Saturday, July 12, 2014

16 year old, Who Shot Dad To Be Tried As Adult

Excerpt.......PLEASE read and share FULL article

'VICTIMIZED' "(Blanchard) has been victimized by adults throughout his childhood," contributing to low self-esteem and difficulty controlling his emotions, Smith said. Her assessment of Zachary Blanchard includes "a moderate risk of violence overall at present." "My opinion is, these things need some clinical attention," Smith said. "He's had very harsh parents."
Contributions factors that lead up to this tragedy, could possibly have been prevented. If those adults in this child's life would have come forward, spoke up, took actions to help, maybe this tragedy would not have happened.   Just how much is a child forced to take of an abusive parent, before they "snap". This child did NOT get to where he is today, ALL BY HIMSELF, IMO.   NO crime is  condoned, but this child needs "help", rehabilitative measures for him to gain becoming a productive member of society, a LONG prison sentence will not solve the issues he is faced with, but will contribute to more bitterness, anger as the time proceeds. IMO, he will need disciple and rehabilitative efforts in a structured enviornment, and SHOULD be "evaluated" periodically to observe if he is progressing toward the betterment of himself .
Medical definition of a "child" 
This child needs/should recieve "help" and guidance, instead of "throwing away the key"
"Children" ARE worth saving!!

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