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It is long overdue, for America to take back their children, they do deserve a “chance”, INNOCENCE UNTIL “PROVEN” GUILTY.
IF GUILTY, along with punishment AS A CHILD, rehabilitative efforts to help them become “productive members of society”.  NOT to “destroy” but to “help” them, guide them is so necessary/imperative in their young growing years.  The present day laws governing “children”, literally “destroys” yet, another life, those acts of law is “state sanctioned murder”……..

The statistics of the devastation of our nation’s youth is staggering. How did our youth become what they are today and what they are doing? Who’s responsibility is it, when “children” go astray? When a child gets into trouble, tho many adults in this child’s life, the child is the only one that ever gets punished, tho many adults are indeed as guilty. Children are a product of their surroundings, their environment, they learn what they see and hear from others. How can officials, in all honesty and justice, ONLY punish the child, when so many others are the reason, that child is now under arrest, and facing possibly long prison terms. What happen to the family units? Where is the “love and hugs”?, these children need so desperately? What happened to the teaching of manners ,etiquette and discipline of our nation’s youth? Yet, we can find  churches just about on every corner in every town in America, and more are being built. The daily exposure of violence on TV, in videos, on the internet, arcade games, etc, exposes the young brain to many things to ward them off to the unreal. Children have no understanding of the “reality” of death, can’t even comprehend it. America’s society must wake up to these atrocities against our nation’s youth, become involved in juvenile issues, for the sake and safety of their own children. Children are being held at a zero tolerance level in schools and every where they go and everything they do, for the smallest infraction/mistake, they could face arrest and prison time, for mistakes made as a child. Officials are holding higher/ more strict guidelines for “children” and receive much harsher sentencing, than their adult counterparts. Many children are literally thrown away and forgotten by society and officials,  many never had a chance since birth, in their very young lives. Many come from broken families, with parents who are alcoholics or drug users, many are child abusers, and many murder their own children. So many children are destined to a very dim and short future. If 100% guilty, punishment is warranted, but in a “juvenile court of law, along with rehabilitation efforts, counseling, discipline, guidance to assist them in becoming “productive” members of society. A “chance” NEVER offered by officials, with NO compassion, NO mercy,  many never “got” since their birth.

Prisons and juvenile detention centers are full of wayward children. How did they get there? What happened in their young lives? Many were sentenced to LIFE, and LIFE WITH “NO” CHANCE OF PAROLE, again, how many adults were in that child’s life, and how many were, indeed, responsible for that child? They are looking out now, with NO one looking in, forgotten, and destined to die in prison, for mistakes made as a “child”. Many were just around the wrong people, so vulnerable, so easily influenced, yearning to be accepted and loved by someone, anyone that would give them attention and care, they so desperately seek.  Many languish in prison daily, with NO mail, NO visitors, NO canteen funds, NO nothing, many abandoned by their own families AND society AND officials. Many classified as “first time offenders”, many did not murder or rob or rape anyone, just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, many of them attempt or commit suicide behind bars, feeling so hopeless and totally abandoned. What has happened to “compassion and mercy”?  Who will be our leaders of this country tomorrow, when our nation’s youth are all locked away and forgotten??   JUSTICE must be “tempered” with compassion and mercy!!

 When will YOU speak out for a child?

“They” are still “looking out” but few are “looking in.”

Volunteer Juvenile Justice Advocate
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