unnecessary; it’s shameful.

~~~~~~~~~IMO...Shackling of children is abuse, bullying by authorities, there are alternatives in the handling of "children".

Congress for KIDS, excellent reference info

Urge parents/guardians to review and learn from this excellent source of info for children.

12 yr old in shackles???

Isn't the "shackling" of this child, a form of "child abuse"? Surely there are alternatives, handcuffs were not enough? Full grown adults can't handle this 12 yr old? they see fit to shackle this child like a wild dog??? NOT saying to pamper or coddle, but just treat children as a human being they ARE.

Why are courts still trying kids as adults?


There are "fundamental differences between juvenile and adult minds," wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in the 2010 opinion. Indeed, just last month experts gathered in Phoenix to review the latest scientific findings, the most significant of which is that human psychosocial development doesn't fully mature until at least age 22.

Juvenile law reform is imperative to help save our nation's children, they deserve a "chance".

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thiele: Crime Solving Enhancement

(Excerpt) Please read full article....
"The power of DNA evidence has been demonstrated over and over," Assemblyman Thiele said. "Forensic science has advanced so much so that it can prevent the possibility of wrongful convictions. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system hasn't kept pace, and innocent people who might otherwise have been exonerated have paid the price with their freedom."

Rev. Matthew J. Watts: The antiquated juvenile justice system

Good article, please read full comments...

The West Virginia State Supreme Court should answer the question, is the juvenile justice system effective, and is it protecting public safety?

Adding Up the Costs of Wrongful Convictions

(Excerpt)-Please read full articles, the figures are staggering......

The perpetrators of crimes for which others were convicted went on to commit at least 94 more felonies, including 14 murders and 11 sexual assaults, according to the study. It said 83 men and 2 women spent a total of 926 years behind bars for crimes they did not commit.

Judge Bonaventura is right about how to discipline youths

Please read full article, it is so refreshing to read this article, if only MORE officials would get involved in juvenile law reform.

Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura was right when she stated that Indiana can do better for children in the juvenile justice system by transferring fewer youths to adult court.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Justice for Jordan and ALL"children"

Please read and sign petition in this important article, sharing with those in your world...Children need our voices in support of "justice"

Research into brain disorders under threat as drug firms pull out

So important to us all, imperative to get educated, the side affects, contraindications of, and "adverse reactions"

Give kids a chance with a better and more humane juvenile justice system.

Real Juvenile Justice seeks to provide a voice to children who are imprisoned for crimes that they hardly understand and seeks to provide them a chance to have a childhood.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It should never "hurt" to be a child

With father's day approaching, remembering so many that never experienced the love of a father or mother, a physical and emotional trauma, to endure for a lifetime, those who were so fortunate, "cherish & treasure" always. Yearning for that "love", leaves a terrible void, a wounded heart, never mended.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your American Teen/Juvenile Justice Reform/Prostitution/sex trafficking

Thanks to my co advocate, Elish, for sharing this most important article, PLEASE read full article, and share with those in your world, any one of these girls COULD have been YOUR child, please get involved and educated about these atrocities against our nation's children.;facebook

Judicial depravity~~~Juveniles are not ADULTS

(excerpt) A MUST READ full article

There are "fundamental differences between juvenile and adult minds," wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in the 2010 opinion. Indeed, just last month experts gathered in Phoenix to review the latest scientific findings, the most significant of which is that human psychosocial development doesn't fully mature until at least age 22.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Senate Passes Baker Bills to Bring Reforms to Juvenile Justice System

Baker's bills will:
Eliminate waiving counsel in juvenile delinquency hearings
Create a victim advocate devoted to juvenile justice
Require judges to state on the record the reasons behind disposition orders
Prohibit shackling of juveniles in the courtroom

The teen brain, a work of progress

Juvenile inmates often isolated nearly 24 hrs straight

This happens in all states, and IS a form of "child abuse", If any parent/guardian were to lock up a child for those hrs, "they" would be "charged" with "child abuse", there is NO difference here.......

Sunday, June 5, 2011

12 yr old/murder/what will happen to this "child"?


Far too many "chidren" never had a chance since birth, they "learn" from their surroundings and enviornment, please read full articles, this child did NOT get to where he is today, ALL BY HIMSELF, he is NOT the ONLY one alledgedly guilty of this tragedy. "Children" are naive and vulnerable, perhaps "his" life can be saved with the appropriate structured guidelines, counseling and discipline, to help him become a productive member of society, NOT just be another child "thrown away" and forgotten.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

City state's attorney's ideas about juvenile justice are disturbing, out of touch

"There should be consequences for youth who commit criminal offenses, but they need to be based on what research tells us about adolescent development and what does and doesn't work with juvenile offenders.",0,2250079.story

CHILDREN ARE "NOT" ADULTS...they do NOT think or process information as an adult, children "learn" from their surroundings of "people", they are NOT disposable!!!

Alternative Sentencing for Juvenile Offenders/Judge Irene Sullivan


A recently retired Florida Juvenile Judge has written a book regarding the best strategies for rehabilitation of juveniles convicted of crimes. She believes that rather than merely throwing children in juvenile detention, rehabilitation and results-oriented programs that reduce the likelihood a prior offender will commit future crimes is the best solution for both the juvenile offenders and the community at large.

Research on Adolescent Brain Influences U.S. Juvenile Justice

(excerpt)Please read full article

Research on the development of the adolescent brain influences how the U.S. justice system considers juveniles' degree of culpability and their sentences.

Justice for Parents


Parents out of the loop

Juvenile court, as the name implies, was set up for juveniles. Although their children are represented by counsel, parents have no legal rights within the court system. It’s not that the court is deliberately anti-parent. It’s just that it isn’t anybody’s job to advocate for them.

Punishing teenagers as adults 
is wrong


But even with the crimes known as the seven deadly sins, our children should not be considered incapable of redemption and tried as adults.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

South Carolina Juvenile Justice: Protecting Children's Best Interests

Protecting children's "best interests"? I often wonder then why a child, who had just turned 16, is facing 30 yrs with NO chance of parole, who in fact, never had a "chance" since birth, the background and circumstances in that child's life were quite "dyfunctional", never had the opportunity to have a stable family life, caught up with the "wrong" ADULTS, children are so naive, easy to influence and vulnerable, seeking out love and attention from anyone willing to listen and give. So why was this child, governed and sentenced as an adult? when ONLY just a "child"??? Justice must be "tempered" with compassion and mercy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are everywhere/families of the imprisoned

For those who forget that the incarcerated humans in this country are indeed
just that – HUMAN – I would like you to think on this the next time you talk
about “inmates, criminals, convicts, etc…”. These humans have families and
those who love them despite whatever they did. Look around you and wonder,
because this is who we are….

We take care of your children and grandchildren in nursery schools, we give
them shots in the doctor’s office, we are dental assistants, we are school
teachers and Sunday school teachers, we stand behind you in the grocery
store, we prepare your medicine in the drug store, we work in banks, we
approve your loans, we service your insurance claims, we work for newspapers
TV stations and radio stations, we read your electric meters and water
meters, we are your landlords, your neighbors, we take care of your elderly
parents in nursing homes, we are nurses, lab technicians, X-ray technicians,
we own beauty shops, flower shops, printing shops, we are welders, plumbers,
tree trimmers, we work for the IRS, the State Dept., in the courthouse,
schools, churches, drug stores and toy stores, we are legal secretaries,
lawyers, school board members, we are bus drivers, we prepare meals for your
kids in school, we are city council members, bank tellers, we process your
checking account, your saving account, we work at your Social Security
office, your insurance company, we take care of your IRA, stocks, bonds, we
sell your kids bikes, school supplies, clothes, shoes, eyeglasses, we repair
your cars, we are real estate agents, car dealers, college professors,
psychologists, administrative assistants, safety engineers and ranchers. We
work at Ralph’s, Albertsons, Trader Joe’s, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Macy’s,
Nordstrom and Saks 5th Avenue. We sell Avon and Tupperware. We are not all
on welfare”, no matter what the government would like you to think.

There are two million people in prison in America and twice that many on
parole and probation. Add in mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers,
aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends and about sixteen million people are
personally affected by the prison system in the United States.

We are tired of letting ourselves feel humiliated or embarrassed because our
loved one is in prison. WE did nothing wrong, and they are paying for their

We are tired of fearing the loss of our jobs or evictions from our housing
should anyone find out we have a loved one in prison.

We are tired of being made to feel inferior or unwelcome in churches, clubs,
organizations or society in general simply because we refuse to abandon our
loved ones.

We are ready to unite, to come out of hiding and openly support each other
and our loved ones. It’s a new day, America and we’re here to prove it!

We are ready to speak out against the “they deserve what they get” attitude
we hear you talk about in stores, theaters and restaurants.

We number in the millions, we are everywhere, every state, county, city and
town. We may even live next door to you.

Sixteen million & counting.

We are everywhere.

Think about it.

(author unknown)

Senator Yee's Bill/Juveniles/LIFE W/NO CHANCE OFPAROLE

Juveniles sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole could get a second chance under legislation approved by the state Senate............

Because "chidren" are STILL in the developing stages, to include BRAIN development, juvenile law reform is imperative. Children DO deserve that "chance". Life with NO chance of parole is a slow death sentence. Children are immature, easily influenced, and vulnerable. Justice must be tempered with "compassion and mercy". Victims are NOT forgotten, and many have suffered, most do not know what exactly happens to that "child", once they are sentenced, in far too many cases, the punishment/sentencing did NOT "fit the crime" These children did NOT get to where they ARE today, ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!!

Raised by the courts/Judge Sullivan

A veteran judge shares her vision for ending the vicious cycle of child abuse and crime.

Abused 10-Year-Old May Be Tried As Adult

PLEASE, a must read full article

Sadly, this is unsurprising seeing as the Valencia County District Attorney’s Office seems to think children are adults — or, at least, should be prosecuted like they are

This child as so many others, DID NOT get to where he today, ALL BY HIMSELF. Officials continue to "expect" far too much from an immature "brain".