Monday, July 9, 2012

Personalizing the search for JUSTICE

Excerpt......please read full advocate's search for "justice" for juveniles
Pam Kulig lives in a suburb of Chicago. She has two girls, ages 16 and 23.  The thing that separates Pam from so many other people is her passion for justice and her innate desire to help those who are not in a position to do it on their own. She has been an activist for juvenile justice reform since she first learned about the many children serving life without parole sentences.
My personal, heart felt thanks to Pam, for her caring, devotion assistance for Brett and advocating for justice for all of our nation's children. 


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justiceforjuveniles said...

Thanks Knight, you have been a strong advocate for the kids and have driven miles and miles to make sure a few of these kids have a visitor and friend, and God knows written miles and miles to make sure they have mail and cards. In short, you have not let them be forgotten. You're a sister in justice and I have very fond memories of our advocacy for Chris in Columbia.