Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arizona prison businesses are big political contributors

A MUST READ, it affects us all.

(Excerpt-Please read full article, to include "the cost report")

"Corrections Corp. of America, the country's largest private-prison operator, says it thrives by offering better service at a lower cost than state-run prisons. It's an argument echoed by the three smaller rivals bidding on a 5,000-bed private-prison contract with the state of Arizona.

But when it comes to other ways of winning business, such as employing platoons of lobbyists, doling out campaign contributions and working through political connections, CCA stands head and shoulders above its competitors, in Arizona and across the country......."

Seems it is all about money, bids and contracts, not a word about law reform, rehabiliation efforts, re-entry resources for ex offenders, etc.

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