Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Angel written by Christopher Thrasher

Remembering Chris~~

Christopher Thrasher~At age 16, was sentenced to life without -parole for a crime he did NOT commit, hopefully with the latest ruling of the U. S. supreme court, it will have an impact of "change" in Chris's case.

By: Christopher Thrasher 2009
Dedicated to my nephew “Butter Bean”

On a magical Christmas Eve, a young boy stood outside his home gazing into the sky as snow fell from the heavens, blanketing the landscape as far as the eye could see, fulfilling the promise of the Season to provide the faithful of spirit with a white Christmas. Staring through the darkness and snow, with youthful hopes of seeing Santa soar through the night skies, making the wishes of sleeping children come true; he began to see an approaching light with a kaleidoscope of colors making his heart beat faster with excitement and fear. As the light reached him basking him in its brilliance, he found himself looking upon the most beautiful angel his young mind could ever have imagined! How wondrous must be the kingdom of Heaven be to have an emissary of such magnificent and perfect beauty!

Extending a hand to the boy, she beckoned for him to join her on a journey that was to follow. “Come my child”, were the words she spoke in a melodic whisper of perfect harmonic symmetry. The boy, with an innocent faith in his Lord and no hesitation, placed his small hand in that of the angels and into the sky they went as the heavenly lights encompassed them both and guided their way. After having traveled what had to be thousands of miles in a twinkling of an eye, they landed upon a snow-capped mountain peak that felt to the boy to be the apex of the entire world where one could look down upon all of the Earth on this night of serenity.

Looking to the East of where he stood, he saw an illustrious star cutting through the darkness as does the beam from a lighthouse and in which he could hear singing coming forth as if from an angelic choir, with the words: “Alleluia! Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men.” The guardian angel then commanded the boys’ attention and spoke to him in its melodious voice, “This is a Glorious and Holy Night, my child. This is the eve of the birth of the Infant King to whom the heavenly host heralded the coming and the entire world humbled before. The Son of the highest, the Savior of mankind was born. Thus was the greatest gift in all history given: the Lord Jesus Christ and through Him, God’s perfect and unconditional Love. Remember these things always as you celebrate the Season. What greater gift is there?”

After this last word was spoken, in just the blink of an eye, the angelic lights aglow in the night were replaced by the lights of a Christmas tree and the mountain peak was replaced with the young boys own home and he marveled at all that he’d seen and all that he’d been told by the beautiful Christmas Angel. Understanding with faith from the pure heart, the boy quickly wrote a note to place with the cookies and milk that were left by the hearth for Santa, which read:

Dear Santa,  When you see the Lord Jesus, please tell Him that I love Him and I thank Him for loving me!

Your friend,

(Christopher Thrasher(c)2009)

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