Thursday, November 1, 2012

Miranda Rights~Staying silent NOT enough/A MUST READ

Excerpt...please read full article....

Some kind of simple but unambiguous statement is the key, the Court said in Berghuis v. Thompkins. In other words. you can effectively give up your Miranda rights by simply failing to invoke them while the police continue to question you.
So, after an officer gives you a Miranda warning, it's best to make your desire to remain silent clear (and hopefully stop any police questioning) by saying something like "I wish to invoke my right to remain silent."
READ the supreme court's decision........
It is imperative/crucial for children and adults to be IN THE KNOW of the "miranda rights", one MUST TELL/say they "wish" to invoke their right to remain silent.   
It is our duty as parents and advocates to help get people "educated" of their "rights"  Please share this info with those in your world.

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