Monday, January 13, 2014

Kurt Danysh, one of many "imprisoned children", at such a "young age", sentenced to 22 1/2 to 60 yrs, for killing his father, under the influence of an antidepressant. A must read is his story and timeline of events in his young life. I got to know and follow his case for many years now, have visited Kurt for the past 8 years, and continue to campaign, support, research, mentor for Kurt in his quest for freedom. Please take the time to read his case story. He is a bright, very intelligent young man, using his time very wisely,  in getting all the education he can, participates in the activities at the facility, for the "good" of all. He is a paralegal, and has taken many educational courses to his advantage. He stays busy thru out his days, to improve himself, prepping for re entry into society. He is now in his early 30's, changed from the young boy he once was.

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