Sunday, July 3, 2011

11 yr old boy charged with fatal shooting of younger brother


The boy currently is charged as a juvenile with murder and criminal recklessness. However, the case could eventually end up in adult court, as Indiana law allows anyone over age 10 to be tried as an adult.

For that to happen, prosecutors would have to convince the county's juvenile court judge that there was strong evidence against him, that he likely cannot be rehabilitated in the juvenile system, and that waiving him to adult court is in the best interest of the safety and welfare of the community.

Please note the above statement..."prosecutors would have to "convince" the county's juvenile court judge.......... that "he" likely "cannot be rehabilitated" in the juvenile system"......."waivering him" to "adults court" IS IN the "best interest" of the safety and welfare of the community"........How can "they" possibly KNOW he likely CANNOT BE REHABILITATED???? He is only 11, people do change, and children are STILL GROWING in mind and body!!! This child deserves at the very least "A CHANCE", nothing was mentioned in article of "what is in the "best interest" of this child!!!! What is the juvenile system for? HE IS A JUVENILE of only 11 yrs of age!!!!

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