Monday, February 25, 2013

Krista McDaniel, facing possibly 20 yrs more of prison persecution

She still languishing in prison for over 10 yrs, facing 20 yrs more, for a crime she did NOT do, tho unfortunately was with those who did the crime. No compassion, nor mercy for this child, who's own daughter is growing up without her mother. She deserves NOT to be "persecuted" for 20 more years.......  


Could you
take my hand and walk by my side
When I'm wrong and even when I'm right?
See me for who I am,
Not what I've done.
The changed woman
I've managed to become.

Could you
Imagine yourself in your shoes,
Where you'd need someone to be there for you
To forgive you of all your mistakes
No matter what road you've chosen to take?

Could you
See your life being turned around
in just an instant
and now you're left wondering how to fix it?

Could you
Take all the pain
or drive yourself insane.

Could you
Open your eyes and heart to see
that, this could have been you instead of me.

Could you........
Could you.......
(c)Krista McDaniel
Leath Correctional Facility
Greenwood, S. C.

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