Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Suicidal behavior may begin before high school

(Excerpt-PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, SO important to us ALL)

Experts say that about one in nine youths attempt suicide by the time they graduate from high school. A new study finds that nearly 40 percent of young adults who said they had tried suicide said that they made their first attempt before entering high school.

Savoie Returns To Grant County Court For Retrial

Evan and his playmate friend were only 12, all children "deserve" a "chance". Victims are not forgotten, but these children are also victims of a "broken" system!
In the one-pager letter, Eakin stated "the system" twisted his mind and forced him to testify against Savoie. He said it seemed "like if I didn't (testify) I would get more time.

So where is the "true, equal justice??"

End "life without parole" for "juveniles"/WHY NOT THE CHILDREN??

The destruction of "children" is epidemic, CHARLES MANSON, who commited horrible crimes, yrs ago, is granted "parole hearings", WHY "NOT" THE "CHILDREN"????

Monday, November 28, 2011

Knitting helps incarcerated boys give to others

(Excerpt-Please read and share full article, excellent info,a therapy for the "young")

Please get educated/informed about juvenile issues, it is so important for all of our nation's children.

Benda doesn’t diminish why the teens are housed at the hall. She can rattle off their convictions or alleged crimes as easily as she does anecdotes about one boy’s beautiful portraits of her dog or how another created for Brasil a photo book. Maybe these kids just had a bad start in life. Maybe they would have ended up here regardless. Either way, they are still kids and can’t just be forgotten, she said.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Judge: Court saves kids

An excellent article on juvenile issues/detention. Please get educated and involved in juvenile justice reform, for all of our nation's children.

“Life” has a Different Meaning for Juveniles tried as Adults


Charging juveniles as adults and putting many of them away in state prisons for the rest of their lives is not without controversy even within Pennsylvania which leads the universe with this dubious distinction. Should these youths, some as young as 11, be given a second chance or will they forever be a threat to society?

Should society attempt a risky rehabilitation or lock them up and throw away the key?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Colorado Voices: Second chance for teen killers?

A 25-year statistical survey commissioned by the Pendulum Foundation (created by Erik's parents) comparing juvenile and adult sentences is haunting. Teens receive much harsher punishment than adults convicted of similar acts. Every year in Colorado, 30 parents are convicted of killing their own children. Their average sentence is 26 years. Contrast this with kids who kill their parents. Prior to reforms implemented after Erik was sentenced in 1999, the average teen landed 50 years.

"Children" do deserve a "chance" of "redemption", far too many never had a "chance" since birth. Victims are NEVER forgotten, but these children were "victims" as well.
They did NOT get to where they are today, ALL BY THEMSELVES. A lot of background factors, in their lives from birth on, contributed to their outcome status. Juvenile LAW "REFORM" is imperative to help save our nation's "children" from DOOM & DEATHS.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Child Abuse/who's protecting the children??,0,431193.story

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Sexual predators will always plague us, out there scanning for prey. The tragedy is that many were victimized as children. They were not protected, no one recognized the traumatic aftereffects, and they had no treatment. Even more malignant are bystanders who averted their gaze. They keep the abuse cycle grinding the next generation. Shame on all of us.

PLEASE, get educated and involved in these issues, TALK to your children, being alert and aware, what a shame we, as parents have to do this, but we must do what we can to help protect the children. Children tend to "trust" and are very vulnerable.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Exonerated, freed and facing a new life/He was ONLY 15,0,1554445.story

Although he hides his emotions behind an expressionless but handsome face, he seethes: over his arrest shortly after turning 15 and the treatment he received from police; over his conviction and long prison sentence; over the years he spent behind bars essentially doing nothing. He wishes the police and prosecutors who handled his case, and who he believes knew he was innocent, could experience even a fraction of what he went through in prison.

"I'd like to see how they handle it," he said. "I can't believe people do what they did to me."

"Children" all across America are tried as ADULTS, with ADULT sentencing sanctions, please get educated and involved in juvenile law reform. SO imperative to help our nation's children from DOOM & DEATHS.

At 11, she became city's youngest 'adult'

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Texas Judge William Adams suspended over beating video

There should never be any "law of limitations" in any abuse cases, it is clear in the video, what happened to this child. But will "true justice" be served? Will this judge be "punished"??
The right and just move would be "disbarred!"

Monday, November 21, 2011


Excellent information for juvenile justice issues, please read and share

Saturday, November 19, 2011

EXONERATED after 17 yrs prison


"I'm very, very angry. It's a lot of resentment. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't angry that I spent 17 years incarcerated for a crime I didn't commit," said Saunders.

12 yr old pleads guilty..........


The boy faces a sentence ranging from probation to up to 18 months in a state juvenile jail. His next court appearance was scheduled for Dec. 6.

"I may well return him to the community on the next court date," the judge said. She denied a request by the boy's family to free him immediately, pending his sentence. The boy turns 13 on Saturday..........

A chance for REDEMPTION

There is not an adult who can claim they have the same long-term decision making power that they did when they were 15 years old. So how can we hold these children accountable for actions they may not realize the consequences of? ..........

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Faces for Sara Kruzan

A support project for Sara, to bring public awareness about her case, and child trafficking, an epidemic against "children"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Curfews and Incarceration

(Excerpt-PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE) Excellent information

Children are the future of any society. They are the product of human connection and are a true reflection of society’s investment in itself. Why, then, are some states in America embracing juvenile incarceration and curfews over humane and effective alternatives? Is America afraid of its youth population?......

Please get involved, educated about these juvenile issues, the life you can help save, could be your own child/ren.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Northwest Mentally Ill Juveniles Cycle In And Out Of Detention

This article reflects problems arising with youth in that state, but all states face similiar problems, prevention, assistance early on, can do wonders for our nation's children. Parents/guardians must be involved as well, in the overall care of the child. Funding is always the huge issue, in persuing adequate help for these "kids"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moral decline in attitudes toward our children/by Dr.Robert E. Ryan

A must read, Dr. Ryan certainly brings out info, we advocates have been saying and campaigning for years. Please share, get educated and involved in these juvenile issues, for the sake of your own child/ren as well as all of our nation's YOUTH.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Psychotropic medication causes psychosis, illness, and death

A must read, important info for us all, people must get educated/informed not only for themselves and their health, but for the sake of "children", who is America's future.

Astounding statistics of the mass incarcerations in the US/world

A MUST READ/view the graphics, statistics are an outrage.

Youth beaten to death in detention/"gates of hell"

One of many youth who have died behind those detention walls, WHO will be held accountable and punished for his death?? It is the staff's responsibility to "guard" them ONLY!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prisons for profit......Dancing to the Jailhouse Rock

A must read......prisons for profit!!!!

"Any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them," the company's annual report said.

Boca Raton, Fla.-based GEO Group Inc. (GEO), in the industry's No. 2 spot with nearly $1.3 billion in 2010 annual revenues and capacity for 81,000 prisoners, offers similar language in its 2010 annual report: "A decrease in our occupancy rates could cause a decrease in revenues and profitability."

Youth in Both Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems


Protecting/helping our children is America's future.

Cristian Fernandez: Jacksonville Debates 12 Year-Old Charged with Murder

A 12 yr old cannot possibly "raise" a child, a child of a child..........prosecutor said "nothing" about the welfare of this child or the very young mother....just the victim, a very sad case here

This 12 yr old child DID NOT get to where he is "today" "ALL BY "HIMSELF"

Where is the "real truth" behind this case??