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"Director: Joshua Rofé

“I just wish I could go back in time,” says a tearful Brian Draper near the end of Lost for Life, director Joshua Rofé’s arresting documentary on U.S. juvenile “lifers.” And with those words, Draper apparently offers the only good solution, albeit an impossible one, to a complex and heartrending state of affairs. Brian and high school classmate Torey Adamcik, both 21 at the time the film was made, were arrested at the age of 16 for the brutal and senseless stabbing murder of fellow classmate Cassie Stoddart. Both were tried, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, the result being that their heinous acts robbed our society of not just one young and promising life, but three such lives. And that sad situation is at the heart of Lost for Life as it probes the challenging and complex issue of whether it is appropriate to lock away juvenile offenders for life, without even the possibility of parole........."
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‘Jane’ Didn’t Get the Help She Needed"

"Now Jane is in a girls’ detention center in Middletown, Conn. She’s one of almost 70,000 American youths incarcerated on any given day — and a reminder of how ineffective our programs for troubled children are.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rikers: Where Mental Illness Meets Brutality in Jail/BRUTAL VIOLENCE

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"What emerges is a damning portrait of guards on Rikers Island, who are poorly equipped to deal with mental illness and instead repeatedly respond with overwhelming force to even minor provocations.
The report notes that health department staff members interviewed 80 of the 129 inmates after their altercations with correction officers. In 80 percent of the cases, inmates reported being beaten after they were handcuffed."
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Important advice for all juveniles

Saturday, July 12, 2014

16 year old, Who Shot Dad To Be Tried As Adult

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'VICTIMIZED' "(Blanchard) has been victimized by adults throughout his childhood," contributing to low self-esteem and difficulty controlling his emotions, Smith said. Her assessment of Zachary Blanchard includes "a moderate risk of violence overall at present." "My opinion is, these things need some clinical attention," Smith said. "He's had very harsh parents."
Contributions factors that lead up to this tragedy, could possibly have been prevented. If those adults in this child's life would have come forward, spoke up, took actions to help, maybe this tragedy would not have happened.   Just how much is a child forced to take of an abusive parent, before they "snap". This child did NOT get to where he is today, ALL BY HIMSELF, IMO.   NO crime is  condoned, but this child needs "help", rehabilitative measures for him to gain becoming a productive member of society, a LONG prison sentence will not solve the issues he is faced with, but will contribute to more bitterness, anger as the time proceeds. IMO, he will need disciple and rehabilitative efforts in a structured enviornment, and SHOULD be "evaluated" periodically to observe if he is progressing toward the betterment of himself .
Medical definition of a "child" 
This child needs/should recieve "help" and guidance, instead of "throwing away the key"
"Children" ARE worth saving!!

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I recently became of aware of this case, which I find quite disturbing.........

Excerpt....Please read FULL article~~~"Multiple psychologists, who interviewed Ethan believed his story, but there was never anything to corroborate it"

"Brooks said the defense team, attorneys John T. Milburn Rogers and Herb Moncier, “put on a litany of witnesses who knew Roger’s deceased wife. They told about times he was hateful and domineering toward his wife.”        He said psychologists who evaluated Ethan Self testified the young man told them that his mother took the abuse when she was alive, but after her death, his father re-directed it toward him.        “Multiple psychologists who interviewed Ethan believed his story, but there was never anything to corroborate it,” Brooks said."
There are many sites on the net in reference to "violence in police families."  NO one knows what goes on "behind closed doors". With the statements made by "multiple psychologists" believed Ethan story, yet there was never anything to "corroborate it", then just how much investigation was really  done, in reference to Ethan's claims of "abuse" from his father??  There must be "more" to this case that has NOT been uncovered YET, IMO.   Just how can a child "prove" his home life with ("possible") abusive parent/s???

A case similiar to Ethan's, is of Jacob Ind in Colorado, for years Jacob suffered physical and sexual abuse, no one believed him either......     No one ever knew what Jacob was suffering thru.
"Before long Johnson finds herself neck-deep in a case riddled with accusations of alcoholism, a marriage made in hell, and physical and sexual abuse. The more Jacobs talks, the more fantastic his story becomes with sordid details of sexual abuse by both parents, as well as verbal and physical abuse."
Just what "chances" does a child have, in the system, when no one believes them???
I am a survivor of horrific/barbaric physical and mental abuse all the years as a child, NO one ever knew what draconian ABUSE, we were forced to endure, we were literally petrified/did not dare tell a soul, living daily in constant FEAR!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How Solitary Confinement Hurts the Teenage Brain


"Solitary confinement involves isolating inmates in cells that are barely larger than a king-sized bed for 22 to 24 hours per day. It wreaks profound neurological and psychological damage, causing depression, hallucinations, panic attacks, cognitive deficits, obsessive thinking, paranoia, anxiety, and anger. Boston psychiatrist Stuart Grassian wrote that “even a few days of solitary confinement will predictably shift the EEG pattern towards an abnormal pattern characteristic of stupor and delirium.”

Thursday, July 3, 2014

DNA transference under scrutiny in criminal prosecutions

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"Practitioners have long been concerned about the future possibility of accidental DNA transference playing a prominent role in a criminal prosecution"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Justice Denied: Most States Have Not Obeyed Court Ruling on Juveniles Sentenced to Life

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Compliance with the U.S. supreme court ruling, many states still have not made any changes in law reform for those juveniles.