Friday, June 1, 2012

Thanks to Mr. Chambers, for sharing this most important message, it is greatly appreciated.

Hi Justice – Law Reform for “Juveniles”
My name is Chase Chambers and I represent SnagFilms – an online catalog of over 3,000 titles composed of mainly documentaries and independent films that can be streamed and embedded at any time for free. SnagFilms also allows its viewers to go beyond the viewing experience and ties in similar charities with most of our films so our viewers can easily and readily become involved in a number of helpful efforts.
We would like you to know about a film of ours – Tattooed Tears – a documentary that goes inside a California juvenile correctional facility and shows us an environment that has disregarded the intention of rehabilitation for a group of teenagers and young men. Though this film is older, it is still one that takes a hard look at how a mishandled environment can physically, mentally, and emotionally effect young people at a crucial point of their maturity.
Tattooed Tears can be watched here for free:
The film can also be embedded into a blog by clicking the button directly underneath the video that looks like this: < >. Please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions about embedding the film.

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