Monday, October 14, 2013

NARPA Talk on PsychRights' Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Youth

I recieved this info  via email and want to share with you, so important to all of us and our nation's children. I strongly urge you to take the time to view this video and info provided. EDUCATE yourself and your children, and share this info with others.

My personal thanks to Mr. James B. (Jim) Gottstein, Esq. President/CEO
"This is to let you know the video of my National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy talk on PsychRights' Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Youth is now on Youtube at There is also written information at

PsychRights would really like to recruit some people to bring this type of case."   

James B. (Jim) Gottstein, Esq.
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The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights is a public interest law firm devoted to the defense of people facing the horrors of forced psychiatric drugging and electroshock.  We are further dedicated to exposing the truth about these drugs and the courts being misled into ordering people to be drugged and subjected to other brain and body damaging interventions against their will.  Currently, due to massive growth in psychiatric drugging of children and youth and the current targeting of them for even more psychiatric drugging, PsychRights has made attacking this problem a priority.  Children are virtually always forced to take these drugs because it is the adults in their lives who are making the decision.  This is an unfolding national tragedy of immense proportions.  Extensive information about all of this is available on our web site, Please donate generously.  Our work is fueled with your IRS 501(c) tax deductible donations.  Thank you for your ongoing help and support.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


PLEASE READ AND SHARE, EDUCATE  your children, please spread the word about this DEADLY DRUG.....this is a video, very graphic, but it necessary to know how this drug can literally KILL ANYONE,0,7644763.story

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nearly Half of U.S. States Enact Juvenile Justice Reforms

Excerpt-PLEASE read and share full article

"Nearly half of U.S. states have made great strides in the past eight years toward reducing the prosecution of juveniles in the adult criminal justice system or preventing youths from being placed in adult jails and prisons, a report released Thursday found................."
Removing Youth from the AdultCriminal Justice System

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


A MUST READ, JACOB IND case story, and Mary Ellen Johnson who has stood by him all these years, advocating for justice.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Student punishments/destroys children............ A MUST READ

PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE......this is one of many punished for such infractions

"A 5-year-old student from Pennsylvania was suspended for a Hello Kitty bubble gun that school officials called a “terrorist threat.”.................

Law reform is imperative/crucial to help save our nation's children, these punishments are ridiculous and pathetic.
The "emotional" trauma will last a "lifetime"!!!!!