Saturday, November 24, 2012

Juvenile Injustice

Excerpt.........please read this important article in full, so important to all of our nation's children.

"States must henceforth make “individualized sentencing decisions,” in Justice Elena Kagan’s words, rather than imposing mandatory life without parole. They must take into account a youth’s age, maturity, family circumstances and history, potential for rehabilitation and other factors. And states must engage in meaningful review of juveniles in prison so they have the opportunity to re-enter their communities if they are rehabilitated".


Anonymous said...

could you give an update on Krista Mcdaniel? you said you'd visit her and I read about her and want to know if she's good?

Knightgale said...

Reference Krista McDaniel, she is doing ok under such dire circumstances, tho she has suffered many struggles and hardships over the years, this month was her 10th yr of incarceration, and facing 20 yrs more, unless her appeal is approved. She grown in many ways, and into a beautiful, intelligent young lady. Hope to visit again in April.

Thank you for caring.