Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Solitary Confinement of Children: Child Abuse by Any Other Name

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"Use of solitary confinement on a child is nothing short of government-sanctioned child abuse. We need to end the practice now........."

Written by  Marsha Levick  
Deputy Director and Chief Counsel Juvenile Law Center; Adjunct Faculty, University of Pennsylvania and Temple Law Schools, Juvenile Law Center
I know, I 've experienced similiar punishments as a small child, locked in a closet for days, without  food or water, one of many ways the "monster" dealt out horrible punishments for my brother and I, for the least little "infraction"/mistake.
Children are NOT commodities, they ARE human beings, so young, so vunerable, and SO defendless, many with no hope, abandoned by the families, friends, AND officials and society. When will this mode of behavior end?????

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