Saturday, March 9, 2013

Depression hurts~debilitating and dangerous

PILLS/DRUGS IS "NOT" THE SOLUTION, IMO......Depression hurts and many suffer from it in silence, no one knows about it but that person, UNLESS one has a "trusted friend", they might want to confide in, deep chronic depression interferes with quality of life, is so sad and can be debilitating to the point some gets in such a "slump", "things" do not matter or nor cared about anymore, to include their personal selves, in not caring about their personal hygiene, or anything else, they just exist, nothing more, going no where, doing nothing, no mail, no visits, no ph calls, Shunned, ignored, rejected, and betrayed brings on more depression. Far too many broken hearts and shattered lives, events in one's life are so severe and devastating, pushes some to want to end their lives....all they ever want is to be "accepted"........How to change those tides that "bind" one to stay in such a lonely journey?

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