Monday, December 31, 2012

Juvenile Court Reform in Tennessee

This is ONE of the many reasons, the fight continues for JUVENILE LAW REFORM, "NOT" just in TN, but all across ALL STATES....another important reason to NEVER BE SILENT ABOUT INJUSTICE to our nation's children.........
Get educated and involved, for the sake and safety/protection of your own children.

This is an excerpt...PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE

.....The juvenile justice system in the United States is supposed to focus on rehabilitation for young offenders. But. for generations, it has largely been a purgatory, failing to protect them or give them the help and counseling they need to become law-abiding adults. Children who end up in juvenile courts often do not get due process protections like written complaints presenting the charges against them, adequate notice about legal proceedings or meaningful assistance of counsel.

Over the Years, Notion that “Kids are Different” Takes Hold in Youth Justice Policy Reform

Excerpt-PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, many excellent articles for information on juvenile issues.
Thanks to the author, for the time and efforts to bring attention to this most important issue of our nation's children.

"If there was uncertainty seven years ago when the U.S. Supreme Court abolished the death penalty for children, or in 2010 when it ruled that life-without-parole sentences imposed on youth for non-homicide crimes are unconstitutional, it should be clear by now that this is a new day for youth justice reform............."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Abuse Factor/ Children and Crime


"My name is Melissa Higgins. I advocate for juveniles in the adult criminal justice system. Please visit my discussion and informational site for more information on individual juvenile cases as well as research demonstrating why children and teens belong in the juvenile system. I’m also interested in wrongful conviction cases."

Posted for PUBLIC AWARENESS, Thanks to Melissa for caring and sharing, the atrocities our nation's children face/endure in their young lives.....Please get educated, involved in these issues, for the sake of your own children.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chasing Justice/wrongly convicted/Kerry Max Cook

A4WC: Advocates for Wrongly Convicted (quote below)       Sharing for 


wake up call to INJUSTICE!!!!

I just got through reading the book "Chasing Justice" by Kerry Max Cook. 

Kerry Max Cook is an innocent man who wrongly served two decades in

 Texas's notorious death house for the brutal 

1977 rape and murder of 21-year-old Linda Jo Edwards. His struggle for 

freedom is said to be one of 

the worst cases of police and prosecutorial misconduct in American history.

In the 11 years working with the wrongfully convicted I have felt that I could no longer be shocked 

by a wrongful conviction. I was wrong! After reading the true story of Kerry's wrongful conviction I 

was shocked and in disbelief by Kerry's wrongful conviction. This is the most horrific instance of any

 wrongful conviction I have ever encountered. What the Smith County, Texas police and prosecutors

 did to this man is beyond belief, and it still continues.

Kerry's story will show just how far police and prosecutors will go to frame an innocent man and

 than over the years refuse against all evidence to admit they made a mistake.

If ever police and prosecutors should be punished for their actions the police and prosecutors in this

 case should. After finishing this book I was ashamed that such a tragic injustice could happen in 


I strongly suggest anyone having an interest in the wrongfully convicted or those working with the 

wrongfully should order and read this book. You won't be disappointed but like me you may be

 shocked and terribly angry for the injustice done to Kerry Max Cook.


WELL WORTH A REPOST..........MRSA, A DEADLY PATHOGEN. It is NOT uncommon in the prison population ..... If you have someone in prison, ask them are they AWARE of this, send them brochures/info about it........This pathogen is DEADLY.

2013, making it better.............

To all of my readers who have visited my blog over the past year/s.

I hope in some way info was helpful and educational for you.

Making 2013 better.........make a compassion cove, a smiley alley, a loving path, a cheerful note, a mercy route, a spirit journey, a "justice road"

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Life in prison, began at 16 yrs of age for her..........

A compelling story of a child, only 16, facing life in prison, a must read.

"It’s a handwritten rundown, scribbled on a lined piece of notebook paper, of the dozens and dozens of people she had sexual relationships with during her troubled adolescence. In a detached, analytical tone, she proceeds to sort them by category: rapes (there were many), consensual encounters, those that occurred while she was high on drugs, those preceded or accompanied by beatings...." What kind of Christmases has Cyntoia had during her life??? We, as a society, must do better than this:"

Monday, December 24, 2012

I am Adam Lanza's Doctor by Rima E Laibow, MD


Quote below is from the video..........

Published on Dec 23, 2012  Dr. Rima has been a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and physician for 42 years. In that time not only has she never written a prescription to medicate a patient using any pharmaceutical drug, she has treated many, many people like Adam Lanza.
In this video she talks about why school shootings and other massacres involve these dangerous psychiatric drugs and why this tragedy must stop. She includes a list of tools for treatment which make the use of these deadly drugs totally unnecessary.
Take the vital Action Item now at once for each member of your family and then share it was widely as possible with your contacts, helping to motivate them to do the same."

Friday, December 21, 2012

Juvenile Justice transformation

"As the 2012 Youth Justice Leadership Institute Fellows settle in, the 2011 Fellows continue to make an impact. Below, Institute alumna Rukia Lumumba shares what she has been up to since the end of her Institute fellowship. -Ed."

PLEASE get educated and involved in juvenile justice issues, YOUR child "could" be "next", to face the "system"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

If I opened the door to Paradise by Dr. Dan Edmunds

I read quite a no. of his postings and articles on his websites, this one really touched the depths of my soul.......Thank you Dr. Edmunds for sharing a part of your world for others.

If I Opened The Door To Paradise
Dr Dan Edmunds

If I opened the door to Paradise, would you choose to remain in Hell? If I gave you my heart, would you notice? Can you respond to that you never knew or had? Surrounded by the demons, yet truly alone. You recognize not your friends. Engulfed in delusions, seeking pleasure in that which but leads to more suffering. How I sought to change the wretched mind. A deafening silence, but then an echo, a constant echo. Are you too far away to hear it? Your hurt is now the hurt of others. You inflict your pain on many. Covered in stinking filfth, they say you are foul. Yet I saw what was within. I saw what was possible. You glorify the one who hurt you. You have indeed become him. A sick cycle. The wheel must be broken. Who are you? What do you see? A mirage. A false image, not you, but that which the demons say you must be to join their legion. You think they laugh and revel with you, they laugh at you, they scorn you. And now in the darkness, they flee, leaving you truly alone. If I open the door to Paradise to you now, will you choose to remain in Hell

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Justice isn't served when offenders under 16 are treated as adults

Excerpt........please read full article, information and awareness of juvenile issues is so important to all, and our nation's children.

"Adult prosecution of juveniles under 18 – and particularly under 16 – distorts justice. It removes the flexibility and protections accorded by the juvenile court system in favor of something ostensibly tougher. But mostly it reflects a fear of “bad seed” juveniles who are beyond redemption and fit only for warehousing in adult prisons.
Many states lowered the age of transfer into the adult court system in the early 1990s amid an alarming rise in violent juvenile crime, much of it fueled by the arrival of crack cocaine in the nation’s cities............"

Read more here:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Supreme Court says age matters in police questioning

PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE, children must know and understand the "miranda rights", please teach your children these rights, and to voice their right to remain silent and to ask for an attorney!!!

Excerpt...."The Supreme Court bolstered the rights of juveniles for the second year in a row, deciding by a 5-4 vote that police officers who remove a student from class for questioning about a crime usually must warn him or her of the right to remain silent........."

Suspects must assert right to silence, MIRANDA RIGHTS

Excerpt...please read full is no longer "enough", to know and understand you "miranda rights"...........PLEASE teach your children the miranda rights, and to voice the fact that they must say so to anyone who interrogates them.

By a 5-4 vote, the justices said that once rights have been read and questioning begun, a suspect must clearly declare that he wants to remain silent and cannot simply be silent.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Selling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking

Excerpt........please read full article, human sex trafficking can lead to many being "imprisoned"

"Instead of receiving counseling in a safe, supportive residential facility, many are forced to endure the additional trauma of juvenile detention. One reason for this is the lack of training to help law enforcement recognize and assist victims......."

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Health Concerns Of Medicating Children With Psychiatric Drugs

Excerpt..........PLEASE read full article and share with those in your world, so important to all parents and children.

"There is a startling trend in the United States to medicate away children's bad behavior. According to research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), more children than ever before are being given powerful psychiatric drugs that can have serious, long term affects on their developing bodies......."