Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Solitary Confinement of Children: Child Abuse by Any Other Name

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"Use of solitary confinement on a child is nothing short of government-sanctioned child abuse. We need to end the practice now........."

Written by  Marsha Levick  
Deputy Director and Chief Counsel Juvenile Law Center; Adjunct Faculty, University of Pennsylvania and Temple Law Schools, Juvenile Law Center
I know, I 've experienced similiar punishments as a small child, locked in a closet for days, without  food or water, one of many ways the "monster" dealt out horrible punishments for my brother and I, for the least little "infraction"/mistake.
Children are NOT commodities, they ARE human beings, so young, so vunerable, and SO defendless, many with no hope, abandoned by the families, friends, AND officials and society. When will this mode of behavior end?????

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

U.N. Questions the U.S. on Its Practice of Imprisoning Children with Adults

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"Geneva, Switzerland – On Friday, the U.N. Human Rights Committee concluded review and questioning of the U.S. Government on its human rights record in Geneva. During the two day review, the Committee repeatedly expressed concern over the United States’ practice of imprisoning children in adult correctional facilities and asked to know what measures would be taken to ensure that children are not prosecuted as adults in criminal courts across the country........."

Friday, March 14, 2014

Jailing children for life in the USA

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"Last year human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson successfully argued in the United States Supreme Court that the mandatory sentencing laws responsible for the indefinite detention of children are unconstitutional. Now, the fight is on to release over 2,000 people convicted when they were children from prisons around the country."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

State Supreme Court sets hearing in Jordan Brown case, PA

Excerpt.....Please read full article...... Jordan Brown was a child at age 11 at the time of this tragedy.

Exonerated man shouldn’t have to prove innocence

Tho this blog is dedicated to bring awareness about the atrocities and injustices of "children, I am compelled to post this article, due to the ultimate gross "miscarriage of justice", IMO.


"What the criminal justice system did to Andrew Johnson – lock him up in prison for nearly 24 years for a crime DNA evidence shows he didn’t commit – was an unquestionable miscarriage of justice.........."

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Judges, prosecutors and wardens go to bat for Michigan's juvenile lifers

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"In two extraordinary friend-of-the-court briefs, more than 100 former judges, prosecutors and corrections officials say federal law mandates new sentencing hearings not just for the three prisoners whose cases the Michigan Supreme Court will hear Thursday morning, but for 360 others sentenced to mandatory life terms under the same statute.........."
IMO, it is blatant discrimination NOT to allow ALL juvenile lifers that "chance", it is imperative for juvenile "law reform", to help save them from DOOM & DEATHS.