Sunday, April 8, 2012

14-Year-Old Can Get Life Sentence, Rules Wisconsin Supreme Court

Excerpt-please read full article

"The Wisconsin Psychiatric Association and the Wisconsin Psychological Association were among the groups that filed informational briefs in the case. The associations' attorney, Mike Halfenger, said his clients believe a juvenile should at least have the chance at a parole, but it may ultimately be up to state legislatures to reach that conclusion on their own."

"At least hold the door open," he said, "for the argument that the person I appeared to be as a minor is not the person I was capable of becoming."

A sentence of life with NO CHANCE of parole is a certain "death sentence" for "children". What a "child" was at that age, is NOT what they would "become" as an adult. "Children" do deserve a "chance" to turn their lives around, and become a "productive member" of society, LWOP is state sanctioned murder of these children, IMO

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