Friday, July 6, 2012

A life of hell for juvenile sentenced to adult prison

Please read and share, children should never be governed by "adult" sanctions and sentencings.

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Anonymous said...

You know,when I read stories like this,my heart cringe,for all the children that have been thrown into a place that is not child friendly!! It's also ashame how these so called judges,throw the book at someone elses child and covers up the mess their own children get into...Is that fair? No it's not!! I read the story of the young man who killed his quote un quote police step father..That was the saddest story i had ever read..How could they put those children in there with them filthy animals? There was another story,a couple of years back, this young boy was immatating what he saw on Tv,and practicing his moves on his cousin or a lil friend while her mom was in the kitchen,doing whatever... Now in that case, I fault the mother, for not dishing out dicipline that night and the lil girl and boy would still be friends till this day. But sadly she died from the blows to her body.He was 9 ro 10yrs when they put him in an adult prison and there he grew up only to know corruption and only God knows what else happened to him in there. He shouldve been given some type of therepy and coaching while he was still young..But instead, they let him grow older behind those prison walls,he was lost then and could'nt be saved..He was released, Only to return again, because he was raised behind those walls, so in other words that was all he'd known.The System failed, to save a child that could've been saved, only if he had been givin a second chance.... The young man who killed his cop stepfather, needed that chance also...The system failed him too!! STOP FAILING ON OUR CHILDREN,THEY NEED GUIDENCE AND IT'S NOT BY THROWING AWAY THE KEY!!!