Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chasing Justice/wrongly convicted/Kerry Max Cook

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wake up call to INJUSTICE!!!!

I just got through reading the book "Chasing Justice" by Kerry Max Cook. 

Kerry Max Cook is an innocent man who wrongly served two decades in

 Texas's notorious death house for the brutal 

1977 rape and murder of 21-year-old Linda Jo Edwards. His struggle for 

freedom is said to be one of 

the worst cases of police and prosecutorial misconduct in American history.

In the 11 years working with the wrongfully convicted I have felt that I could no longer be shocked 

by a wrongful conviction. I was wrong! After reading the true story of Kerry's wrongful conviction I 

was shocked and in disbelief by Kerry's wrongful conviction. This is the most horrific instance of any

 wrongful conviction I have ever encountered. What the Smith County, Texas police and prosecutors

 did to this man is beyond belief, and it still continues.

Kerry's story will show just how far police and prosecutors will go to frame an innocent man and

 than over the years refuse against all evidence to admit they made a mistake.

If ever police and prosecutors should be punished for their actions the police and prosecutors in this

 case should. After finishing this book I was ashamed that such a tragic injustice could happen in 


I strongly suggest anyone having an interest in the wrongfully convicted or those working with the 

wrongfully should order and read this book. You won't be disappointed but like me you may be

 shocked and terribly angry for the injustice done to Kerry Max Cook.

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