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Krista McDaniel~another child in INJUSTICE


One of the many items Krista McDaniel faced in this tragedy case..... she was sentenced to 30 yrs with NO chance of parole, for a crime she did NOT do, but unfortunately was with those, who did this crime. She is going into her 11th yr of a 30 yr sentence..........this is NO justice for this child.

Clients in limbo as 2 defense attorneys face drug charges.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)

 | June 08, 2004 | Copyright
Teen accused in slaying case among those who will have to get new lawyers
For the past year and a half, Mary Carver has waited for word on when her teenage daughter will stand trial in a brutal North Charleston murder case that could send young Krista to prison for the rest of her life.
Now, Carver wonders who will be there to defend her daughter when her day in court finally comes.
Krista McDaniel is among dozens of clients whose cases are in limbo following the recent indictment of two Charleston lawyers accused of conspiring with a former prosecutor to distribute cocaine. The S.C. Supreme Court has barred the trio from practicing law until further notice.
The clients of defense lawyers Tara Anderson Thompson and Todd Anthony Strich have to find someone new to represent them. Some, like McDaniel, must do so from jail or accept a court-appointed lawyer. How this turn of events will affect their cases remains to be seen.
McDaniel was 16 years old when she was charged in November 2002 with participating in the robbery and killing of her two employers at a North Charleston Amoco station. Now 17, she and three co-defendants are in the Charleston County jail awaiting trial on murder charges. Prosecutors may seek the death penalty.
Carver said Thompson, who had been appointed to represent her daughter, visited McDaniel a handful of times over the past 20 months. Carver said Thompson told her last year that the case would soon go to trial. She and her daughter waited for more news from Thompson, but none came, she said.
McDaniel recently received a form letter from another Charles-ton lawyer informing her that he had been appointed to keep watch over Thompson's files. The letter instructed her to find a new lawyer and retrieve her case file from his office by January, Carver said.
"I have no idea what's going on," said Carver, who lives in Florida. "They're sending this 17-year-old girl a letter in jail telling her that she has to pick up her paperwork. She can't do that; she's in jail. It don't make any sense at all. Why is this even happening?"
The move came after a state grand jury last month indicted Thompson, Strich and former Assistant Solicitor Damon Cook on conspiracy charges in connection with a drug ring operating in Charleston County. Three others - Charles Edward Deese Jr., Rebecca Leigh McCollum and Joe Ambrosia - have been indicted on cocaine trafficking charges.
State prosecutors have refused to discuss details of the alleged ring, citing an ongoing investigation.
The Supreme Court appointed lawyers Spencer Roddey Jr. and Paul Schwartz as custodians for the case files of Thompson and Strich, respectively. They must safeguard the files until clients can retrieve them or other attorneys are appointed to handle the cases. They are there to protect the clients' "immediate interests," but won't be handling their actual cases.
"The appointment is very limited," Roddey said.
Roddey said Thompson had "a healthy practice" with dozens of open case files. He did not have an exact number. Court records show her open cases range from fraud and larceny charges to allegations of drug dealing.
Schwartz said he has about a dozen of Strich's cases, which range from traffic offenses to criminal matters.
Ninth Circuit Solicitor Ralph Hoisington said the lawyers' suspension likely will cause some delays, but "it should not be a major setback" for clients. Those affected will either hire or be assigned new lawyers who will review the cases, meet with clients and plot strategy, he said.
"Any time a case moves from one lawyer to another, there are certain delays, but that's part of the process," he said.
Hoisington has had to deal with similar problems created by Cook's firing in April. Former New Orleans prosecutor Beth Galante has been hired to replace Cook and assume his caseload, which included more than 300 arrest warrants involving about 170 defendants, he said.
In McDaniel's case, the clerk of court's office will likely appoint a new lawyer for the teen, and that person will have more than enough time to get up to speed, Hoisington said. Prosecutors are still reviewing the case, and no trial date has been set.
"Her new attorney will have ample time to sit down with me and discuss the resolution (of the case)," he said.
Glenn Smith covers police and crime. Contact him at 937-5556 or at gsmith@postandcourier.com.
A post conviction relief request by Krista in 2008 was DENIED........she has applied for clemency, awaiting results..........she truly deserved at the very least a "chance" for release. Hopefully the latest ruling by the U. S Supreme court will have an impact on her case.
Anyone interested in support of and/or would care to write Krista, please contact kidsincourt1@roadrunner.com


Kimberly Thrasher said...

Sending up prayers for you. May you find peace no matter where your journey takes you sweetheart!! Never give up on YOURSELF!
I wish I could save all of you!!! Hugs!!

Unknown said...

Such a sad story krista, however since imprisoned you have found other things to occupy your mind . However, I do not see anythimg posted online anywhere ( since life is open book)regarding such things........ wondering in pennsylvania.

Knightgale said...

1/15/18-Thanks for your comments(unknown), opportunities in a prison setting are not plentiful, Krista has participated in many things there, but unfortunately none of them are toward re-entry, educational for job training, & many things necessary to learn/know to face, once she is released, most recently for over a year or so now, most of the time all inmates are on lockdown quite often, "they" say, due to shortage of staff. IT is an emotional trauma roller coaster on a daily basis. To my knowledge she has very few in her support, in rallying for her release. Doing what I can to help all I can. Thank you again.