Friday, March 29, 2013

Telling the whole truth about juvenile incarceration rates


The past isn't the past~~ABUSE OF CHILDREN

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"The general public must demand oversight by elected officials. Only through this kind of advocacy, which will hold officials accountable, can we hope to uncover today’s abuses and bring the light of justice to these dark corners of the government. It is perhaps too late for the boy’s from Dozier, but it is not too late for the child who is being abused right now..........."

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trying juveniles as adults and throwing away the key is wrong


"How do children end up in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Dr. Chris Mallett of the Jewish Children’s Bureau in Ohio, completed the most comprehensive study on the lives of death row juvenile offenders, and found: 74 percent experienced family dysfunction, 60 percent were victims of abuse or neglect, 43 percent had a diagnosed psychiatric disorder, 38 percent suffered from addictions and 38 percent lived in poverty.
Every child deserves a second chance. It’s time Connecticut unlocked its dungeons that hold our children.

Concetta Falcone-Codding is a freelance writer from Killingly. Email her at

Peter Funt: Troubling trend in child prosecutions

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"Many of the nation's prosecutors and judges continue to put kids on trial as adults. This, despite declining crime rates among juveniles and growing scientific evidence about the inappropriateness of taking young offenders out of the court system designed specifically to protect them..........."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Revised, instead of the word “dog”, inserted the word “child”~~~My own interpretation

AM ONLY A “CHILD”~~Am I “not” worthy too?

I am a child. I am a living, breathing human. I feel pain, joy, love, fear and pleasure.
I am not a thing. If I am hit - I will bruise, I will bleed, I will break. I will feel pain. I am not a thing.
I am a child. I enjoy playtime, but more than anything, I enjoy time with my family. I want to sleep where you sleep and walk where you walk. I am a child and I feel love...I crave companionship.
I enjoy the touch of a kind hand and the softness of a good bed. I want to be with my family, I was born a child, not to live a life of solitude.
I get too cold and I get too hot. I experience hunger and thirst. I am a living creature, not a thing.
When you leave, I want to go with you. I long for the sound of your voice. I will do most anything to please you.

I am a child. My actions are not dictated by money, greed, or hatred. I do not know prejudice. I live in the moment and am ruled by love and loyalty.
Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I can experience more than physical pain, I can feel fear and joy. I can feel love and confusion. I have emotions. I am human.
I am a child. I am not able to care for myself without your help. If you choose to tie me up and refuse to feed me, I will starve. If you abandon me, I will experience fear and loneliness. I am not a piece of property to be dumped and forgotten.
If you choose to leave me, I will be frightened and bewildered.
I am a child - a living, breathing human. Please provide me with the things that I need to keep me healthy and happy.
Provide me with good nutrients, warm home and your love. Do not abandon me. Do not kick me. Do not throw me away, when your life gets too busy. If you LOVE ME, Make a commitment to me for the entirety of my life.
If you desert me, I do not have the means to care for myself. I am at the mercy of the kindness of people - if I fall into the wrong hands, my life will be in danger.
I will experience pain, fear and loneliness. If I wind up in possible foster care, I have only my eyes to implore someone to save me.
I am a child. I want to give and receive love. I want to live. I am not a thing. I am not a piece of property. Please treat me with kindness, love and respect. I AM ONLY A “CHILD”
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Children are so important too, and should also be treated as the human they are.

Knight 2/2011

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wrongful Conviction of Jason Payne

Injustice abounds, please read the full URL above and share with others. We must speak out about ANY injustices!

Friday, March 22, 2013

‘Devastating consequences’ for minors in solitary-VIDEO

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"NBC’s Ted Koppel investigates the effects of solitary confinement on some of the country’s youngest and most vulnerable prisoners, some as young as 9 years old. He speaks with one former juvenile prisoner who calls it “the worst thing I ever went through.”

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Florida Bill Would Limit Use of Solitary Confinement on Children

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"While a few states have banned the use of solitary confinement in juvenile facilities, none has yet passed legislation outlawing–or even limiting–the isolation of youth in adult prisons and jails. A bill of this kind was introduced twice in California, but failed to pass. If the legislation is passed in Florida, Ebenstein writes, it “would turn Florida from the worst offender on incarcerating children in prisons to a national leader in following recognized best practices for the treatment of children who are detained in jail or prison.”

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crucial role of prosecutors in juvenile justice

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"When young people commit offenses that need to be addressed within the juvenile justice system, we can use policies and programs that focus on holding them accountable, while increasing positive changes and reducing re-offending. We can make sure that interventions include the family and that support is provided within the community. Through the use of effective interventions, the juvenile justice system can provide the motivational fulcrum necessary for change..........."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Q&A with Director of the Vera Institute of Justice’s Center on Youth Justice

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"Annie Salsich: Our mission is to promote the wellbeing and safety of youth, families, and communities by working with government to make juvenile justice systems equitable and humane in policy and practice. In particular, we aim to reduce bias in juvenile justice systems, expand the use of community-based services, and safely divert youth who may be more effectively served by other resources. We work at all points, including, but not limited to, early pathways into the juvenile justice system (with a focus on school discipline and safety practices as well as status offender systems), detention, and placement."

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Depression hurts~debilitating and dangerous

PILLS/DRUGS IS "NOT" THE SOLUTION, IMO......Depression hurts and many suffer from it in silence, no one knows about it but that person, UNLESS one has a "trusted friend", they might want to confide in, deep chronic depression interferes with quality of life, is so sad and can be debilitating to the point some gets in such a "slump", "things" do not matter or nor cared about anymore, to include their personal selves, in not caring about their personal hygiene, or anything else, they just exist, nothing more, going no where, doing nothing, no mail, no visits, no ph calls, Shunned, ignored, rejected, and betrayed brings on more depression. Far too many broken hearts and shattered lives, events in one's life are so severe and devastating, pushes some to want to end their lives....all they ever want is to be "accepted"........How to change those tides that "bind" one to stay in such a lonely journey?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wasted Lives – Our Children Die in Adult Jails

A most important article about "children", wasted lives, dying in adult jails

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"Listening to interviews with kids and staff, you get the feeling that they are all living in fear. Half of the students expect to die young......."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Juvenile offender turned advocate~A MUST READ

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"If you had told me when I was six years old and living in homeless shelter after homeless shelter… 
or when I was 12 years old and living in a meth lab… 
or when I was 15 and standing before a judge facing felony charges of robbery and kidnapping… 
or when I was 20 and still fighting the system to get the education I knew was my only hope for a decent life… 
If you’d told me then that I would one day describe my life as a success story… well, I guess saying that’s just plain crazy doesn’t quite go far enough. Impossible? That’s closer. But… here I am. And I am proud to say that I am a success… even though I know I have a whole lot more I need to accomplish............."

Monday, March 4, 2013

Juvenile justice that leans toward mercy

Excerpt.....please read full article, time well spent, please share with those in your world. Children are still in their "growing" years, they deserve a chance to become a "productive" member of society, thru discipline, guidance and rehabilitative efforts, they are human beings, and have their legal rights under our constitution.  Many never had a "chance" since birth.  WE CAN help make a difference in their young lives.

"The Casey report should motivate states like Pennsylvania to change a misguided and costly approach that has focused on locking up young offenders. It's at odds with the proper goal of juvenile justice, which is to rehabilitate young people and give them a second chance.........."

Sunday, March 3, 2013