Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gov. Brown signs bill giving juveniles 2nd chance

Redemption for Kids

Excerpt-Please browse these wonderful, informative websites

"The year 2012 sees the commencement of a 10-year building program providing infrastructure to support a community of approximately 15 young people: a guest room addition to the main house, toilets and showers, a freestanding kitchen and dining facility, workshop and storage, library/school, guest cottages, greenhouses, astronomical observatory, etc.
Your financial support will help kids learn the lessons of freedom, self-responsibility, and adventure and will help them create renewed lives."

A must read and share, kids so need our help, they must not be forgotten.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

'Juvenile In Justice': Richard Ross' Photographs Provide A Thoughtful Glimpse Into The Young World Behind Bars (PHOTOS)

Excerpt......please see full article to include photos, thanks to the author of this informative messages and photos.

"In Richard Ross' new book, "Juvenile In Justice" the veteran photographer documents imprisoned youth from more than 200 detention centers across the United States. Throughout almost 150 images, Ross takes his viewers into the isolated world of youth under lock and key. Whatever their crimes — and some are horrendous -- the series raises serious questions about the workings and purpose of the juvenile justice system. Are we really offering any chance of transforming these young people's lives? Ross offers a thought provoking entry into this dark world."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Giving teen offenders chance at parole is just

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"Under California’s “felony murder” rule, every person involved in that crime, no matter how minor their role, is equally guilty of murder, even if they did not plan or expect a murder to occur. According to the fiction of our law, the lookout is as much to blame as the person who pulled the trigger. About 45 percent of the inmates serving LWOP for a teenage crime were not the person who caused the death. Yet they will die in prison of old age, with no chance for release............."
LAW "REFORM" is "imperative", to help SAVE  our nation's children, from DOOM AND DEATHS!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

U.S. Juvenile Justice System Inhumane, Breeds More Crime

A MUST READ of anyone who has a child/children IN OR OUT on prison.......PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE  and share with others, so important to ALL of our nation's children.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cristain Fernandez(12), another "thrown away" child?

Excerpt.......please read full article, seems this child never had a chance since birth, now facing criminal charges. He did NOT get to where he is today, ALL  BY HIMSELF.

"A decade before he was charged with murder, a 2-year-old Cristian Fernandez was found naked and dirty, wandering a South Florida street. The grandmother taking care of him had holed up with cocaine in a messy motel room, while his 14-year-old mother was nowhere to be found. His life had been punctuated with violence since he was conceived, an act that resulted in a sexual assault conviction against his father. Fernandez’ life got worse from there: He was sexually assaulted by a cousin and beaten by his stepfather, who committed suicide before police investigating the beating arrived.........."
Justice must be tempered with "compassion and mercy"

Friday, September 14, 2012


Excerpt-please read full article, so important to our nation's children, and the many adults caught up in a world of prostitution.

"Justin Storm created a waking nightmare for these girls. He exploited them through the sale of their bodies and robbed them of their childhood," said Attorney General Cuccinelli. "Though nothing can erase the horror and hurt the girls and their families have suffered, it is our hope that today's sentencing will help them find a sense of peace as they begin a difficult journey towards healing."
If only SARA KRUZAN could have had the help she truly needed and deserved as a child. Please see info on her case, who is still incarcerated in Ca, but huge support for this chidl(young lady now)for her immediate release. SHE WAS A VICTIM TOO!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012



A MUST SEE/READ of juvenile in justice issues

My personal thanks to the author for all his efforts and hard work to make this information available.




A True Story Of A Coerced and False Confession...As Told By A Mother Of An Innocent Young Man.

Cheryl continues to write the story of her innocent son caught up in the "system"
Shattered lives and broken hearts abound in many cases, this is one story you must read and share.


I was never sexually molested, but endured horrific, barbaric abuse all of my childhood days, until I finally ran away from home twice, only to be brought back, due to state laws. I was in my own personal PRISON for 18 years, until I finally ran away, vowing to NEVER RETURN. The "monster" even filed charges against me for "breaking and entering", to get what few personal things I had. Even tho I was a child, I was smart enough to get the local sheriff to go with me. The "monster" got NO where in his idiotic charges. I speak out for the MANY SARA'S "out there", who have NO one to be their voices. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A "CHILD!"

Excerpt...please read FULL article

"Jesaka Sekmet, co-founder of Free Sara Kruzan, explains the details of Sara's story and the circumstances around her conviction to life in prison. On September 18, 2012 Riverside District Attorney Paul Zellerbach will decide whether Sara will be released with time served. The National Campaign to Free Sara Kruzan is currently petitioning, educating and demonstrating for Sara’s immediate release."

No one should be subjected to the horrific nitemare of human sex trafficking, but it is an epidemic worldwide. Sara was a "victim", yet she was punished severely, for killing the pimp. Please READ this entire story and strongly urge you to get involved in support the fight for Sara's freedom, and speak out about these atrocities. YOU can help save many lives by being "their voices."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Please view and share with others, human  sex trafficking is a world wide epidemic, YOU can help make a difference.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

California Legislature Can Do More to Help Kids

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Excerpt...Please read full article, thanks to the author for this important information, referencing children "in the system"

"California has always been ahead of the curve. Fresh on the heels of the Supreme Court ruling in Miller v. Alabamawhich prohibits mandatory juvenile life without parole sentences (JLWOP), the California Supreme Court announced that a 110-year sentence for a non-homicide crime was the equivalent of juvenile life without parole and thus unconstitutional in the case of People v. CaballeroCaballero, who was 16 at the time his crimes occurred, would have had to serve 110 years in prison before even having the possibility of going before a parole board..........."

Monday, September 10, 2012

Children need adults’ leadership, not bribes

Excerpt... A must read.....Please read full article

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.”
— Author Unknown

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kids in Solitary Confinement

Except, please read full article....

Putting juvenile offenders in solitary confinement is high on my list of "cruel and unusual punishment." What else do you call locking up fifteen, sixteen-year-olds,  some even younger, in total isolation for 24 hours a day, in some cases for months at a time, never leaving their cells? 

Please get involved in juvenile justice LAW REFORM.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Remembering 12 yr old Valerie Smelser, murdered by mother's boyfriend, NEVER forgotten

Rising from the Ashes by Jerry Balone

A must read and share.......

"Rising from the Ashes - My life as a killer, a convict who survived over 37 years in 17 prisons and someone who beat the odds. If you know anyone who is in prison, rehab, or getting caught up in the gang life or some other lifestyle that is putting them at risk, have them read my book.


Except..please read full article

“The purpose of this detention is not to make you suffer. It is not to physically abuse you. It is not to make you submit to assaults,” she told one young defendant before agreeing to move him to the juvenile facility.
Turning to another at a separate hearing, she said: “You do not deserve this.”
Thanks to the author of above URL, for sharing this important information, in treatment of "children". Unfortunately this is a problem nationwide. It IS a form of "child abuse" IMO

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sara Kruzan is a "victim", deserves to be released

Except....please read full article

Sara was an 11-year-old child with a mother addicted to narcotics and a father she has seen only three times in her life when she was targeted by a sexual trafficker. By the age of 13, she had been forced into prostitution. At the age of 16, under disputed circumstances, she shot and killed her pimp.......
She was a "victim" at such an early age, she deserves a "chance", to be released. Strongly urge to read full article, get educated and involved in juvenile INjustices issues, be a voice for the "voiceless"

Monday, September 3, 2012


Krista~~A long way HOME......

She’s come a long way, since that dreadful day of being arrested, of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong, unsavory adults, who murdered two convenient store workers. At just turning 16 yrs of age, she was talked into taking a “plea” of 30 yrs prison time with NO chance of parole, scared, alone, and ineffective counsel, she now spends her days for close to 10 years in a correctional facility in S.C. Her journeys have been very tough, languishing in prison, with no focus on her future, no educational benefits, she has filed an application for clemency with the SC Board of Paroles/Parole, awaiting a decision in her case.

Since birth,(of a 15 yr old mother) this child had been handed off to different relatives in many homes in her young life, with no structure or stability, just trying to survive in an adult world. As it is the nature of all children, she was constantly seeking love and attention from anyone who would give it, unfortunately one did show her attention, kindness, even bought her things, she soaking up this attention like a wet sponge. Born to a 15 yr old mother, inexperienced in having a baby, with no father around for support, she and mother muddled thru life, as best as she could.

She has come a long way since that dreadful day, she had a baby herself, when too, only 15 yrs of age, just like her own mother, but being incarcerated, her mother has custody of her child, who is now going on 11 yrs of age, without her own mother to be there for her and give her the love and attention, structure and stability she so needs in her young life as well.

She recently turned 26  and has grown up in so many ways, having more respect for herself, and confidence, and most of all support from those who care what happens to her. Advocates are communicating with her, keeping the windows open to the outside world, canteen funds, books, magazines for educational resources are sent to her, and helping her get as much education as possible. I visits her at least twice a year. She is looking better and has gained some weight, but does not get the adequate balanced meals to help maintain a healthy body and mind.

Now days her spirits seem higher than before, in knowing there are those “out there” she can trust and rely on to be her trusted friends, and continue to be in support of her. She has grown into a beautiful, confident young lady, and is absolutely NO threat to society. She did NOT murder or rob anyone, but so unfortunately, was with those bad people that did this horrific deed, she got punished right along with those, who actually did the crime, but she did NOT, she was with them, tho she did NOT know “they” were going to do such a horrible thing.  She and advocates alike, still believe her punishment sentencing was severe and barbaric, for the mistakes made as a mere “child”.   Perhaps had she had the stability and structure of a better “home life”, this horrible incident would have never occurred in her young life.

She is so hopeful the SC Board of parole/pardons will listen to her pleas for “justice”. ALL children deserves that ONE chance!!