Saturday, October 22, 2011

Correction Officers Plead Guilty in Assault Case/Riker's Island

(Excerpt-PLEASE read full article)

“The behavior of the correction officers was worse than that of some of the young detainees under their supervision,” Robert T. Johnson, the Bronx district attorney, said in a statement. Their actions, he continued, “turned a detention facility for adolescents into an incubator for violent criminal activity sanctioned by adults in positions of authority.” Robert N. Davoren Center at Rikers Island, for males ages 16 to 19.
"The scheme was uncovered after an 18-year-old inmate, Christopher Robinson, was found dead in his cell, beaten to death by other prisoners, on Oct. 18, 2008."

Lawsuits Suggest Pattern of Rikers Guards Looking Other Way

Who will remember this child, Christopher Robinson, the heartaches and shattered lives of his family? What ever his crime WAS, he ultimately paid with his life, this tragedy SHOULD NOT have ever happened!! This child is one of many who have died behind prison walls. These "young" inmates continue to live in danger, from the very ones, that are "suppose" to protect them.

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