Saturday, December 14, 2013

Widespread abuse of juvenile inmates in Michigan prisons

Excerpt......PLEASE read and share FULL article.

"The immaturity of juvenile prisoners makes them extremely vulnerable to sexual and physical violence and psychological trauma. They are forced to shower, exercise, and sleep in cells alongside adult prisoners without protection, and they are subjected to body searches and viewing by guards while going to the bathroom. According to federal data, incarcerated youth are eight times more likely to be subjected to sexual violence in adult facilities."

So unfortunately, these horrible actions against juvenile offenders are happening often all across this nation. Juvenile LAW REFORM is critical/imperative to help save children from DOOM and possible DEATH, IMO. Zero tolerance policies in the schools are a contributing factor in children getting "arrested" for the small "infraction" of their behavior. Even getting suspended for IE, burging or farting in class, or giving a hug to a classmate or teacher.

Those with children are strongly "encouraged" to educate YOUR child/ren of their miranda/legal rights.
An ounce of "prevention" is worth more than a pound of "cure". 

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