Friday, July 19, 2013


A MUST READ FOR ALL PARENTS, please get educated about any drug prescribed for your children or YOU. Adverse reactions, contraindications of, side affects are imperative to be in the knowledge of......please share this article with others.

Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison

A MUST VIEW AND SHARE, what is happening to our nation's children. Many imprisoned are older, but under age of 18,  than ages stated in this video.   No chances, NO education, No rehabilitative measures.  Forgotten and Abandoned by officials, many lost their families, and forgotten by society.

Thanks to Equal Justice Initiative for this informative video


This bill takes affect Jan 1, 2014......BUT, what happens to children that face the criminal justice system BEFORE THAT DATE?????? IMO, this law should be effective NOW.,0,1052772.story

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's time to stop these crimes against Illinois' imprisoned youth

Except...please read full article and share with others.......

"When a government puts teenagers in prisons, they become state government's responsibility. At a bare minimum, the state must keep them safe inside those prisons and must not send them home more damaged than when they came into the state's custody."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Misunderstandings and Myths in Juvenile Justice

Excerpt......please read full article and share with others, so important to be a voice for these children.
Children DO deserve a "chance" to become a productive member of society, yet they are thrown away and forgotten by officials, families and the general society, with no hopes of any future. This treatment is clearly a slow death sentence, for mistakes made as a "child", IMO

"Rehabilitation/Juvenile System Vs Retributive/Adult system

1.A child's developing brain makes him more susceptible to rehabilitation
2. Juvenile facilities are equipped with far more resources and programs than the adult system
3. Recidivism rates for juvenile facilities are much lower than Adult corrections
4. Among their peers there is no threat of abuse by adults"

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miranda Rights~UPDATE~Children need to know!!

"In June 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that a suspect who stays silent and uncooperative after Miranda warnings are given has not invoked the right to remain silent. Some kind of simple but unambiguous statement is the key, the Court said in Berghuis v. Thompkins. In other words. you can effectively give up your Miranda rights by simply failing to invoke them while the police continue to question you."

A suggested card to carry in one's wallet, most especially children, and make sure they KNOW the miranda rights/updates, PLEASE read article above and to your children. See suggested card below


A MUST READ AND SHARE,  anyone/anyone's child could be caught up in a situation. Strongly suggest to get educated and involved of knowledge of the miranda rights/your legal rights and for your children.  Please read this update on miranda right, by the U. S. Supreme court.   STAYING SILENT IS "NOT" ENOUGH.

Juvenile sentencing needs further reform

Excerpt...please read full article
"Life without parole for a crime committed by a child—no matter how terrible the crime—should not be an acceptable sentence in our country.  The Supreme Court should be applauded for its decision that such a sentence cannot be mandatory. And it should take the next necessary step to ban such sentences for children as cruel and unusual punishment."
Many "children" have grown up in prison, sentenced to lengthy sentences, many with life with NO chance of parole, unless law reform changes, these children are doomed to die in prison. Some were as young as 12. Children DO deserve a chance. Justice must be tempered with "compassion and mercy."

Monday, July 8, 2013


A true story of a mother's nitemare, shattered lives, broken hearts, lives changed forever. This child could have been "anyone's child."

A MUST READ..........  "In the Fall of 2000. My 18 year old son, Jon, was arrested along with two of his friends, for a murder they did not commit............."

Lost for Life -- Resolution and Redemption


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Special thanks to Carol Leonard (  ) for this valuable information, please share.

America Abuses and Destroys Children

Excerpt......please read full article

"Not a head line that we are used to seeing and maybe we wouldn't believe it even if we did.  For a nation that stands for the civil rights of all people, the need to protect animals, water, trees, bugs and old buildings.....we FAIL when it comes to our children.  We fail miserably!  At the end of this article will be a video of children and Richard Ross (photo journalist on conditions in juvenile detention in America) in solitary confinement."

This could be "anyone's child", at any given day/moment!

Monday, July 1, 2013


PLEASE read full article and share, get educated and involved in these INjustice issues of our nation's children.