Sunday, January 29, 2012

Incarcerating youth: An American injustice

Excerpt-please read full article

Trying youths as adults and administering long sentences is a pervasive and profound issue shaping communities because of the nature of power. It is unfair for society to place immense punishment on an individual who lacks control of their living conditions, impulses, emotions, judgments and identity.

When prosecuting young people as adults, emphasis should not be placed merely on the facts of the crime. We must also examine and present the individual’s social history.

Ultimately, we have all already failed these youth offenders by failing to intervene in the detrimental, often horrific, circumstances of their life. We cannot fail them again when it matters most — deciding their future.


Justice advocates have been saying and fighting for the same for many years. Nothing new in this article, the same INjustice treatment of children have been going on many years, juvenile LAW REFORM is imperative/critical to help SAVE our nation's children from DOOM and DEATHS.

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