Saturday, May 18, 2013

At 16, 42 yrs prison time/GROSS/HORRIBLE INJUSTICE

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"Children as young as five years old are being led out of classrooms in handcuffs for acting out or throwing temper tantrums.  They have been arrested for throwing an eraser at a teacher, breaking a pencil, and having rap lyrics in a locker.  Black children constitute 18% of the nation’s public school population but 40% of the children who are suspended or expelled........."

"Infractions"? Children, as well as adults, we all make mistakes, children are still growing, they must have guidance and discipline in their growing years, NOT arrested, jailed, that does NOT "teach" them right from wrong, but only leads to trauma, rebelllion, anger and total disrespect for the "system" officials that detain them. There ARE alternative "solutions", to "help" instead of "harm", IMO

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