Monday, January 30, 2012

Gov wants incarcerated juveniles 'close to home'

Excerpt-please read full article...this is certainly a step in the "right" direction for the children.

The Close to Home proposal would transition custody of youth placed in non-secure and limited-secure facilities from the state to facilities in New York City. Proponents of the plan say this would ensure that children are placed in facilities that provide better access to their families and easy contact with their attorneys.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Incarcerating youth: An American injustice

Excerpt-please read full article

Trying youths as adults and administering long sentences is a pervasive and profound issue shaping communities because of the nature of power. It is unfair for society to place immense punishment on an individual who lacks control of their living conditions, impulses, emotions, judgments and identity.

When prosecuting young people as adults, emphasis should not be placed merely on the facts of the crime. We must also examine and present the individual’s social history.

Ultimately, we have all already failed these youth offenders by failing to intervene in the detrimental, often horrific, circumstances of their life. We cannot fail them again when it matters most — deciding their future.


Justice advocates have been saying and fighting for the same for many years. Nothing new in this article, the same INjustice treatment of children have been going on many years, juvenile LAW REFORM is imperative/critical to help SAVE our nation's children from DOOM and DEATHS.

Punishment/suspension/for doing something "good"/

Excerpt-please read full article

A high school cancer survivor was kicked out of school for his long hair, which says he was growing to donate to other sick kids.
Seems "doing something good" for the benefit of others, can even land up in suspension from school. What has happened to compassion and mercy for others?? This child should be commended for his good and caring heart, NOT punished for doing good things. School policies should certainly be amended, he is NOT hurting anymore, and does NOT affect anyone, does NOT interfere with anyone else, so sadly children are forced to endure such a cold, cruel world. What will be their mental state when becoming an adult???

Monday, January 23, 2012

USA: Clemency urged in Louisiana child life without parole case

Sentencing children to life imprisonment without parole for crimes committed by children is a clear violation of international law, and it is surely time for the USA to end its isolation on this issue.
Susan Lee, Amnesty International's Americas Programme Director.
Mon, 23/01/2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Louisiana grapples with juvenile crime decision by Supreme Court

Excerpt-please view full article

37 states affected

Louisiana is one of 37 states affected by the U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The state Department of Corrections said 48 inmates are serving life sentences for crimes other than homicide that they committed before they turned 18. Most of those cases originate from New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish and Caddo Parish, said Dana Kaplan, director of the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Judge to rule on status of teen accused in shooting deaths of 3 family members
Excerpt-Please view full article.......a child, 15 yrs of age
"Watts said the defendant is treatable, but further evaluation is needed to determine which parts of his brain don’t normally function."

Supreme Court to Take Another Look at Juvenile Sentencing

For All children, I truly hope this decision will be given much consideration. IMO, it is discrimination, to rule for those who have NOT committed a homicide, from those who have. The decision rule must be for ALL children, NOT just a certain group. ALL children experience the growth years, developing into an adult. The brain is considered NOT fully developed until sometime in one's early 20's. Children in their growing years, their brains and bodies are going thru many "changes" to become an adult. "Children" and everyone makes "mistakes", but they should NOT have to pay for mistakes with their "very lives". Juvenile LAW REFORM is imperative/critical, to help save our nation's children population, from DOOM AND DEATHS, IMO.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors
Very informative article, please read this full article, get educated and involved in these issues.
"In some jurisdictions, this gap has widened so much it has become coercive and is used to punish defendants for exercising their right to trial, some legal experts say."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Juvenile offenders and lawmakers get another chance

Please read full article, note the timeline of events, trying to get this bill passed. It is long overdue, children are simply NOT adults........LAW reform is imperative and critical to help "save" our nation's children from DOOM AND DEATHS. IMO

Monday, January 16, 2012

Unsung heros for juvenile justice law reform

Many "good" people out there, all across this nation, are working tirelessly, the "unsung heros",people you do not know and have never met, campaigning for "JUVENILE "LAW" REFORM"......This truly means for YOUR child/ren too.......Please get educated and involved in these issues. YOUR efforts COULD save a "life"

Juveniles~Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Excerpt-Please read full article

"Life in prison without the possibility of parole give no chance for fulfillment outside prison walls, no chance for reconciliation with society, no hope."

"A young person who knows that he or she has no chance to leave prison before life's end has little incentive to become a responsible individual."

It also said America "adheres to a sentencing practice rejected the world over."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bullying/devastating-Too little Too late

There is NO excuse what so ever for bullying. Why did it take the death of a child, to bring people to their senses. It should NOT take a foundation of people, or yet another "study" to see and witness what goes on in bullying. It is a silent killer. Parent/s, guardians and school staff must be involved in the "protection" of children. They are in school to "learn" academics and make plans for their future as they grow older and become young men and women. The discipline and guidance they need are from home and at school. Their brains and bodies are still developing and need help.

What a travesty that happened, let's all hope such a horrific nitemare will never happen again. IMO

Friday, January 13, 2012

Annual Valentine's STAMP-A-THON

Kicking off my annual Valentine's STAMP-A-THON......for imprisoned children, anyone interested, please contact me at

Justice for Kurt Danysh

Please read Kurt's case, at just turning 18, Kurt killed his father, days after he was given Prozac, his behavior turned from a normal, typical teen, to irrational and bizarre behavior, friends said that was NOT the Kurt "they knew." Kurt was sentenced to 22 1/2 to 60 yrs prison time. He is in his 16th yr of incarceration. Just where would he be today? "IF" he had never taken that drug?

Please get educated and involved in "juvenile law reform"


Being in wrong place at wrong time with wrong people, netted this child 30 yrs of prison time at just turning 16 yrs of age, NOT justified!!.

America's MAX INjustice~ WM3

Broken hearts, shattered lives, childhood stolen, and loss of 3 little boys.

May "JUSTICE" prevail!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reentry help for juvenile offenders

A great project in helping children for re entry back into society, and to prevent future crimes

Severe prison conditions greet young offenders serving life

Excerpt-Please read full article, to include report from Human Rights Watch

Juvenile law "reform" is a critical issue to help save our nation's children from doom and deaths.

Is our society prejudiced against children?
Except-please read full article, an important and excellent informative article about "children"

Young-Breuhl, an analyst, political theorist and biographer, calls attention to the way human rights of children are threatened. Childism is defined as “a prejudice against children on the ground of a belief that they are property and can (or even should) be controlled, enslaved, or removed to serve adult needs.”.......

Monday, January 9, 2012

US schools with their own police~A MUST READ

More and more US schools have police patrolling the corridors. Pupils are being arrested for throwing paper planes and failing to pick up crumbs from the canteen floor. Why is the state criminalising normal childhood behaviour?

Bill would keep kids out of the criminal justice system

Excerpt-Please read full article

Should 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds face criminal charges?

In 2009 and 2010, complaints were filed against at least 748 Kentucky children younger than 11 for offenses that included being out of control, minor injury assaults and criminal mischief. Sixty-three of those children were ages 5, 6, and 7, according to a 2011 Herald-Leader analysis of state records. Eight of those children were 5 years old.........

Sunday, January 8, 2012

12-year-old's homicide confession is case for debate on recorded interrogations

Excerpt-Please read full article

"I was terrified," he said. "They wouldn't believe me and they said they would give me the death penalty." At 12, Thomas never could have faced a death sentence, but he didn't know that. Nor did he know that police are allowed to lie to get a confession. During his hours at the police station, it was the boy versus a local Camden police supervisor, a detective, a state police investigator and a deputy prosecuting attorney. Investigators initially recorded their interrogation, when Thomas denied harming his sister 36 times..........

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cristian Fernandez: Ethics Violation or Business as Usual in Florida?

(Excerpt-Please read full article)

UPDATE: Cristian Fernandez has now been indicted on charges of sexual battery against another sibling, adding to the first degree murder charge. This indictment also carries with it a life sentence. Matt Shirk is upset and stated “…how many more ways can the State of Florida attempt to completely destroy this child’s life?”
Will there ever be "justice" for this child??

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Special judge finishes review of cases decided by “kids for cash” ex-judge

A Berks County judge brought in to clean up after a “kids for cash” scandal has expunged every juvenile court case decided by a judge convicted of corruption.......

New Year's resolution on punishing kids

(Excerpt-please read full article)

Punishment should fit the crime, but it should also fit the criminal. The worn-out slogan, “adult time for adult crime,” fails to recognize critical differences between juvenile and adults. While teens may look and act like adults, they lack impulse control and the ability to weigh fully all the risks to their behavior. Although knowing that killing is wrong, they do not appreciate the immense consequences for themselves, much less for their victims. Adolescents are also more apt to follow along down the wrong path for the sole purpose of gaining peer approval, no matter how harmful the outcome.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives

JDAI focuses on the juvenile detention component of the juvenile justice system because youth are often unnecessarily or inappropriately detained at great expense, with long-lasting negative consequences for both public safety and youth development.

Youth in US prison system subject to inhumane conditions l

(Excerpt) PLEASE read full article

Suicidal thoughts, terror, and deep depression are common. In addition to the brutal conditions in which they find themselves, young prisoners are tormented by feelings of hopelessness at the lack of prospects for the future, including the absence of rehabilitative, educational, or vocational training. This deprivation constitutes a punishment of excessive cruelty, Human Rights Watch concludes.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Connecting children with incarcerated parents

An excellent source of information, support for the "children" of incarcerated parent/s

Young have greater ability to reform

(Excerpt) Please read full article

More states are re-examining their laws regarding life without parole for juvenile offenders. Such initiatives underscore the growing recognition that adolescents differ from adults in how they think, solve problems, and make decisions. Their brains are not yet fully developed, particularly in the areas that govern reasoning and complex behavior. As a result, they’re more likely to act on impulse, without fully considering the consequences of their actions. Fortunately, they’re also more likely to mature and change over time, enhancing the possibility of rehabilitation.