Thursday, September 13, 2012


I was never sexually molested, but endured horrific, barbaric abuse all of my childhood days, until I finally ran away from home twice, only to be brought back, due to state laws. I was in my own personal PRISON for 18 years, until I finally ran away, vowing to NEVER RETURN. The "monster" even filed charges against me for "breaking and entering", to get what few personal things I had. Even tho I was a child, I was smart enough to get the local sheriff to go with me. The "monster" got NO where in his idiotic charges. I speak out for the MANY SARA'S "out there", who have NO one to be their voices. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF A "CHILD!"

Excerpt...please read FULL article

"Jesaka Sekmet, co-founder of Free Sara Kruzan, explains the details of Sara's story and the circumstances around her conviction to life in prison. On September 18, 2012 Riverside District Attorney Paul Zellerbach will decide whether Sara will be released with time served. The National Campaign to Free Sara Kruzan is currently petitioning, educating and demonstrating for Sara’s immediate release."

No one should be subjected to the horrific nitemare of human sex trafficking, but it is an epidemic worldwide. Sara was a "victim", yet she was punished severely, for killing the pimp. Please READ this entire story and strongly urge you to get involved in support the fight for Sara's freedom, and speak out about these atrocities. YOU can help save many lives by being "their voices."

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